The 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses (what I used to grow to $25k /mon)

If you’ve looked into affiliate marketing, you’ve probably read incredible success stories. They’re usually accompanied by beach selfies, pictures of luxurious supercars, possibly even a photo or two of a yacht or mansion replete with swimming pool and all the trimmings.

While these kinds of riches are possible, it is fair to say that a lot of claims are, at best, exaggerated. But there are also some genuinely awesome courses out there.

In this article, I will show you the best affiliate marketing courses so that you can start building your affiliate empire today.

1. Authority Hacker


  • Course: The Authority Site System (TASS)
  • Link to Program
  • Cost: $997
  • Rating: 5 /5 stars
  • Level: Beginner

Gael Breton and Mark Webster founded their first websites in 2013. They have a free starter course on their website, a podcast that is littered with great information, and they have multiple affiliate tool reviews, proven case studies, and they also offer two paid courses:

This is the beginner course and aimed at those with little to no experience in setting up or managing affiliate sites.

It isn’t cheap, but it is worth it.

The Authority Site System teaches everything from market research to tracking results and optimizing your site.

It even details how to hire and outsource the work and details some of the services Gael and Mark themselves use. It boasts more than 125 hours of “over the shoulder videos” to watch at your leisure.

Because this course is aimed at beginners, nearly half of the content is geared towards research and planning. This can feel frustrating by the time you reach the end, but it forms the foundation of your online business and is essential.

  • Course: Authority Hacker Pro
  • Link to Program
  • Cost: $1,997
  • Rating: 4.5/5 stars
  • Level: Advanced

If the cost of the Authority Site System course made you wince, then Authority Hacker Pro’s price tag will leave you with tears in your eyes. But, once again, you get a ton of content, as well as access to the advanced member community where you can share your own success and revel in that of others. You also get around 30 hours of additional video content, too.

It’s also worth mentioning that you get access to the Authority Site System as part of your Pro membership.

The content is a lot more advanced, and definitely not for newbies. It will teach you advanced email marketing techniques, how to build content funnels, and techniques to generate consistent social media traffic.

You’ll learn how to do outreach like the pros: influencer marketing and blogger outreach is the only form of link building that Breton and Webster promote in their course. It’s time-consuming, but it is effective and it is considered safe in the eyes of our search masters.

You’ll even learn how to optimize for Google Snippets, which is invaluable stuff.

Membership also gives you access to a bunch of templates. I’ve spent hours poring over the perfect lead magnet email and even longer trying to put together an effective automated email sequence.

Once you’ve joined Authority Hacker Pro, you can take their templates, amend them to your own ends, and save yourself tens of hours of work.

The cost of both systems is high, although directly comparable to a lot of inferior courses, and Authority Hacker Pro is absolutely aimed at the experienced authority site owner. But this is pretty much the only shortfall of these courses.

I say pretty much because, despite the pair’s claims that they hate things like time-limited offers on affiliate course pages, the Authority Hacker Pro program is only available during launch periods.

Sign up and you’ll receive messages letting you know how long you’ve got before the launch period ends. Exactly the same as a time-limited offer, but that’s a small qualm and it shouldn’t detract from the value that these courses offer.

2. The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

  • Course: The Affiliate Lab
  • Link to Program
  • Cost: $997
  • Rating: 4.5 /5 stars
  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

The Affiliate Lab is an affiliate marketing course run by Matt Diggity of Diggity Marketing. He is an experienced SEO and brings this experience to the course. So, while Income School rejects all link building and Authority Hacker relies solely on outreach to develop links, Affiliate Lab will teach you a variety of link building techniques and other lead generation models. It’s a more agile system, in many respects, and one that should stand the test of time.

The aim of this course is to build and develop a site that you will be able to sell for $100,000. This means developing a site that makes around $3,500 per month revenue.

With your membership, you receive access to nearly 200 videos as well as membership to the private Facebook group packed with successful users of the course. The videos are very useful and informative, although some do drone on a little.

I will say that while there is a lot of tutorial content that is absolute gold, there are some topics that really don’t need be in an affiliate marketing course. I didn’t need to know about sleep hacking, for example, and if you believe the experts, it could do a lot more damage than good.

It’s also worth noting that Matt Diggity was known for his use of PBN links, and he still promotes some distinctly gray-hat link building techniques that Google frowns upon and could land you with a Google penalty in the future.

However, with that said, there are some link building gems, and the course is especially beneficial for teaching the absolute first steps. Not too many courses teach you how to install WordPress or how to install a theme.

If you’re a beginner and want an all-round course, this is an excellent option, but I would advise staying away from some of the more underhanded link building techniques.

3. Project 24 by Income School


  • Course: Project 24
  • Link to Program
  • Cost: $449 for the first year, $199 a year thereafter
  • Rating: 4 /5 stars
  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Project 24 by Income School is something of a controversial affiliate marketing course, but their popularity suggests that controversy really does sell. Before we get to the reason for that controversy, some details about the course.

