The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs of 2024: Earn Big Bucks With 60+ Programs

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: February 22, 2024 | Blogging, Monetization
High Ticket Affiliate Programs

The turning point in my career as an affiliate marketer was when I decided to switch to high ticket products instead of relying on small-scale affiliates. From there onwards, it all started skyrocketing.

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time with low ticket programs and level up your game then this list of the best high ticket affiliate programs will provide you with the most profitable affiliate programs you can find for every niche you can imagine.

Alongside that, I’m going to share my tips on how Id go about promoting products in some of the most popular niches, which will help you get a head start on your competition.

Let’s begin!

How To Find The Best High Ticket Products to Promote?

As I mentioned, the search for the best high ticket affiliate marketing products cannot be aimless or arbitrary.

There are some things you ought to focus on:

The popularity of the product

As the market grows and slowly becomes overcrowded, people are changing their interest.

Products go in and out of demand, and you need to be skilled to stay up-to-date and adapt.

A well-chosen product has either to be omnipresent (so, something that will never grow old), or something that’s trending at the moment (and hints that it will for some time, with the potential for development).

If you opt for the latter tactics, you will likely succeed, but you have to be careful not to lose people’s interest. This brings us back to the same piece of advice: Adapt.

Simply put: What’s the use of an expensive product, if it isn’t popular and people are not buying it?

Quality of the product

The same goes for the quality of the product. If people aren’t satisfied with the quality, they won’t buy it anymore, or might even return it immediately.

That leads to bad reviews, dissatisfied customers, and, ultimately, failure.

High-quality products are the key to success: satisfied users, positive reviews, recommendations, and that sweet cash.

Commission structure

What is the best commission structure for high ticket programs?

One-Time vs. Recurring commission

Now, you may be thinking to yourself: Selling a high-end product once is easier than selling it many times, and it may seem logical to you that one-time commission is better – after all, you need to sell less for a bigger profit.

But it isn’t always so.

Once you hit the jackpot in the recurring commission, you’ll be earning passive income all the time. And that’s the dream of every affiliate marketer, am I right?

Cookie duration

The term cookie duration refers to the amount of time potential buyers can purchase a product through your affiliate link.

Ideally, you should look for lifetime cookies. These affiliate programs generate the so-called “sticky” cookies that don’t have a time limit and don’t expire – anytime someone makes a purchase, you will be paid.

Free to join

A question that often arises is whether you should be paying to join some high ticket affiliate programs, or be on the lookout for the free ones.

One thing is a fact: there are high-quality and profitable affiliate programs in both paid and free offers. Your goal should be finding an affiliate program that will bring you a lot of revenue, and, that way, it’s going to pay off one way or another.

Some free-to-join affiliate programs may not offer enough conversion capabilities, and, vice versa – some paid affiliate programs may be quite useless even though they cost a lot.

So, my advice is just to stay focused on what is the best affiliate program for you.

However, if you want to go easier on your pocket, the good news is that there are many free high ticket affiliate programs that convert very well.

Self-hosted vs. affiliate network

A debate that is often posed is whether you should opt for self-hosted or affiliate networks.

Actually, my opinion is: go with something in-between the two.

If you’re an absolute pro, self-hosting might work for you, but I do not favor that option, as it is really time-consuming and requires the utmost dedication to developing your own brand.

On the other hand, affiliate networks are much faster but sometimes overcrowded and unreliable.

Hence, I’d say: scour the internet and search for affiliate programs yourself. You will eventually stumble across the perfect high ticket affiliate program for you.

High Ticket Affiliates: Pros and Cons

As you’re interested in high ticket items, you should be aware of all the benefits and downsides of going down the high ticket affiliate lane.

  • One of the highest commissions on the market
  • Backend/upsell
  • Relatively hard to succeed



The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs

As promised, I dedicated a portion of my time to finding the best high ticket affiliate programs for every niche and purpose out there.

This round-up is divided into sections so that you can find your way more easily as you navigate further. I’ve sectioned the programs per niche, so you can jump through the ones that interest you.

Marketing, Web, and Business

As you are a web marketing professional yourself, it won’t be hard to succeed in this niche.

You’ll find yourself easily invested and interested in the affiliate program you join, which is – as I explained – of utmost importance for the sales.

No one is more credible than you in this area!

1. The Six Figure Mentors


The Six Figure Mentors is a platform where many beginner entrepreneurs and future business people seek advice.

Not only that – a lot of people who are already working with digital marketing use their system, as they have a track of proven records.

The commission? You won’t believe it when I tell you.

You can earn up to $8000 for a single referral there, and up to $1000 of recurring commission!

There are also other benefits, like second-tier commissions and a lot of opportunity for upsell services.

Did I mention the lifetime cookie duration?

  • One of the highest commissions on the market
  • Backend/upsell
  • Relatively hard to succeed

2. Teachable


Teachable is an affiliate program that offers online courses. The best thing is that they have a course on anything – but literally – from hand lettering to online business.

Why choose them?

Because people always develop their skills and courses are not going to get old, even if the trends change.

The commission rate of 30% lifetime recurring commissions is very attractive, and they have a partner program with funnels that can provide an additional source of income.

Finally, the cookie life of 90 days is solid – I’ve seen worse, and I’ve seen better.

  • Trending
  • Recurring monthly commissions
  • No backend/upsell
  • No second-tier commissions

3. WP Engine


As an affiliate marketer yourself, you know how big of a deal hosting is and how favored WordPress is.

