The 10 Best Loan Affiliate Programs – Reviews,Tips And Tricks

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization
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We’ve all heard it— money makes the world go round. It might not be the most romantic notion but there is truth to it. These days, few things come without cost. To fulfill a dream, investment is needed. These investments, more often than not, need the money that not everyone has in the bank but can access through loans.

Some common reasons behind applying for a loan include starting a cash flow for businesses, investing in your education, maintenance for recurring expenses, and dispersing payments for costly purchases. No matter the state of the world, loans will always serve a purpose.

This is how Loan Affiliate Programs will benefit you! These programs allow you to earn money by referring your audience to a partner company, and commissions in the finance industry always earn a little more than other industries. However, you’ll need to be smart in choosing the Loan Affiliate Programs to sign-up for.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 loan affiliate programs! Read on for some tips and tricks on choosing the program for you.

Some Loan Terms To You’ll Encounter

For the rest of this article, we’ll be using certain loan jargon which you may or may not be familiar with. We recommend you read this portion before proceeding to the list items:

Secured Loans

This refers to loans that require collateral upon an agreement which serves as risk management for the lender, and benefits borrowers with lower interest rates. Collaterals are typically appraised assets with the same or higher value as the loaned amount.

Unsecured Loans

This type of loan does not require any collateral but is more challenging to get. Borrowers have to show credit scores and income proof, to demonstrate their ability to pay.

Personal Loans

These are loans taken out for personal use and expenses. These can be auto loans, home loans, and other personal expenses.

Small Business Loans

These are loans taken out for business purposes, used for the setting up, growth, and expansion of small businesses. They are necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of small businesses.

Pay-Per Lead Network

This pertains to a network or company that offers compensation for successful lead referrals. To put it in context, when your referrals apply for a loan, the network will take these details and sell it to their pool of lenders. When your referrals are funded, commissions are earned. It has a few more steps than the normal affiliate process but this, by no means, affects the efficiency nor lowers your chance of earning.

Top 10 Loan Affiliate Programs

1.  LeadsGate


LeadsGate is one of the most affiliate-centered pay-per-lead programs out there. They will compensate you for any kind of traffic you deliver to them. With them, all leads are precious and deserve compensation, including declined leads.

They have programs for payday loans, personal loans, and installment loans. Moreover, they boast an average of 15% higher conversion rates than other platforms with the same offers. Their leads are sold through an auction system in order to maximize the prices of each lead and to help you earn higher commissions.

The best part? You’ll receive lifetime commissions for every subsequent application your referral sends in. This means that even if they haven’t visited your site in years, you can still earn from their loans. It’s a program with great earning potential. When you refer other affiliates to join, you’ll also receive a 3% referral bonus.

Why Should You Promote LeadsGate?

LeadsGate was built with the affiliate in mind, wasting no leads. This is a great chance to develop a steady source of passive income since they’ve done all they can to help you achieve this.

2.  LeadNetwork


LeadNetwork is one of the biggest names in finance affiliate programs. It’s a top contender for any affiliate looking to join this niche, and rightfully so! They’re one of the most popular pay-per-lead affiliate programs in the market and are known for their expertise in payday loan programs.

Becoming a LeadNetwork affiliate can spell great things for your future. They take care of their affiliates and think ahead, assuring affiliates that all contracts and transactions coursed through them cross no grey area in the law.

They boast of having one of the highest affiliate rates for the loan industry, though these figures are undisclosed and vary per application. You can now also invite publishers to join the team, to help you earn an additional 3% from their successful referrals!

Why Should You Promote LeadNetwork?

The LeadNetwork affiliate program is a sweet deal for anyone looking to earn with this industry. You can count that they will do their utmost to make sure everyone they work with is happy, including you.

3.  Edvisors


Edvisors is here to help with an important kind of loan— student loans. Student loans are hard to navigate and it can be confusing for anyone to keep track of, especially for teenagers who are still just graduating high school!

Edvisors recognize this and is here to help students, as well as parents, to get the best loans at no additional costs. They need only input a school name and Edvisors will do their magic to present lender rates. Even better, they have a monthly loan calculator to help figure out how much money they’ll have to come up with on a regular basis.

Their system is much more student-friendly than its competitors, making it an attractive company for affiliate partners. Commission rates vary per application but will be given for every qualified lead. This program also includes their partner sites, and

Why Should You Promote Edvisors?

