The 10 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs To Promote

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Blogging

The average American is likely fairly concerned about their credit score. After all, it determines a lot in terms of loan and card approval. For those with bad credit, it can be an uphill battle to fix the problem.

This is why the credit repair business is so lucrative, and it appeals to a huge range of people, too. Becoming a part of a credit repair affiliate program is a great way to earn extra cash while showing your audience a solution to a difficult problem that is so common and undertreated today.

Here are some of the top credit repair affiliate programs and some ways to promote them.

Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

1. 30-Day Credit Repair


30-Day Credit Repair is dedicated to improving client credit scores with a simple and straightforward three-step solution. It works on helping clients get improved loan interest and also deals in removing problems from clients’ credit history, such as medical bills, late payments, bankruptcies, tax liens, identity theft, settlements, foreclosures, and much more.

The company does this by finding negative items in credit history and challenging the more questionable entries, speaking to all three relevant bureaus in order to guarantee complete fairness on credit reports. Creditors are then contacted to ask to verify the negative reports, and a lack of verification means creditors are legally required not to report on them. Finally, 30-Day Credit Repair watches their clients’ credit even after the fact, keeping their eye on issues and making sure that your credit stays on track.

Affiliates who are interested need only sign up for the affiliate program, wait for approval, and then start sending traffic and customers to the website. Affiliates earn even more if the people they refer wind up closing loans.

Why 30-Day Credit Repair?

30-Day Credit Repair has a good reputation after being featured on multiple channels, such as CBS, CNN, ABC, ESPN, and Fox. The additional ability to keep earning commissions at a higher rate if your referred audience sticks with the company and finds success with it is a great added bonus.

2. American Debt Enders


The American Debt Enders focus on handling credit issues from their clients, providing plenty of different programs that can suit a variety of client needs. Their services range from bankruptcy services, debt settlement, debt management, payday loans, debt dispute services, student loan consolidation, credit restoration, and more.

The company launched in 2006 and was one of the country’s first to offer so many debt-related services under a single roof. They offer free counseling consultations to clients, too, and have great reviews all around, likely due to their high focus on customer service above all else.

Affiliates sign up through ShareASale or by emailing the company directly. For each form fill by a qualified client and for each inbound phone call (also qualified), affiliates earn a fixed amount. You can also opt to sign up to receive your own American Debt Enders phone number if you choose to be paid per call.

All affiliates receive banners, videos, and similar marketing material, but they are also allowed to use their own. Affiliates can also receive Market Hive membership as well as a bonus SEO tool that they can use in their promotional efforts.

Why American Debt Enders?

American Debt Enders has good reviews online and is relatively reputable, and its wide-ranging services mean that it’s easier to attract a large audience. The bonus tools and the flexibility add plenty of benefits to affiliates, too.

3. Credit Firm Professional Credit Repair


Credit Firm is a name you may have heard of, thanks to the positive reputation they’ve racked up since their beginnings in 1997. As a result of so many years of hard work in the business, they have garnered an incredible amount of trust when it comes to improving their customer’s financial health scores.

Armed with over 20 years of experience under their belt, Credit Firm focuses on providing its customers with top tier customer service and relatively affordable monthly plans. They also aim to not just help customers repair their credit score, but to also help improve said score to provide a solid credit foundation.

As an affiliate with Credit Firm, you will earn commission on any and every successful sale garnered from your website. This commission is at a set amount per each sale and will be paid out in monthly batches. Credit Firm also offers an extremely long cookie duration for your website, which is set at about 180 days.

This company’s affiliate program is hosted on the ShareASale platform, which interested affiliates can sign up for via a simple signup process. This platform will provide affiliates with reporting, third-party tracking, and other important information that may be useful.

Why Credit Firm?

Credit Firm is a company with a well-respected reputation and a long tenure, making it easy for affiliates to recommend them to customers. They also offer a set commission amount that is paired with an extraordinarily long cookie life, which can be a reassuringly steady source of income for some.

4. Credit RX America


Credit RX America is one of the top ten credit repair companies on the market. Their biggest claim to fame is being able to create positive changes to your credit history incredibly quickly, regardless of how long you’ve have had issues with it.

Credit RX America claims to offer services that can repair your credit within 30 days. They do this by providing customers a free audit that identifies issues that are negatively affecting your records, before offering to help remove them. These things can include things like late payments, collections, and public records.