So, the logical thing would be to join an affiliate program that offers one of the best hosting services in this area.

WP Engine offers a great lifetime value to its customers, and that’s why it is better than some other platforms that charge only monthly or annually.

You can make a profit of $200 per new referral or up to $7500 monthly, whichever is higher.

As it is a two-tier program, you will get $50 for every deal that your referral makes.

  • Upsell promotions and services
  • Easy to sell
  • Requires a ShareASale affiliate network account

4. Kinsta


Kinsta and my previous pick, WP Engine, are arch enemies.

Although WP Engine is somewhat more popular and I believe it is easier to convert to sales with its program, Kinsta has quite a few benefits, too.

It’s one of the rare hosting companies that offer recurring commissions of 10% on top of the standard rate of up to $500 per referral.

Some shortcomings are relatively short cookie life (60 days) and the fact that web hosting does not really offer a lot of upsells.

  • Good commission rate (up to $500 + 10% recurring)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tough competition

5. Hubspot


Let me tell you a fact that speaks on itself about Hubspot: it has over 5 million monthly organic search visitors.

They are incredibly popular with entrepreneurs as well as marketing teams; you’ll find plenty of referrals on their sales automation platform.

The first thing you’ll see when you load their pricing page are plans that cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, If you take a close look you’ll see there are also some budget-friendly, $50 starter packs.

Our focus today, though, is on high ticket packages that are usually priced at a couple of hundreds of dollars; stack those up and you can earn up to $1000 per referral.

One thing I wish is that the cookie length was longer – it’s only 90 days – but that’s not the reason to dismiss Hubspot, considering what it offers.

  • High commissions
  • Backend/upsell services
  • Relatively short cookie life

6. Instapage


Instapage deals with all the aspects that are most sought after on the online market – landing pages, ad campaigns, boosting popularity, etc. And they’ve been working with some of the most reputable business names like SoundCloud, eBay, Vimeo, etc.

Partnering with Instapage can bring you a lot of revenue, especially with their outstanding commissions – as many as 50% recurring salaries for your first twelve months, and 30% lifetime after that.

Their plans go for around $199 per month, which means you earn $100 for a new customer!

A slight con is that it has no backend/upsell products. Still, their basic plans are quite popular.

  • Excellent commission rate
  • Recurring commission
  • No upsells

Personal Investing

Since money is a massive part of everyone’s life, it is only logical that investment and personal finance affiliate programs have an expansive customer base.

No matter whether you’re targeting small businesses, investors, or an Average Joe looking for a side-hustle, this niche might be your pot of gold.

7. Capitalist Exploits


Based around a newsletter, Capitalist Exploits offers advice for money managers, investors, and anyone else looking for quick and juicy returns on their investments.

Once you sign up and pay the yearly subscription fee, you’ll get access to the following:

The service has to be paid upfront, but you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you’re safe if you end up not liking it.

Their commissions are killer – you’ll get 50% per sale. To put this into perspective, their services cost from around $1500 to $3500, so you can earn quite a bit!

  • High commissions
  • Backend/upsell
  • No recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commissions

8. Etoro


If you’re interested in the intricate world of cryptocurrencies, you have to try out Etoro. This currency-trading platform is one of the largest of its kind. As of yet, it trades with 18 currencies and earns money by charging a small fee for every trade.

As a marketer, you get the opportunity to introduce and direct brokers or traders to Etoro. If fish bites the hook, you’ll get 25% of the money they pay to the platform.

The way you start out is by becoming Etoro’s partner. You’ll then receive access to resources that’ll help you attract new customers to the platform. The mentioned resources include landing pages, educational material, and other tools that you may find useful.

  • High commission rate (25%)
  • Second-tier commissions
  • No recurring commissions
  • No backend/upsell

9. Kabbage


Kabbage is a platform that offers loans and business payment solutions to small businesses in the US.

Their affiliate program includes something that’s called “pay per qualified lead”. It means that, for each business that you bring that successfully qualifies for a loan, you’ll earn $250.

Another way you can earn something is through referrals, which will bring you a $50 gift card.

What makes this affiliate program great is the enormous prospective customer base, as well as the fact that it pays per lead, and not per sale.

  • High commissions ($250 per lead)
  • No recurring commissions
  • No backend/upsell
  • No second-tier commissions

10. Personal Capital


Here’s another pay-per-lead affiliate program. But first, let’s get acquainted with the company.

Personal Capital helps its users increase their investment profit and assists them in managing it. They do this through data-driven management, and their intuitive interface provides a clear and comprehensive picture of one’s finances.

Affiliate program partners earn money by directing qualified leads to Personal Capital, for which they receive $50 to $100 per lead. Anyone with $100,000 of investable assets can qualify, and they may earn well over $40,000 a month.

  • Reasonable commissions ($50-$100 per lead)
  • No recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell



Marketers who are working with traders will definitely want to take a look at FXPRIMUS. It is a reputable currency-trading website which includes several platforms, educational materials, and other tools that’ll help you out.

Through FXPRIMUS’ affiliate program, you’ll be able to connect traders to more than a hundred tools and instruments that the site offers.

The best thing about this system is that it gives you the chance to upsell by referring the same customer to several products. Yes, this potentially means more high commissions for one person you attract.

  • High commissions (up to $600)
  • Upsell/backend
  • No recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commissions


If there’s something that won’t ever disappear from the market, it’s the finance niche, especially related to the credit cards and bank accounts.

12. Bankrate Credit Cards


Is there something that capitalism promotes more than credit cards?

