Insurance Affiliate Programs – Piece of Mind and Cash In The Bank

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: January 19, 2023 | Monetization

With the way the world is going, people are quickly realizing how important it is to have that extra bit of security and safety. Some will buy essential items in excessive bulk loads, some will purchase top-of-the-line security equipment, but most will start to think of investing in insurance. After all, there’s an insurance plan for everyone!

Insurance basically means having security in place to neutralize and overcome setbacks. With insurance, there is a niche for anything and everything a person could want to insure, and backed by a fair amount of research. With affiliate programs, their research is your gain. This is where Insurance Affiliate Programs come into play.

Insurance Affiliate Programs are revenue-sharing programs that allow you to earn money from leads or sales that come from your referrals. Rates vary per company but, in general, it can range anywhere from $3 (per lead) to $75 (per application).

To lessen your load, we’ve compiled a list of amazing affiliate programs, for all kinds of insurance. Read on to get an idea of the unique benefits each program has— and stay ‘til the end for some helpful tips to make the most of these programs.

Top 10 Insurance Affiliate Programs

1. Liberty Mutual


At the top of our list is Liberty Mutual, best known for their auto and property insurance offers. Liberty Manual even goes a step further, offering added auto protection for teachers.

Notably, at the start of the year, NerdWallet included Liberty Mutual in their list of Best Car Insurance Companies for 2020. Without a doubt, it is well-known and much-favored by countrymen all across the 50 States.

Their solid reputation also helps you, as their affiliate. Most likely, your audience has already heard of Liberty Mutual. If they haven’t, the vast material on the company available online is there to help. What this means is that half the job is already done. They already know the company, now all you have to do is give them that extra push to visit the site and get them curious to learn more.

As an affiliate, you get a commission per lead. In simple terms, it’s when someone uses your platform to go to them and ask for a quote. To apply, you will have to go through CJ Affiliate (, formerly known as Commission Junction.

Why Should You Promote Liberty Mutual?

The best part about the Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program is that they definitely take care of their publishers. They will supply you with everything and have a dedicated team ready to help you with any creatives you need. They have long cookie durations and great bonus programs. If your platform gives them quality traffic, you get a chance at higher payouts.

Affiliate partners earn per lead, with $3 for Renter Insurance, $10 for either Home or Auto Insurance, and $17 for a Multi-policy Insurance.

2. eHealthInsurance


eHealthInsurance is the leading online health insurance marketplace that has served more than 5 million people for over 21 years. They cover a wide variety of health insurance, from small business health plans to Medicare Advantage plans, and even short-term health plans. The best part for any consumer is that their service comes at no additional cost.

Their advantage over other health insurance marketplaces is that they are the only one that offers consumers a view of actual insurance quotes without having to go directly to each company. They make it easy to compare each deal so that the consumers can have options and make well-informed decisions.

Their system is enticing and highly marketable, to say the least. They do all the research, they supply all the quotes, and they do all the talking. Partnering with them will help you offer your audience an easy insurance searching experience.

As a publisher in the eHealthInsurance affiliate program, your commissions arrive after every application submitted, with some worth more than others. To be a publisher, you will have to go through first, for sign-ups and commission tracking.

Why Should You Promote eHealthInsurance?

eHealthInsurance’s edge is definitely their “I’ll handle it” type of system, where they truly do take care of everything. Partnering with them as an affiliate will guarantee you a steady stream of interested applicants, and their cookie duration makes it an even better deal for you.

Affiliate partners receive commissions per application, $10 for both Short Term or Dental Health, $20 for Student Health, $50 for Individual and Family Health, and $75 for Small Business Group Health Insurance applications.

3. Embrace Pet Insurance Agency LLC


Any pet lover would agree that fur babies need insurance too! No matter how hard anyone tries, accidents will happen. This is where Embrace Pet Insurance comes in best. Embrace is the go-to insurance for unexpected dog and cat emergencies. Whether it’s an accident or a surprise illness, Embrace is the way to go.

One thing that helps Embrace stand out is their exceptional feedback. Anyone with insurance experience knows the importance of an easy claim process and an efficient customer service team, and the company understands this full well. Claims are quickly dealt with, issues are taken seriously, and users are addressed personally and with compassion.

The ease of dealing with Embrace also translates with their affiliate partners. When you sign up as an affiliate, you will be provided with everything you need to promote them, such as a unique tracking link, monthly updates, and pet content for your use.

Earning with them is on a per qualified lead basis. This means that your commission comes the moment they start to fill up the mailing address section on the third page of their quote engine.

Why Should You Promote Embrace Pet Insurance?

The Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program is great for any platform with beloved pets. Partnering with them guarantees an easy promotional experience. Considering that your referrals only need to ask for a quote in order for you to earn a referral fee, this is an opportunity that you can’t miss out on.

Affiliate partners will receive a referral fee of $36 for every qualified lead.

4. CoverWallet


CoverWallet is the best friend of small businesses around the country. They’re there to help you start, manage, and build your business. You can lean on them for insurance matters every step of the way since their website offers all types of insurance plans, perfect for any field.

Getting the insurance forms you need can be a huge headache and an arduous process. Typically, an entrepreneur would need to fill in numerous forms, which will then pass through plenty of people before the process can continue. With CoverWallet’s new system, small businesses can do away with all that hassle quickly and easily.

As affiliates, CoverWallet will be an attractive feature on your platform, with all its insane promises that they consistently deliver on. When you sign up, you will also be given access to their arsenal of content and marketing materials, wonderful for small businesses.

If you have a CJ Affiliate profile, even better as this is the third party tracking site. As a partner, you will earn for every valid quote that stems from your platform.

Why Should You Promote CoverWallet?

Partnering with CoverWallet is a smart choice as it is desirable for both consumers and affiliates. Additionally, it has an interesting program that will give you a higher chance of earning from referrals. Their commission rate is generous and requires low commitment from your audience.

Affiliate partners will receive $30 for every valid lead/ quote. Cookies will last a month.

5. Allstate


Allstate is a widely-known and reliable insurance company. Most of the time, people will already have an idea of who the company is. They would have heard great things about it from traditional media, reputable online magazines, and from word of mouth recommendations.

They are consumer-friendly and allow the customization of insurance plans by bundling their choice of the renter, auto, and home insurance offers into one that suits them. This personalized experience makes for happy users and countless interested parties.

The trust that people already have in Allstate is the first marketing tool they will give you, but they won’t stop at that! You’ll be provided with compelling web material and links, as well as access to the Allstate marketing and affiliate team. Bring your concerns, questions, and suggestions to this team and they’ll be there to guide you along your Allstate Affiliate journey.

Applications to be an affiliate are coursed through Impact Media, and commissions are per quote, based on the insurance type. It seems like they have other offers for publishers but they are currently unavailable to the public.

Why Should You Promote Allstate?

Allstate is a tried and tested insurance company. Their customizable insurance bundles are great for your audience. Moreover, their commissions come at low commitment, only needing your referrals to apply for an insurance quote.

Affiliate partners earn per insurance quote type, with $5 for Renter Insurance, $10 for Auto Insurance, and $20 for Home Insurance quotes.

6. RoamRight


Travel Insurance is always practical to have on hand. Domestic and International travel, regardless of purpose, will always come with risks. Worry not because when the unexpected happens, RoamRight is the affordable insurance company that helps you deal with it. Their insurance covers two areas— financial setbacks due to delays, cancellations, and interruptions, and medical emergencies.

They have an easy application process and great customer support. For claims, they are speedy and paperless and have a 24/7 help team as well. They’re transparent and highly communicative and respond well to customer queries.

This service is great for publishers, owing to the fact that their affiliate program is very friendly and encouraging. You will get a dedicated team to help manage your account, creative support for your platform, and real-time reporting from ShareASale, their trusted third-party tracking site.

Why Should You Promote RoamRight?

RoamRight is an affordable travel insurance agency with cookies that last a whole year, which is more than enough time for your audience to sort, discern, and actually lead to a sale with them.

Affiliate partners will receive a 15% affiliate fee for every sale.

7. TrueBlue Life Insurance


TrueBlue Life Insurance is not an insurance company, it is your insurance shopping assistant! They do all the heavy-lifting, from gathering possible programs, comparing quotes, and even bargaining with insurance agents for the best deals.

They’ve managed to strike a healthy balance between great service and exceptional customer support. While their process is non-invasive and low contact, their support team is highly involved when needed. This makes it perfect for any interested consumer.

At the same time, they manage to care for their affiliates just as much. The commission deals they offer are generous and low commitment, and they have a simple variety of goals you can hit to earn commissions.

They’re open to partnering with many online businesses, regardless of their niche. Since everyone needs insurance, this is an amazing opportunity at your fingertips.

Why Should You Promote TrueBlue Life Insurance?

TrueBlue is extremely affiliate-friendly and can be a significant source of passive income for you. The best part is that you can receive a commission even without a sale made!

Affiliate partners receive a variety of commission rates, depending on the goal. To name a few, they can receive $5 per email and diabetic quote, $10 per agent contact request, and $25 per application submission request.

