Top 10 Hunting Affiliate Programs (Large Audience + High Margins)

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization
Hunting Affiliate Programs

From 2006 and 2018, an average of between 13.53 million and 15.69 million people participated in hunting every year. The dip in numbers came in 2013.

Participation has been on an upward trajectory ever since. The peak came in 2018. [Statista]. Most of these recorded numbers are of license holders. This tells us that the number would be higher when the unlicensed hunters are factored in.

The annual expenditure of hunting gear is upwards of $25 billion at its lowest. It rises by close to $40 billion in some years.[] As with other industries, a significant proportion of all purchases start online. This is where the opportunity is for affiliates. We have researched and put together a list of the top hunting affiliate programs.

The Top 10 Hunting & Hunter Affiliate Programs

1. 1.800.Gear Affiliate Program

1800 gear affiliate program

1.800.Gear provides a variety of hunting products. These include other sub-categories such as fishing, footwear and optics. In essence, one could say that this is the ideal platform for a hunter to find whatever equipment they may be looking for regardless of their interest.

They also provide motor accessories that would aid in safely ferrying your gear to wherever you are going hunting.

1.800.Gear runs its affiliate program through AvantLink. This gives you access to a robust system that facilitates deep linking to any product page within their website. You can send your visitors directly to the page that has the product that they are looking for. It goes without saying that, the less searching they have to do, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Why Should You Promote

The average sale value is upwards of $100. This means that you would earn at least $10 on most sales. They provide a wide range of products from some of the most sought after hunting gear brands.

With a 60 day cookie period, there is plenty of time for buyers to make consideration and complete their purchase. You also get a dedicated affiliate manager to answer any questions, if they were to arise.

Products You could Promote

The best category to promote would likely be the Auto & Moto one. This is because it offers gear that everyone will need but is not rampantly promoted. It does not have the same appeal that guns and holsters would have, yet the demand would be fairly high.

2. Deadwood Knives Affiliate Program

Most hunters will agree that your gear is never complete without a good knife or couple. Fortunately, Deadwood Knives are more than willing to oblige. Their catalog of knives is not limited to just the hunting variety.

This means that the traffic that you drive to them would likely find some other knives that they could purchase. For instance, a hunter may also add a kitchen knife to their basket.

You will be pleased to know that all of these products are shipped worldwide. The price range is between $50 and $500, which allows your audience to find one that falls within their budget.

Why Should You Promote

The idea of getting 11% commission per sale is one that will appeal to most people. This is not common in the hunting niche. There are quite a lot of knives that one can choose from, which is always great.

Products You could Promote

The gift set knives are a great category of products to promote. Most of us would sooner justify a gift expense before we justify buying something for ourselves. These sets cost just over $100 on average.

3. Cabela’s Affiliate Program

Cabela’s is a world-leading outfitter of all things outdoor and hunting related. No matter what sort of hunting one is interested in, they will find the best gear from this supplier. They stock products in the following categories, hunting, fishing, shooting, boating camping, clothing, footwear, home & cabin, auto & ATV as well as hobbies.

This presents a lot of opportunities for affiliate marketers to promote products. The one thing we are not so fond of is the 3% commission rate, which is fairly low. Having said that, some categories have products that would make up for it.

Why Should You Promote

This is a business that has been around since 1961. Not only do they have a great track record and goodwill, but they have managed to evolve with the times. Their products are of high quality.

Products You could Promote

What you promote should be determined by your audience. The boating category presents the potential for the highest commission per sale. Selling the Star Outlaw 130 Self-Bailing Fishing Raft at $3599.99 would earn you $108. Now, imagine selling a few of them every month with other products added to the basket.

4. BlackOvis Affiliate Program

BlackOvis runs its affiliate program through AvantLink. They offer products within the following categories, clothing, optics, gear, archery equipment and camping equipment. Their clothing is available for men, women and children.

The gear that they provide includes DVDs that are suitable for those looking to get started and more advanced things such as decoys and curated kits.

The commission rate is fairly generous, at up to 10%. With an average order value of upwards of $180, you would earn up to $18 per sale, which is quite good.

Why Should You Promote

The quality and variety of products that they provide make this a good affiliate program to be a part of. They have affiliate managers on hand 24/7 if you need any assistance. Even better is the fact that they stock the biggest hunting brands.

Products You could Promote

Rangefinders are a must-have for any hunter that is worthy of the name. They are available in a wide price range. With the lowest being just under $100, and the high-end ones being over $2500.

5. HuntSmart Affiliate Program

HuntSmart is a hunting gear stockist out of Clarksville, Arkansas where they have a store. Their gear is for day hunters and those that are willing to stack out overnight.

Whether the hunter is looking to hunt smart in the sense of the clothes that they are wearing or smart in the sort of gear that they are using. HuntSmart is all but willing to oblige. They stock products in the following categories, light systems, tracking, clothing, hunting accessories, and coon hunting.

One of the biggest draws is the Houndstyle brand that includes hats, outerwear and shirts. There are also a lot of products for dogs. These include dog training items, collars and health products. The affiliate program is run through Viglink and Skimlinks. You would need to sign up to either one before getting onto the program.