Not really.

And so should you.

This affiliate program allows you to promote the top credit card offers, and it’s no wonder that it is the leader for financial affiliate programs. So many people use it!

They work as a sort of credit card network with over 4800 card programs, like AmericanExpress, Barclaycard, CapitalOne, etc.,

The limitation when you are operating as a sub-affiliate is that you won’t make as much as if you would earn had you worked one-on-one with the vendors. Still, the Bankrate Credit Cards program offers so many opportunities.

You can earn up to 40% commission on each sale you make, and the cookie life varies with the type of payout structure (CPL, CPC, or CPA).

  • Connects you with many institutions
  • Different ways to earn commission
  • Lower commission than what it would be if you had direct contact with the client

13. Credit Assistance Network


Everyone needs some assistance with their credit score and profile, and this program offers it in a very organized and detailed way.

Therefore, it won’t be hard to promote it as their affiliate partner.

They allow you to use banners and other promotional materials they have created to boost up sales and offer very competitive commission rates – up to $95 per sale, and $1.25 for every user that signs up using your referral link.

Another characteristic that vaulted this program past some others in this niche is the fact that the cookie lasts for 365 days.

Unfortunately, to become their partner, you need to have a ShareASale account.

  • Very popular
  • High commission
  • Long-lasting cookie
  • Requires a ShareASale account

14. NetQuote


Besides credit cards, insurance is also incredibly sought after in the financial world. Whether it’s car insurance, home insurance, or health insurance – there’s always someone looking for a good insurance deal.

NetQuote allows you to promote leading insurance agents and companies, and their interface is quite simple. Customers just have to fill in an application form using your link, and you generate a sale!

The commission rate depends on the distribution of sales according to the type of insurance. For instance, auto, homeowner, life, and agent enrollment packages payout rates are higher than standard (think health, etc).

Once you’re in, you will have access to their banners, articles, and monthly e-newsletter that will help you promote their services.

  • Great conversion rates
  • Regular payouts
  • Solid cookie life (up to 6 months, depending on the program)
  • Available only in the US

15. TransUnion


TransUnion is another affiliate program that deals with the most popular financial section, credits.

It helps customers repair their credit scores, provides regular reports, and answers any questions they may have with regard to credit, credit freeze, etc.

They also offer identity protection, which puts them one level above their competition.

The opportunity for upsell products, such as consumer assistance and business services, is another benefit of this program.

Most often, you’ll earn a rate of $20 for every successful referral link. As for the cookie duration, it is 45 days – not the best, but not terrible, either.

  • They offer services to help you optimize your campaign
  • Popular
  • Upsell products
  • Lower commission than with some other high ticket programs


It’s a well-known fact that internet users are using a VPN more and more often, and this trend will surely keep growing.

Even I use it to secure my internet abroad or in public places, and pro affiliates know that the best way to do keyword research is to set another location.

16. IPVanish


The first affiliate program for VPN products on my list, IPVanish, offers some of the most competitive commissions in this industry. Namely, in some cases, you get up to 100% commission per a new sale.

And my favorite thing about it is that it also offers recurring sales (up to 35%)!

They offer over 40.000 anonymous IP addresses and strong security features, which makes the promotion much more straightforward.

You also get professional support. When you sign up for the program, you’ll gain access to a team of experts in this field – including SEO managers, designers, marketing strategists, etc. They will share their opinion and help you build up an effective campaign to succeed with them.

  • High conversions
  • Professional support
  • Their VPN doesn’t work in China

17. ExpressVPN


Another affiliate program that offers you the opportunity to promote the world’s leading VPN providers is ExpressVPN.

The conversion rates are likely to peak, as they offer excellent customer support: 24/7 live assistance and 30-day money-back guarantee. The VPN servers are available for 94 countries across all platforms.

They are professionals, and you’ll get to work with their affiliate account managers who will help you tailor your campaign to make the most out of it.

Based on the plan that the customer chooses, you can earn up to $36 per sale.

  • Popular
  • User-friendly services
  • Easy to promote
  • Limited upsell opportunities
  • No recurring sales

18. StrongVPN


StrongVPN may not be the most popular VPN service on the market, but they have been around since 2006 and are constantly growing.

This free-of-charge program offers some of the highest commissions in this industry (up to $200!). You are paid every month, and the minimum balance for a payout is $100 (you’ll earn this in no time).

Just like with other VPN affiliate programs, you can contact their affiliate support to make a plan for promoting their services via your program. At any time, you can ask for the report so that you can monitor and manage your sales and keep track of your commissions.

All of their promo material and manager support becomes available to you the second you become a partner.

  • High conversion
  • Reliable VPN service
  • Relatively short cookie duration (30 days)

19. NordVPN


NordVPN is another high-quality option to consider in the sea of slow and questionably safe VPN services.

NordVPN has been around since 2012 and is used by more than 1 million people worldwide!

Yes, 1 million! That means there’s a lot of opportunities to make your money with this affiliate program.

It encrypts customer data and keeps their web activity private to the fullest.What’s more, the service is also quite efficient in removing some restrictions users may come across (e.g., different content on Netflix in various countries).

Their servers are fast and work on both home broadband, 3G, and 4G data.

The cookie length, or, as they call it, “attribution period” is 30 days, which is okay.

The best way to join this program is via DCM network links, where they offer sales tracking.