The Edvisors system is irresistible to students, making it an ideal program for affiliates to join. It’s the kind of system that sells itself, which will make your job of promoting them that much easier.

4.  Kabbage


Kabbage is here for small businesses. Usually, small business loan applications can take longer and come with their fair share of difficult requirements. One requirement that a lot of small business owners find tricky is the credit score.

Many unique circumstances can result in unfavorable credit scores but Kabbage understands this! This means high credit scores aren’t a necessity with Kabbage and explains why small business owners love their service. Borrowers also have control over the payment terms and will be able to get their lump sum loan just a few days after application approvals.

Kabbage affiliates get as great a deal as their borrowers. For every qualified small business you refer, you’ll receive a whopping $250 in commission. More than that, you’ll be granted access to their company resources to help you educate your referrals.

To help you entice your audience, Kabbage also offers a $50 reward for signing up, but only if they use your unique tracking link. Since you’ll need them to use that same link to earn your commission, this is another great win for you.

Why Should You Promote Kabbage?

It’s a fast and easy loan service to apply for and business owners with less than stellar credit scores always gravitate to it. Moreover, Kabbage is motivated to help you earn with them. Their commission rate is nothing but attractive and they’ve taken it a step further by incentivizing your own referrals to make sure you’ll earn.

5.  Prosper


Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, meaning they’ve built a platform where borrowers and lenders can interact, under the watchful eye of the Prosper team. All payments are facilitated by them, making it an easy and safe process all around.

They offer both personal and home equity loans that investors can easily browse through and purchase. Services come with low-interest rates and no prepayment penalties, all with the ability to ensure a loaner’s financial security.

Prosper affiliates, for lack of a better term, prosper. If the 13% commission rate weren’t enough, you’ll also be given official Prosper publication materials for your promotional use. This makes your job much easier and will help give you ideas on how to proceed.

Why Should You Promote Prosper?

Prosper is the way to reach both borrowers and investors. You’ll be able to appeal to the two sides of the loaning equation, and will be promoting a well-loved platform.

6.  Business Credit & Capital


With Business Credit & Capital (BCC), their name says it all. They deal with funding solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Mostly, they help businesses in the retail, restaurant, and service industries with their loan needs.

What’s unique about BCC is their quick processing of cash advance applications (within 3 to 5 business days), 85% of which get approved. Why such a high loan approval rate? That’s because they require minimal documentation and don’t only rely on credit scores. This has led to a majority of satisfied consumers who return for subsequent loans.

Businesses can also use their loan money without restrictions, and in return, BCC will have a small percentage of your daily sales for repayment.

BCC affiliates earn attractive commissions for every sale referred, with bonus incentives too! Additionally, you’ll receive these commissions on the same day the sale was made, unlike other affiliate programs that require some time before they transfer your earnings.

Why Should You Promote Business Credit & Capital?

Business Credit & Capital affiliates really rake it in with their commissions, and shining a spotlight on their stellar reviews and high loan approval rate will help seal the deal for you as an affiliate.

7.  LendUp


LendUp is another personal loan favorite. This time, their focus is on building a community of responsible borrowers who they can help gain financial stability. They understand that many Americans don’t have access to trustworthy loan sources and LendUp has come up with a solution.

They offer short term loans without prior credit checks, making it very easy to obtain a loan. Once an application is sent in, borrowers instantly hear back from them and will be part of the LendUp Ladder. This is a system for borrowers to gain access to higher loan amounts with lower interest, based on prior LendUp loan payment performance.

On the matter of affiliates, LendUp commissions vary per application but are known to offer a minimum commission of $100 per sale. LendUp affiliates likewise have a dedicated affiliate help team available for any queries you might have.

Why Should You Promote LendUp?

LendUp is the loan company for people who won’t be accepted in more traditional loan sources. People with bad credit scores will be looking for platforms like these anyway, so why not help nudge them to LendUp’s well-loved programs? It fills a gap in the loan area that was previously left empty and that alone is an attractive offer.

8.  LightStream


LightStream is the loan industry version of cashing in on good behavior.  It is a subsidiary of Truist, the product of a merger between SunTrust Bank and Branch Banking and Trust Company. LightStream loan programs are centered on great credit scores and history. Their loan process is simple and sweet, with competitive rates.