Clients of Credit RX America spend an average of $1500, from which affiliates can earn a generous commission rate. Most affiliates often end up earning an average of $200 per client referral and are paid on a monthly basis. Interested affiliates can sign up for their affiliate marketing program via a phone call or a submission form on their website.

The affiliate marketing program on Credit RX America’s website contains various sorts of tools meant to assist affiliates with keeping track of their referrals, their customers, and their individual statuses. Affiliates can also use the platform to check in on their conversion rates as well.

Why Credit RX America?

Credit RX America is a reliable and well-known company that offers free credit report audits, in addition to its incredibly speedy credit repair services that can better a credit score within the timeframe of a month. This company also gives its affiliates relatively generous commission rates, in addition to the various tools offered by their program.

5. Experian


Experian is one of the oldest credit reporting companies in the game, with a history of over 125 years that is paired with a solid reputation. They have 17,000 employees working across 37 different countries, which allows interested affiliates to market to customers in the United States and beyond.

A unique thing that the company provides is a free service called Experian Boost. Customers using this service can get credit for simply paying off their phone and utility bills, which can be an instant boost to their FICO scores. Customers can also pay for a service called Experian IdentityWorks Premium that includes anti-identity theft monitoring, fraud resolution, and identity theft insurance.

Upon the signing of their contract, affiliates will be given a commission for each successful conversion. These commission payments will be given with easy-to-understand reports so that you can monitor how well you are doing. However, information regarding commission rates and cookie life is not available on the company’s affiliate information page.

Experian also offers Experian Connect, their personal affiliate program that can be integrated into a preexisting website. In order to sign up for their affiliate program, you will have to go to their website, complete their sign-up form, and submit it. Affiliates with Experian will also be provided with various types of marketing content to use in promoting the company.

Why Experian?

Experian as a company both has a solid reputation and over a century’s worth of history behind them, and also offers various helpful programs and protective services. Additionally, the Experian Connect program gives affiliates plenty of information, so you can also educate your customers better in the process of promoting their company.

6. MyFico


Established in the 1980s, MyFico is actually a consumer division of the very company that is behind the invention of the well-known FICO credit score – the very same system used by lenders. The company also offers to help people with their financial health, giving out plenty of information about credit health and ways to protect it.

MyFico offers actual credit reports from three different bureaus, which allows customers to review these reports side-by-side and point out any mistakes in them. The company also offers to educate its customers on how to understand these credit scores, and how the FICO score is derived from these reports.

As an affiliate with MyFico, you will earn a commission on every customer that signs up for one of the company’s products via your affiliate link. However, the company’s affiliate site does not provide information as to the exact commission rate offered, or the length of their cookie life.

Interested affiliates can sign up with MyFico’s affiliate program via the ShareASale platform, through which the company doles out monthly commission payment.

The platform generates a unique code for each affiliate, which can simply be copied and pasted into your website. The platform also provides affiliates with reporting and trusted third-party tracking.

Why MyFico?

MyFico is directly associated with the company that invented the famous FICO credit score, which is the very same credit score system used by lenders. As a result, affiliates may find it easier to make conversions – especially with the help of the various materials that their affiliate program offers.

7. Progrexion


Progrexion is a company that has multiple different brands under its belt, all directed towards the singular aim of assisting customers with their credit scores. Their Lexington Law brand is the company’s consumer advocacy law firm, which helps clients repair their client reports and take action on errors, inaccuracies, and mistakes found in those credit reports.

Progrexion’s law firm, Lexington Law, aims to educate clients about their credit score so that they fully understand what the credit reporting system is, and how to take charge of their own credit report. Additionally, the company complies with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) and also assists clients with identity theft cases.

The company pays affiliates based on the number of successful conversions. To this end, they offer a cookie life of 365 days, allowing affiliates to take credit for sales that may take months to close. Additionally, any sales made on the company’s site will be credited to you, so long as the customer was directed to their site via your affiliate link.

Interested affiliates can sign up for the company’s affiliate program via their website, which is managed by and Upon application acceptance, the program will provide affiliates with information that can be added to your site. Such information includes things like banners, text links, content, sales tracking, and creatives.

Why Progrexion?

Progrexion not only provides clients their credit report but also aims to educate their clients about the credit reporting system and the factors that can affect your credit score. Affiliates are also given an extremely long cookie life, giving you plenty of time to close a sale and earn credit for it.