  • 40% commission
  • Excellent customer support
  • One of the leading VPN providers
  • No upsell opportunities
  • Requires an Awin account


Pet niche is always trending, especially with novel products and innovations. People are looking to provide the best quality of life for their beloved pets, and the demand for products is skyrocketing.

20. PetMeds


This is the largest online trusted pet pharmacy in the US, and just like for us humans, pets’ health always comes first.

So, it’s a good idea to join an affiliate program that enables pet owners to get pet medication (both prescription and non-prescription) and nutritional supplements.

They offer 15% commission on their private label products, and 10% on non-prescription items along with a $10 bonus for a new referral. As they claim, the order of an average customer is $78, but in my experience (I’m a pet parent myself), it can be hundreds of dollars.

PetMeds affiliate program is very intuitive to use, comes with a link generator, and you gain access to a dedicated account manager that will help you with any questions.

  • A versatile affiliate program
  • Well-trusted products
  • A lot of opportunities for advertising
  • No commission on prescription medications

21. EzyDog


There is no doubt – EzyDog is a professional brand in this field. They design practical and modern dog clothing apparel and accessories that often find a way to dog owners.

For instance, have you heard about the award-winning Original Shock Absorbing Leash? EzyDog is the company that designed it!

As their affiliate partner, you get a basic 9% commission on all purchases plus bonuses for increased sales.

With a 120-day cookie life and high conversion rates, I can see a lot of potential if their affiliate program.

  • Long cookie duration
  • Incredible conversion rates
  • You get to promote high-quality products
  • The activation requires an AvantLink account

22. TrainPet Dog Training


Another one of the top-paying dog-related services is training. And believe it or not, the market is not really crawling with these affiliate programs, so there’s a high chance for success if you join the right one.

TrainPet Dog Training program offers commissions that will make your jaw drop – up to 80% on products, and 25% recurring monthly commission! The only thing they require is to qualify by bringing at least one new customer every month.

In practice, this means you’ll be earning $29.60 on their most popular offer, Dog Lovers Membership, that features more than 52.000 members as of now. Also, there is the opportunity for upsells with multiple eBooks and Elite Dog Owner’s Club admission.

Another incredible feature this program offers is a 10-year cookie lifetime! It rarely gets better than that.

  • Upsell products
  • High commission rates
  • Incredibly long cookie-lif
  • They have some minimal requirements, like one new referral per month and $40 minimum salary, but it’s not going to be hard to meet them

23. Embrace Pet Insurance


More and more people are seeking an effective way to reduce vet costs, and many opt for pet insurance policies that, in turn, reimburse their bills.

Pet insurance is a great option to narrow down your niche in this competitive sphere.

Embrace Pet Insurance affiliate program is my choice because they offer excellent service to their customers – up to 90% back on bills for dogs and cats, regardless of the veterinary clinic.

You’ll get $36 for every “qualified lead,” as they call it. This basically means you’ll earn a commission whenever a person completes an online registration for their insurance by using your referral link.

Embrace Pet Insurance will provide you with well-designed tracking links and banners to aid you in your campaign.

  • Regular payments
  • Long cookie life (90 days)
  • Intuitive interface
  • A fixed commission rate, no opportunity for bonuses


Why is music an excellent category to go about high-ticket affiliate programs?

Simply put: it’s omnipresent.

It caters to artists, performers, learners, and even people who just listen to music (and let’s face it, everyone does).

24. Singorama


Meet Melanie Alexander, a top-level vocal coach, and her courses for singing. There are many rising talents looking out for a quality course that will teach them correct techniques and invaluable tips and tricks about singing.

One-on-one vocal training tends to be very expensive, which is why more and more learners opt for an online course like Singorama.

What’s more, the course is one of the best in its category! It comes with 28 lessons that make up vocal training, ebooks, tools, and worksheets, providing well-rounded training.

That’s where you jump in!

As their affiliate partner, you’ll get 70% commission on instant downloads of the courses, and 40% on every shipped course. As I noted, customers tend to stick to the online ones, so it’s a good thing that those items have a higher commission rate.

  • High commission
  • Backend opportunities
  • 60-day cookie life
  • It takes some time & effort to make conversions

25. Sam Ash


My favorite high-ticket product in this niche is music equipment, and I believe you won’t be surprised by this fact. Not only is it costly, but the demand is always high.

Sam Ash is a music store with many big-ticket items, from all kinds of instruments, DJ gear, accessories, and sound systems to headphones and microphones. Their affiliate program offers up to 10% commission on every sale that customers make through your link.

Sam Ash is partnered with LinkShare – this means you’ll be able to keep up with third-party tracking, and with both real-time and monthly reports.

Unfortunately, the website itself and the promotional material are not very aesthetic, but a pro affiliate marketer shouldn’t consider that a deal-breaker – after all, the sales will initially be made through your website, won’t they?

  • Excellent music gear from all major brands
  • 60-day cookie duration
  • Their website could use some building
  • Not available in North Carolina, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Arkansas

26. Guitar Center


If we analyze the market of musical instruments, the guitar is most commonly purchased both by beginners and professionals. The natural thing, therefore, is to find the best affiliate program for guitars.

Guitar Center sells over 40.000 products, most of which are high-ticket ones. In addition to guitars, there are keyboards, amps, and everything else you can imagine you’d find in a music store.

What’s more, a guitar pedal board is something that musicians continually upgrade with a range of different pedals for different purposes, and Guitar Center has them all. Hence, there’s a lot of space for upsells in this affiliate program.

You’ll see up to 8% on every sale (usually it is 6%, though), and payments are made at the end of the month.