They deliver great loan deals for any purpose to those with good credit scores. They do everything in order to make sure that their process is convenient and beneficial for their borrowers, resulting in amazing feedback.

One of the biggest pluses when signing up as a LightStream affiliate is how this connection will elevate your platform while piquing your audience’s interest.

Why Should You Promote LightStream?

LightStream is full of benefits for both consumers and affiliates. They truly simplify the loan process and make it easier for borrowers to receive great deals on their personal purchases. It is also amazing how their presence on your website or blog will help further legitimize your brand.

9.  MaxCash Title Loans


MaxCash is an expert in title loans. Title loans are a kind of secured loan where the money you receive is proportionate to the equity of your collateral, which in this case is a vehicle title.

That said, MaxCash is not a lender. Rather, they’re the nation’s largest independent title loan broker. This basically means that they act as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers, in order for both parties to gain the most benefits. When someone is interested in taking out a title loan, there are a lot of things to consider. It can be an overload of information that can be avoided using MaxCash services.

MaxCash operates at no cost to the borrowers, and their goal is to educate their clients on the best loan deals for them. They’re paid by the lenders for bringing them borrowers, and you can be part of this process if you sign up with them as an affiliate.

As a MaxCash affiliate, you will lead referrals to their free services and, when a deal is funded, you’ll receive a cut as well. The commission rates vary per application but will result in significant cash since MaxCash themself state that they have an average payout ranging from $200 – $300 per loan. If you perform well, you even get a chance at earning higher commissions.

Why Should You Promote MaxCash Title Loans?

MaxCash Title Loans is focused on its clients. They take a no-frills approach and will give them hard facts regarding their loan choices, and all at no cost! This system helps consumers to feel valued, educated, and more secure in taking out a loan against their vehicle. Highlighting this is key to earning big bucks with them.

10. Dr. Credit

If you’re looking for an all-in-one program, Dr. Credit is for you. They have all kinds of personal loans for any purpose, which are fit for all kinds of credit. In a nutshell, they have a personal loan handy for everyone. All a consumer needs to do is apply and Dr. Credit will match you up with the lender most suited to you.

Their edge is really in the wide variety of loan types and lender contacts they have under their belt. They’re here to service almost everyone and are happy to do so, even if you have a bad credit score. They do all their services online as well, which is a bonus for those who have trouble carving out time to go to brick and mortar loan establishments.

Dr. Credit affiliates can also share in the company’s very generous approach, with affiliates being paid on two levels. They receive a commission for every lead they deliver to the Dr. Credit site, and will also be granted an additional 15% commission on every funded loan of their referrals.

Affiliates will have to go through an easy and free sign-up process first and then, upon acceptance, they’ll be given the standard affiliate tools to promote Dr. Credit and manage their earnings.

Why Should You Promote Dr. Credit?

Dr. Credit recognizes all your efforts to lead a sale to them. Because of this, you’ll be compensated for every lead you refer to and receive another commission on top of that if the referral pushes through. It’s a great system for affiliates and highly motivating as well. Undoubtedly, there is much potential to earn with Dr. Credit.

Choosing Loan Affiliate Programs

Knowing all this is one thing but applying it is completely different. Your decision on which the loan affiliate programs to join shouldn’t just be based on commission but also on how you and the company match, and on what your audience wants from you.

This sounds tricky but is very simple. The key to the best program for you lays within your audience. It’s important to know who they are and what they’re looking for from your platform. When you understand this, it’ll be easier for you to choose a loan niche and take off from there!

If it’s hard to imagine, here’s an example: you run a finance blog that is popular for its saving and investing hacks. You’ve realized that your audience is particularly interested in content that focuses on raising credit scores and making wise investments. If that’s the case, then it might be safe to assume that they are ambitious individuals plagued by less than stellar credit scores.

Knowing this will make it easier for you to choose a loan niche and, subsequently, one of the loan affiliate programs that can match their needs. For this example, LendUp would be a great choice thanks to their personal loan expertise, leniency with credit scores, and responsible loaner incentives.

After choosing your niche, it’s important to study the companies that offer these services and to check their approval policies to see who they’re most likely to accept. This will pay off because it’ll help narrow down your choices. The more a company matches you and your audience, the easier it’ll be to earn with them.

This will definitely require hard work and you’ll have to get through some growing pains first. Even with all that, you can trust that it’ll all be worth it in the end when you start to earn an impressive passive income as a labor of your hard work.

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