8. Esurance Insurance Services, Inc.


Esurance, owned by Allstate, is an insurance company that specializes in protecting all matters auto. They have a wide range of auto insurance programs, protecting any automated transport such as classic vehicles, RVs, and even snow bikes! If it has an engine and can be ridden, Esurance has a plan for it.

This is great for anyone with a motor-powered vehicle, as we never know what can happen to them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with big-ticket items such as these, and your audience knows it.

As an affiliate, you get a standard commission deal paired with access to a vast creative library that you are free to use for your website. They also use CJ Affiliate, so having a previous account with will be a bonus for you.

Why Should You Promote Esurance Insurance Services?

The Esurance Affiliate Program is a great program that pays generously per quote. Since auto insurance is a necessary protection to have, your earnings with Esurance will be a sure thing.

Affiliate partners receive $30 per quote referral.

9. Avia Dental Plan


Make no mistake, while Avia Dental is, technically, not an insurance plan, it gives you the same security as one. Avia Dental is an affordable dental discount plan, which grants great savings for all people, regardless of age, status, or income— this is their edge over other dental insurance companies.

Rather than focusing on a claim system, Avia Dental grants discounts for the different procedures done, with many plans to choose from. It’s easy to apply for, affordable and has great customer service too.

What Avia brings to the table are enticing offers, both for their consumers as well as their affiliates. They have a no fuss affiliate program that requires no sign-up fee, contracts, and even no obligations.

They give much freedom to their affiliates on how they can promote Avia Dental and will supply you with unique links and banners that you can add to your website.

Why Should You Promote Avia Dental Plan?

Avia Dental’s affiliate program is simple and easy, and you earn big on a per-sale basis. Since Avia’s offers are both attractive and practical for everyone, promoting and earning with them will be straightforward and endless.

Affiliate partners receive $35 per sale made with their referrals.

10. World Nomads


World Nomads is not just a travel insurance company, it is a community of travelers. Explore their website and you will see loads of compelling articles from their contributors, donation drives for the less fortunate parts of the world, and great consumer feedback.

For your audience, World Nomads would be an exciting opportunity to travel the world safely, thanks to their easy online process and their presence around the world.

When you partner with World Nomads as an affiliate, you won’t just be offering insurance plans to your audience, you’ll also be inviting them to join a responsible and involved company.

As their affiliates, they will definitely take care of you too. Other than the usual unique tracking links and website banners, you’ll be given access to their considerable load of help material. There, you’ll find step by step tutorials on how to earn with them, an inside look into the techniques of their most successful partners, and even ready-made articles that focus on travel safety, scholarships, and language guides, all of which you’re free to add to your own platforms.

Why Should You Promote World Nomads?

World Nomads is inviting to any audience, thanks to its good relationship with its customers and obvious involvement with the world. Promoting them will be easy, and they’ll give you all the tools you need to earn big.

Their affiliate program is hassle-free, with no commission obligations too and their team is very interested in helping you earn with them.

Affiliate partners receive a $10 commission for every sale.

Products You Could Promote

You’ve seen the top-of-the-class insurance affiliate programs out there, now you’re probably wondering what to do next? Luckily, insurance is for everyone, since we all need that extra layer of security.

When promoting an insurance plan, always remember that everyone desires security in their health, their loved ones, their property, and their businesses. If you hit this desire well, your commissions will fly in. Even better, all programs listed here have tools ready to help you to the best of their ability.

Choosing your insurance niche is simple and doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you already have a platform or you are still building one, these programs are great for you! If you focus on car-related matters, then Esurance is great. If your platform is a sustainable travel blog, look no further than World Nomads. If your platform features a beloved pet, Embrace is your choice.

All you need to focus on is what you give your audience, and to look for a program that fits it, and you don’t even have to stick to just one niche. For example, you can be an entrepreneurial blog with a cherished pup.

You wouldn’t need to choose between Embrace Pet Insurance and CoverWallet, you can do both! A great part about insurance affiliate programs is that they tend to be non-exclusive when it comes to different areas of insurance specialties.

Moving forward, here are some tips to remember while choosing a program to help you make an informed decision:

Always Think Things Through

While it is a source of income, you need to make a decision based on how your audience knows you, who your audience is, and on who the program is looking for in referrals.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

When exploring topics such as insurance, it is normal to have questions and all companies will have contact details available to lay those questions to rest. It bears no consequence to ask.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Try

If you’re reluctant to enter an insurance affiliate contract, there are many programs on this list that operate on very relaxed terms. This means that you can start and stop programs easily if you see that, for some reason, it does not suit you.

Never Skip Reviewing Contract Details

Even with the minimal involvement needed from you by these companies, they are still official businesses. Always know what you’re getting into and, though it could be taxing, reading and understanding your contract can only lead to good.