  • Not difficult to get accepted into the program
  • Plenty of high-ticket products
  • Short cookie duration (14 days)

27. zZounds


zZounds is another online retailer for musical instruments and accessories. What made me single out their affiliate program instead of dozens of others is their huge selection, excellent customer service, and one of the best bonus structures in the industry.

The commission rate? 6%. Doesn’t sound that much? Actually, it is, when you take into account that there are many high ticket products ($10.000 and more) and that the program offers progressive bonuses

These bonuses basically mean that you earn an additional commission if you reach a certain amount of monthly net sales. For $1000 earned, you get 25%, 40% for $5000, and an 80% bonus for 10000. Really improves the motivation!

  • Excellent bonuses
  • 45-day cookie life
  • High conversion
  • Most of the time, they ask you to focus just on their affiliate program on your website

28. Pianoforall


If the guitar is the most popular instrument, the piano lands squarely in second place. Thus, I decided to include the best affiliate program for piano enthusiasts as well.

Pianoforall is the best course that one can take on learning how to play the piano. I’ve checked their lessons, and they are laid out exceptionally well. Customers get ten ebooks (over 600 pages), 200 videos (over 10 hours), plus 500 audio lessons.

It’ll be easy to sell it not only because they are so encompassing (which makes them appealing even for intermediate learners), but also because they are available on all platforms – PC, iPhone, Android, and Mac.

When you join this affiliate program, you’ll get access to the promotional videos and banner ads that will help you promote the product. And with the incredible 60% commission, you’ll quickly cash in on your work.

  • Popular
  • High commissions
  • Easy to join
  • No bonuses
  • No recurring commission

Health, Fitness, and Beauty

Health may not have a price (although I beg to differ), but beauty and fitness sure do!

Everyone wants to look and feel good, which means that almost anyone who uses the internet is your potential customer. The commissions aren’t as high in this niche as in, say, finance, but the products are easier to sell, so the quantity makes it worthwhile.

There is no shortage of these affiliate programs, and now I’ll present you some of the best ones.

29. Organifi


Supplements are big, especially if they’re ‘enriched’ with buzzwords like whole-food or plant-based. Well, Organifi is one of the best in the business, and they offer a subscription-based system for their products.

The company hit it big time with their green juice powder – the sales of which exceeded $30 million. Aside from this, they make anything from probiotics to protein supplements.

The fact that Organifi offers a 120-day money-back guarantee shows the confidence they have in their stuff, and thus makes it easier for you to sell them.

OK, so what’s in it for you?

You can get recurring commissions, which is not common for a physical product. Backend and upsell are also included in the program. They even offer lifetime commissions on rebills and purchases that your customer makes in the future.

  • Recurring commissions
  • Upsell/backend
  • No second-tier commissions
  • Commissions aren’t very high

30. PHEN 375


PHEN 375 produces high-quality weight loss supplements in pill form. They’ve been going strong for a decade and show no signs of slowing down.

I know there’s always suspicion surrounding weight loss products, but PHEN’s 200+K customers serve as proof that it is the real deal.

The customers get a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you get a 45% commission rate, which can earn you up to $90 per sale.

Since they only have one product, there are no upsell opportunities for you here. However, you will receive high-level support that will aid you in attracting customers.

  • Reasonable commissions
  • Good support from the company
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell
  • No recurring commissions

31. EIR Health


The Cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing niches for affiliate marketers. There seems to be a new company popping up every day!

EIR Health is an established manufacturer and distributor of CBD and THC-infused products. They operate in more than 30 countries and deliver the goods within 72 hours.

A website can tell you a lot about a company’s business, and EIR Health’s page leaves a powerful and professional impression.

In their affiliate program, they offer a 20% commission on all sales, which is pretty sweet. They sell several products which means you can earn a nice amount with the right customers.

  • Reasonable commissions (20% per sale)
  • No recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell

32. Specktra



Specktra is another CBD manufacturer, and they sell a variety of products related to this chemical.

In this niche, it’s crucial to discern the good companies from cheaters. Specktra’s products are verified and backed by third-party lab tests, so you can rest assured that the customers are getting real value for their money.

The company offers patches, tinctures, and vapes, and they’ll give you a 30% commission for customer referrals. On average, a hundred conversions should bring you around $2400. The affiliate partner also receives discount offers to help attract customers.

  • High commissions
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell
  • No recurring commissions

33. Fitbit


Fitness trackers are all the rage these days, and for a good reason – people need to move more. Fitbit is one of the best wearable devices in this game.

For those who don’t know, it tracks one’s activity levels, calorie intake/spending, and sleep quality. Seeing all of this data presented in graphs and charts can be a great way to motivate a person to stay active and measure the results.

The affiliate program is clear and straightforward. You get a 3% commission for each Fitbit you manage to sell.

  • Reasonable commissions
  • Very popular product
  • No recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell


Without straying  too far away from the fitness & health niche, the global sports industry is massive.

Fans, professional athletes, and people who are leading a healthy lifestyle are very much into it and keep buying sports-related high ticket items regularly.

34. Fanatics


Fanatics earned such a prominent position in this market corner because it has over 250k products from the world’s most famous brands that make sports apparel and fan accessories.

These high ticket products are heavily themed, containing logos and motifs from the most popular professional sports leagues: NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and UFC.

The list doesn’t stop here – they also have sports equipment from all the major International Soccer Clubs, FIFA World Cup, and the Olympics.