Income School has a massive YouTube channel, amassing millions of viewers. They also regularly post details of their own sites, which is somewhat unusual in the affiliate marketing space.

Project 24 is so named because Income School expects its students to take 24 months, or two years, to be earning a full-time income from their affiliate sites.

It includes 60 steps to establishing a successful website, equating to 122 tutorials, and it has an active community. The tutorials cover a really diverse range of topics from email marketing to using photographs on your affiliate site.

What Project 24 doesn’t cover, and one of the reasons for its controversial reputation is keyword research. The course eschews keyword research, stating that popular research tools are so inaccurate that it renders the practice useless.

You’ll notice that this directly opposes the teachings of systems like Authority Hacker and other leading SEO influencers.

It also means that this course isn’t for students that thrive on data-driven marketing.

They also steer clear of any link building whatsoever, saying that artificially building links runs the risk of falling foul of Google penalties in the future. Although Authority Hacker has a similar mindset, Project 24 takes a more hardline stance.

You will love this course if you enjoy developing content and if you hate link building or keyword research.

4. Five Figure Niche Site by Doug Cunnington

Five Figure Niche Site by Doug Cunnington

  • Course: Five Figure Niche Site
  • Link to Program
  • Cost: $690 to $2,270
  • Rating: 4 /5 stars
  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Five Figure Niche Site has a slightly more modest goal. It aims to give you the steps to create a site worth 5-figures, so $10,000 or more. But, don’t let that put you off. Don’t let the overly complex multiple subscription packages put you off, either. You should expect to pay $700 for the basic program and over $2,000 for the Premium package.

When you do become a member, you will learn how to pick a niche and find longtail keywords. You’ll learn about low competition keywords that should rank quickly, referred to as the Keyword Golden Ratio.

You’ll also learn how to analyze the competition. The course shows you how to build backlinks, concentrating on those links that won’t get you penalized.

One great sign is that Doug Cunnington, who runs this course, is in the process of updating it after Amazon’s recent commission structure changes. There are a lot of courses that get ignored once they’ve been created. With Five Figure Niche Site, you know that the information is still relevant because it’s still being updated.

Each of the courses lasts a period of ten months. There are five modules to each course, and as well as additional content like Podcasts and blog posts, Doug also holds a regular Q&A session with course users. It’s not quite the same as having your own personal mentor, but it’s about as close as you can get.

It is a great course, and it’s especially useful for its link building techniques, and the fact that it’s a little more realistic with monthly targets. However, the fee structure is confusing, and the Premium package certainly carries a premium price tag.

5. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate 

  • Course: The Wealthy Affiliate
  • Link to Program
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Rating: 2/5 stars
  • Level: Beginner

The Wealthy Affiliate program is the final entry in our list. It also offers something a little different to the rest. Once you have access to the platform, which costs $49 per month, you not only gain access to the video tutorials, which each includes a write-up. You also get access to the community hub and can direct message members, including founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

But that’s not all. You can also get your domain names and web hosting through your membership, which cuts costs. There’s also a website builder and the team’s own keyword research tool that are both included in the package. As far as extras go, you’ll struggle to find better.

But they are extras, and the main reason you’re considering signing up to the Wealthy Affiliate course is for the affiliate marketing training.

Unfortunately, the training is something of a mixed bag. There is excellent content on the buyer journey as well as some good information on writing high-quality content. However, there is nothing whatsoever on link building or off-page SEO. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate espouses the benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

PPC can be effective for affiliate marketing websites, but it can also be incredibly expensive and yield no results. They also promote the use of Facebook pages and commenting on other Facebook pages. These tactics may have been effective five years ago, but they aren’t today.

My other big problem with this course is that the majority of their content and lessons concentrate on promoting the Wealthy Affiliate course itself. While I am not, in any way, suggesting they are an MLM, this still raises warning flags.

Overall, there are some great tools available with your Wealthy Affiliate membership, but it all feels dated. There is next to no information on SEO or off-page optimization, and it is highly likely that you will have to write and submit thousands and thousands of comments a week, on Facebook, to get results.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing has the potential to change your life.

It does take effort and, if you’re anything like me when I first got started, I tried a crazy amount of courses, trying to find out the secret sauce.

I was initially reluctant to spend money until I’d made money, but having the guidance of experienced affiliate marketers proved priceless.

  • If you’re looking to get started in affiliate marketing and want the best course for your needs, I’d suggest The Authority Site System.
  • If you’re a little more experienced and want to learn some deep industry secrets and processes, then go with The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity.
  • If you just want to target super low competition keywords, focus on ad-revenue, and write/publish a ton of content then go with Project-24.

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