Why Should You Promote

HuntSmart provides products that cover various categories in which a hunter would want to purchase. Not only do they provide clothing and hunting gear, but they also provide technology to streamline some of the activities. 6% commission is within the industry standards.

Products You could Promote

Most hunters are keen to improve their skills. This is what makes books and videos great products to promote. Not to mention that they come at reasonable pricing points, which make decision making a lot easier.

6. Wing Supply Affiliate Program

Wing Supply has been one of the leading suppliers of hunting gear in the US since the 1990s. They were founded in 1982. Their success can be attributed to the experience that Lee Fauntleroy, the founder had prior to launching this venture.

He had been running Lee’s since 1975. Today, they have been delivering exceptional products at equally exceptional prices to hunters for over for close to four decades. Which would be over four decades if Lee’s is considered.

Whatever a hunter may need, Wing Supply likely has in stock. From clothing, footwear, optics, shooting gear, decoys to hunting accessories and so on.

Why Should You Promote

This is a business that has been going for a while now. This is evidence that they will treat the customers well, and deal similarly with affiliates. The commission rate falls within the range that we expect for this industry. A 45-day cookie is wonderful.

Products You could Promote

Ammunition is one of the things that most keen hunters will need to replenish fairly frequently. That is what makes it a great product to promote. Wing Supply stocks a wide variety of ammunition from loads of top brands.

7. CamoFire Affiliate Program

Camofire is renowned for offering what are often industry-leading discounts on some of the most sought after products from top brands. It is not uncommon for them to have products on offer at up to 75% discount.

Arriving on their homepage will feel like home to any hunting enthusiast as they are presented with great discounts. These offers make conversion a lot easier. Who does not like a good deal?

Their average order value is $78, which would pay out a commission of between $3.12 and $5.56. We will be the first to admit that this is not a lot of money. However, when considered in volume, it soon adds up to quite a lot.

Why Should You Promote

In good times, as well as when times are hard, we all appreciate the chance to save some money. That is what Camofire gives hunters the opportunity to do. For an affiliate, this will often mean higher conversion rates. They offer a tremendous amount of support to affiliates as well.

Products You could Promote

Seeing as the unique selling point of this program is the deals that they offer. These are what you should highlight, instead of individual products. This may mean having to frequently update the offer within your content.

8. Airgun Depot Affiliate Program

Air Gun Depot launched in 2012 offering exactly what their name suggests. Their catalog of products has not only grown, but it has since expanded to include pellet guns and bb guns.

All of their products fall into one of two categories. They are either rifles or pistols. Other things that you can get from them include ammunition and accessories. You will find some of the top brands on their website.

They give free ammunition with gun purchases, which is always appreciated by customers. Both shipping and returns are also free. It is amazing how far this small detail will go when it comes to conversion.

Why Should You Promote

They stock an impressive range of products. At 6% commission, you are getting a reasonable return on the sales that you direct to them. The 90-day cookie duration will undoubtedly increase the number of conversions that you get. Some buyers take their time to make decisions, especially when the products are pricey.

Products You could Promote

The AirForce Texan SS is one of their most popular products. As such it would be an ideal one to promote. At a retail price of $1174.99, you would get $70 per sale.

9. Brownells Affiliate Program

Brownell’s has been in business for close to 80 years. Or as they put it “serious about firearms since 1939.” With each year that has passed, they have continued to refine their products and enlarge the range that they stock.

You will have access to over 90 000 products that they have listed. This is what makes them the world’s leading supplier of gun parts and accessories. They have managed to keep it a family-owned company all the while.

All of their products come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. The affiliate program is run through Avantlink. At 5%, their commission rate is slightly below the usual 6% that is offered by other brands. Their cookie duration is 14 days, which is also significantly lower than the others.

Why Should You Promote

This is a top brand that you cannot afford to ignore. Their products are widely respected by hunting and gun enthusiasts in general. They provide support to their affiliates to ensure that they get the most out of the relationship.

Products You could Promote

The optics are necessary tools for most hunters. As such, they would make a good product to promote. They come at various price points, which gives your audience the option to pick one that is within their budget.

10. American Hunting Lease Association Affiliate Program

Most hunters will understand how complicated hunting can get where leasing is concerned. Finding the right land to hunt should not be as complex as it often is. This is what American Hunting Lease Association takes off your shoulders.

They match hunters with landowners who are willing to lease their land. All of this is done in such a way that there is mutual benefit for hunters and landowners alike.

As an affiliate, you stand to earn $35 for every referral that comes to their site. You will get an additional $35 every year that the lease is renewed.

Why Should You Promote

This is a fairly unique program when considered among the other gun affiliate programs. It provides a service that is increasing in demand. There is an opportunity to create recurring revenue.

Products You could Promote

There is only one product to promote. The key would be to highlight its value to your audience.


If you’re considering entering the hunting niche, I have first-hand experience of how great this niche is to work in and can attest to its profitability.

There is a hungry audience out there for you to target with your content, they’re willing to buy products to improve the enjoyment of their hobby and the sport of hunting.

Here’s a screenshot of a recent website I sold in the broader outdoors niche to show you what is possible if you are ready to dive into this space.

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