Sports enthusiasts all over the world are going crazy about their official jerseys that are usually around $300. With the commission of 10%, you’ll be making $30 just for a single jersey – and there are much more expensive products on the site.

There are no complications regarding their approval process, and once you join, you’ll get access to banners, ads, and links you can use to promote Fanatics.

  • Immensely popular
  • High conversion
  • Quite a short cookie duration (7 days)

35. FanDuel


Are you familiar with fantasy sports?

It is when people sign up online and assemble their team to compete with other players online. Just like in real life, they earn points and manage and grow their fantasy team based on the performance of the players they have “purchased.”

Their epoch began recently, and more and more people are becoming a part of this trend. Since, it doesn’t seem it will be loosening the steem  any time soon, it’s a good idea to become an affiliate marketer in this niche.

Once you join the FanDuel affiliate program, you can earn from FanDuel Sportsbook and FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports at the same time.

More precisely, the commission structure looks something like this: you’ll be paid each time a new user signs up through your referral. The commission is fixed, and it increases each time you pass a certain threshold monthly. For the first five new users, it is $25, and later it goes up to $35.

Now comes the incredible part: you’ll be paid 35% of the revenue that your referrals generate for their first two years of playing!

  • Recurring two-tier commission
  • Promotional videos and banners
  • Available only in the US and UK

36. Sports Memorabilia


Sports Memorabilia is a real treasure for high ticket sport product hunters because it offers expensive pieces of collectible sports items, such as autographed jerseys and game-used items.

It’s of prime importance to emphasize that their items aren’t fake – shoppers get a “lifetime authenticity guarantee” which means that the description and the rarity of the item are 100% true.

They offer commissions of up to 12% (a bit less if the product is on sale) and 30-day cookie tracking.

The only thing that can be problematic is that you have to sign up for their program via a ShareASale account, and you have to obtain an invitation code. So, I’d suggest working on your website for at least three months before you apply! Once you’re in, it’ll pay off.

But seriously, this is where the money lies.

Avid fans won’t regret spending hundreds – even thousands – of dollars for authentic collectibles that you can promote via the Sports Memorabilia affiliate program.

  • Authentic high ticket products
  • Upsell/backend
  • Difficult to join
  • Requires a ShareASale account

37. Under Armour


Under Armour products are built for all-around comfort and are endorsed by numerous athletes worldwide.

They are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality because they are well-known for enabling top-notch performance with style. Needless to say, it won’t be difficult to sell their high-end sports clothes and footwear and make high conversions.

Their affiliate program received the Exceptional Merchant award in 2012, which is a testimony to their popularity and success. If you own a website that promotes sports gear, you’ll hit the home run with them!

With the average total order of $150 and an 8% commission on your sales, the profit will inevitably come.

  • Popular
  • Intuitive tracking interface
  • No recurring sales
  • I expected a longer cookie life (only 30 days)

38. Soccer Garage


The soccer mania is not going to cease anytime in the future, and the best high ticket affiliate program for this sport is Soccer Garage.

Let’s break down the details.

The commission rate starts at 7% but increases at certain monthly thresholds. For instance, once you pass $3500 monthly sales, it rises to 8%, and so on, with the highest rate being 10% for $7500+ (quite attractive numbers, huh?).

How to join this affiliate program?

The process is much more straightforward than with some other affiliate programs. You just fill in the online application form, and Soccer Garage will reach back to you within 2 to 5 days to notify you about the result.

  • Long cookie duration (60 days)
  • Easy to get in
  • No recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commission


Are you a fashion blogger or an influencer? If so, you can considerably benefit from promoting and selling fashion products. But finding high ticket products in this sphere is a bit tough, and I’m here to help you.

So here are the best high ticket affiliate programs in the fashion industry:

39. Net-a-porter


This is an award-winning website that basically looks like a fashion magazine and offers one of the best affiliate programs for clothing and accessories.

You can find some of the world’s most famous brands in their assortment, including Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta, Chloé, and Marc Jacobs.

All these names should get one thing clear: Net-a-porter offers high-quality, but also expensive items, and that’s why it is a great chance.

The commission is 6% on all sales, and it will be easy to promote their products, as they will provide you with attractive ads and banners. The cookie duration is 30 days.

When you apply, it will take around five days for them to review your application.

  • Famous brands
  • Easy to join
  • I’ve seen higher commission rates

40. Karmaloop


If your preference is the streetwear culture, hip hop style, and casual clothing, Karmaloop is your best bet, with over 500 brands under their belt.

What I didn’t like is that they are already partnered with the Pepperjam Affiliate Network, which means you have to sign up via their link. Had it been a direct link to Karmaloop, you would make more money, but the commission rate (up to 10%) is still too good to let go, especially when there are a lot of high ticket products in the store.

Their dedicated affiliate managers will provide you with excellent materials for promotion, including logos, banners, videos, and discount codes that will attract customers. Also, you can reach customer support five days a week, and they are very responsive and helpful.

  • Fashionable apparel
  • Commission rate
  • Easy to become a partner
  • It requires a Pepperjam account

41. Moosejaw


The motto of the Moosejaw’s Affiliate Program is “The more, the better.” What does it mean?

Well, the more you sell, the higher the commission rate goes (from 3-10%).

Their inventory offers some of the most popular brands for outdoor wear – North Face, Arc’teryx, and Patagonia, among others.

The versatile style of this site makes it easy to adapt to your blog, even if it is based on nature and outdoor hobbies. Just make sure that you present yourself  as a fashion guru for hike & camping clothes and footwear.