8. Reliant Credit Repair


Reliant Credit Repair is one of the leaders in the credit repair industry, and they aim to educate clients on how to better their credit. They help clients understand their credit score, and assist them in repairing it while teaching them how to challenge any errors found in their credit report.

Customers of this company are educated and given customized tools to assist them with maintaining healthy credit scores. The company also offers a 24/7 monitoring service for their clients’ credit reports, so that they can be kept abreast of any and all changes that may occur at any time.

If you are with Reliant Credit Repair’s affiliate program, you will earn a commission for every successful customer signup. While some may be concerned about the lack of information regarding cookie life, this is made up by the fact that the commission rate can potentially go up to 40% per customer. Affiliates will be paid after a waiting period of 30 days.

Interested affiliates require no knowledge, skills, or investment prior to signing up with them on their website. Once your application is approved, the company will supply you with various resources and tools that may assist your promotion efforts, such as the company’s logos and partner badge.

Why Reliant Credit Repair?

Reliant Credit Repair is a leading company in the credit repair industry that prioritizes educating their clients about their credit score, while also offering monitoring services and tools to ensure the continued health of those credit reports. Affiliates of their program have the potential to earn up to 40% off every successful conversion with the company and require no prior experience before signing up.

9. The Credit People


Founded in 2001, The Credit People have been in the industry for over 15 years. They have since been featured by famous publications like USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Smart Money, and have made a good name for themselves after successfully helping over 100,000 people.

The Credit People claim to have put together a team that focuses on customer service first and foremost. Clients with this company will be eligible for both a free trial for their service and a free initial credit report. They also offer additional things such as a full money-back guarantee and bonuses they refer to as “extra mile” efforts.

Affiliates with this company have the opportunity to earn between $75 to $100 per successful referral. They also offer a shockingly long cookie life, which lasts three years. This allows affiliates to be credited on any conversions so long as the customer had used their link, even if several months pass before the customer signs up for any of The Credit People’s services.

The Credit People uses ShareASale for their affiliate program, which is a platform that provides you with useful marketing tools and resources for promoting their service. Such resources include content like banner ads and text links which you can integrate into your website.

Why The Credit People?

Despite being a relatively new company, The Credit People has a proven track record when it comes to repairing credit scores. As a result of the company’s fame, affiliates may find it easier to convert potential clients – especially with the help of the company’s extremely long cookie life.

10. The Credit Repair Agents


Established in 2006, The Credit Repair Agents are known for their more aggressive approach towards repairing credit scores, offering one of the quickest credit repairs in the industry. They also claim to have one of the highest fix/delete ratio averages in the business and are hired by companies all over the country.

The Credit Repair Agents will contact clients within 24 hours to begin examining their client’s credit reports from all three major credit report bureaus. They then dispute any errors and mistakes on behalf of the client. They also provide clients with a detailed, password-protected status report on their website, and update it 24/7.

Affiliates with this company will find a clearly presented five-tier commission structure. At the highest tier, affiliates will be able to get $50 per each successful direct referral. Unfortunately, their website does not provide any information on their cookie length. This might not be an issue, however, since their incredibly fast turnarounds may be attractive to most customers.

The Credit Repair Agents offer interested affiliates their own proprietary tracking portals, which can be used to keep track of any referred customers. Each affiliate will also be dedicated to a specific agent, which may be helpful for those who desire more specific information directly from the company’s employees.

Why The Credit Repair Agents?

This company is known for providing dramatic results within as little as 30-45 days, which may make it easier to promote them to interested clients. Affiliates also get access to a tiered commission system with clearly-stated rates, alongside the help of a dedicated agent and the company’s proprietary tracking system.

Products You Can Promote

Credit repair is something that concerns a very wide range of people. Any site or blog that talks about money, financial security, loans, and other similar topics can very easily promote credit repair as an affiliate for any one of the aforementioned companies.

“Financial Independence Retire Early”, or FIRE, is a very common but still non-mainstream niche that provides a wide range of advice to readers regarding money-saving, budgeting, bank accounts, and investing. If you run a site on this topic, you are likely to find ways to feature credit repair products on your pages.

Sites for those who own small or home-businesses, for people seeking jobs, for young or new families, and for other similar niche audiences can also benefit from promoting credit repair programs to them.

These individuals are likely to be interested in keeping their credit scores healthy! You don’t even need to directly center your site around credit – as long as this is your target demographic, you’ll have interested clients.