Hungry for more information?

The salary is monitored and paid after you exceed $25 (so basically after two or three sales). You can have an insight into data and analytics as they are partnered with Impact Radius.

Lastly, the cookie life of 30 days is just average. Not too good, but it should be enough to make a decent amount of sales.

  • Bunch of new products added daily
  • Upsell/backend
  • You have to join the program through another network

42. Office Shoes


The reason I selected Office Shoes is that it is a reputable brand many people stick to. Their products are all top-notch, whether it be casual sneakers, sandals, or high heels – there’s something for everyone.

That’s why it will be easy to sell their high-end products and make 8% for each sale. Even more so, with their creative banners and newsletter that you will get access to once you join.

It’s another program that offers a 30-day cookie, and – I feel as if I’m repeating this for the 10th time – I’m not impressed by that length, but it isn’t the worst, either. There’s plenty of opportunities to make a sale in that window of time.

  • Best footwear
  • It’s easy to increase conversion
  • Very popular
  • No recurring sales
  • Requires an Affiliate Window account


Gaming!? Seriously?

Yes, gaming.

In case you’re still living in 2001, this industry is now worth more than the NBA and NFL combined.

If you’ve ever played an online video game, you know there’s a lot of clicking and engagement involved in them. Well, isn’t this just perfect for a marketer?

43. Zygor


Ever heard of game guides? Well, Zygor makes them for World of Warcraft, which is one of the biggest online multiplayer games. These guides help players level-up and find valuable stuff in the game, such as hidden treasures and so on.

A sale will get you a 50% commission, which, when translated to cash, amounts to around $43. Not bad, eh? Every subscription that you sell will earn you a recurring income of $8 a month. It’s not much, but it can add up.

  • Reasonable commissions (50%)
  • Recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell

44. Twitch


Twitch is a world-famous video live-streaming platform. On it, gamers can watch other gamers playing games in real-time, and it’s crazy popular, primarily among kids of all ages.

The streamers make their income through sponsorships, subscriptions, and some other means. If it’s hard to wrap your head around how Twitch works, think of it as a kind of YouTube but for gamers.

Affiliate partners earn money by bringing new subscribers to the platform. One such conversion brings you 50% of the subscription fee and recurring monthly commissions.

To give you the idea of how big this platform is, some streamers make well over half a million a month. Yes, that’s US dollars I’m talking about.

  • Recurring commissions
  • Decent commissions (50%)
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell

45. Razer


Gaming gear buffs love Razer. This company sells all kinds of wicked devices – from headsets to super laptops, to tricked out keyboards. Ask any gamer about them – they love this stuff!

As for their affiliate program, Razer pays commissions ranging from 3% to 10%, which isn’t a lot. However, when considering how big the potential customer base is, it won’t be difficult to make decent dough selling these products.

  • Reasonable commissions
  • Huge potential customer base
  • No recurring commissions
  • No second-tier commissions
  • No backend/upsell

46. Alienware


Many people prefer buying ready configurations over designing their own PC because honestly, it can be a lot of fuss at times trying to put all the pieces of hardware together yourself.

And that’s where you jump in, promoting one of the best companies that build high-quality gaming configurations.

They have been on the market since 1996, and it will be easy to make conversions, as they offer some of the best deals out there.

Keep in mind, though, that since 2006 they belong to Dell, so it’s necessary to sign up for the Dell affiliate program to promote Alienware products.

But really, such a high-end PC is the dream of every gamer out there, and many of them are willing to spend big bucks. The Alienware models range from $900 to $8500, and your commission is 6%.

Now, I won’t go around the elephant in the room here: the 3-day cookie life is really short. But if you know how and whom to target, it won’t be a problem!

  • Expensive products
  • Easy to promote
  • Very short cookie duration


Thanks to the development of internet video/audio communication tools, online ESL lessons are bigger than ever.

East Asia is probably the biggest market for these services, but the rest of the globe is catching up fast. In our increasingly interconnected world, learning English is becoming of vital importance.

This means that your potential customer base is growing with each passing day!

47. Really Learn English


Really Learn English is the ultimate online tool for a DIY language learner. It includes e-books and courses, as well as services to help people improve their writing and pronunciation.

In their material, they cover grammar (past, future, and present), and reading practice through dialogues and stories. The company offers discounts on purchasing e-book sets.

So, what do you get from this deal?

Well, Really Learn English offers high commissions for each sale; 30% to be precise. That means that for a sale of one book series which costs around $48, you’ll get close to $14.50. The cookies last for 30 days, which is the same length as the company’s money-back guarantee.

  • High commissions (30%)
  • High-quality materials
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Somewhat short cookie duration (30 days)
  • No recurring sales

48. English Class 101


English Class 101 is the number one website for ESL learners who like prerecorded audio and video lessons. It’s got more than 1600 of them, and customers can even view them on their smartphone through the company’s very own app.

They offer a free one-week trial for people to get the taste of their products. If they decide to join, they can choose between three subscription options. The paid plans cost from $8 to $47 and include more options than the freebies.

As for the affiliate programs, English Class 101 offers you 25% of the sale. Now the thing that makes this program shine is their lifetime cookie duration. They’ll also provide you with tons of promotional stuff for easier customer conversions.

  • Reasonable commission (25%)
  • Lifetime cookie duration
  • No recurring commissions
  • No high one-time commissions

49. myTEFL


Unlike the previous two programs, myTEFL is aimed at ESL teachers in training. As you may or may not know, most ESL teaching companies require their tutors to have a TEFL certificate.

myTEFL offers courses online and onsite. The online variant goes from $140 to $300, while onsite training (only in Thailand and Argentina for now) costs $550. Once the customer successfully completes the course, the company will even help with job placement.

myTEFL’s affiliate program offers you an 18% starting commission, which increases to 22% if you sell more than $5000 worth of courses per year. As you can see, this can amount to a nice income.

  • High one-time commissions
  • Decent cookie duration (90 days)
  • No recurring commissions
  • No upsell
  • Requires ShareASale account

50. English Fluency Now


Some people don’t like having to go through countless grammar lessons in their English learning program. Well, they’ll be happy to hear about a company that offers a different approach – English Fluency Now.

The company created a 7-lesson course that teaches English language students the skills necessary to get better at speaking.

Aside from this, they have an excellent podcast coupled with PDF lessons and sell them for only $1 apiece.

Now, the cash cow of affiliate marketers is the Success With Stories audio program. It amounts to 18 hours of listening material, around 400 PDFs and 20 story-based lessons. The program goes for $89, and you get 50% of the money if you manage to sell it.

  • High one-time commissions
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Unknown cookie duration
  • No recurring commissions

51. English Tutor Online


English Tutor Online is exactly what the name implies – an online English tutoring program!

They’ve developed an integrated system that includes listening, writing, reading, and speaking practice. It aims to enhance the students’ English skills and to build their confidence in using the language.

A great thing about ETO is the variety of courses they offer. For example, business English, classes for kids, day to day English, and so on. Their lessons are suitable for beginners as well as advanced English speakers.

The company offers a commission that ranges from 2% to 5%, and you’ll receive the money as long as the student you brought stays in ETO’s system. Class prices vary, but they all revolve around $30.

  • Recurring commissions
  • Low commissions
  • No upsell opportunities


Tourism, or travel, is a multi-trillion dollar industry that hasn’t stopped growing since its inception

As the COVID-19 pandemic slows down and the dust settles, money-starved businesses like hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc. are desperate for new customers.

It’s the perfect time for you to team up with a company from this industry because they’ve got some buzzing deals for affiliate marketers like you!

52. TripAdvisor


I believe that TripAdvisor needs no special introduction, as we all know what they do.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, this company focuses on reviews of things to do, see, drink, and eat. They also allow users to book accommodation, vacation packages, tickets, and so on.

Their affiliate program is one of the best, period. The marketer earns a 50% commission, with a 14-day cookie duration period. Depending on what you decide to promote, you can earn anything from pocket money to a straight-up salary.

  • High commissions (50%)
  • 14-day cookie duration
  • No recurring commissions
  • No upsell opportunities

53. Travelpayouts


The self-proclaimed “ideal travel program to monetize your travel website”, Travelpayouts is another high-ticket travel website. It covers all kinds of services and is integrated with the likes of Airbnb,, and others.

Since the start of its affiliate program, Travelpayouts has paid more than $22 million to its online marketers.

If you want in on the action, here’s what you can expect: up to an 80% commission, depending on the service you promote. You’ll get 6% for hotel bookings, and around 1.6% for airplane tickets. Travelpayouts has one of the longest cookie durations in the travel industry – 30 days.

  • Chances for high one-time commissions
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • Limited upsell opportunities
  • No recurring commissions



I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of You know what they do – they let people book private and hotel accommodation worldwide. But, just how big is this website? You may be surprised to learn that they encompass well over 2 million properties!

All of them are at your disposal to be promoted and hopefully, booked through your affiliate link. If you manage to do this, will give you 4% of the full price. A big downside with their affiliate program is that the cookies only last until the customer closes the browser.

  • More than 2 million accommodations
  • Very popular service
  • Chances for high one-time commissions
  • Cookies last until the browser is closed
  • No upsell opportunities

55. Expedia


Expedia is another giant in the travel industry. This brand allows its customers to book flights and accommodation, and its website has 60 million unique visits per month.

The company features around 250 thousand properties and they work with more than 400 airlines. Also, they’re integrated with over 70 websites (many of which they own).

They offer commissions ranging from 2% for hotels to 6% for cruises. On the other hand, their cookies last only for 1 day, which is far from ideal.

  • Chances for high one-time commissions
  • Very popular website
  • Cookie duration only 1 day
  • No recurring commissions

Discover more affiliate programs

Like I mentioned earlier, there are alternative ways to discovering more affiliate programs than just scouring the internet on your own.

Although I believe the high ticket affiliate programs described above are the top of their class in particular categories, you may want to explore the market further.

Maybe I haven’t mentioned your particular niche, as well (though I tried investigating all of the most popular ones), so discovering more affiliate programs is required.

The most organized way to do so is via the affiliate networks that can help you find programs you wouldn’t find on a regular Google search.

Affiliate Networks

The way to look at affiliate networks is like a middleman between you and the vendors.

They make it easier to set up a deal on both sides, but in a slightly different way.

For the merchants, they enable sales tracking, payment processing, and finding the affiliate marketers. When it comes to the support you get, they help you add filters to find affiliate programs you’re looking for and provide you with all the info on a particular program.

56. CJ Affiliate


The first affiliate network on my list, CJ Affiliate, is one of the most popular for vendors.

What does this presuppose for you as an affiliate marketer?

 If you join CJ Affiliate and demonstrate your skills, there’s a high chance that a brand publisher will contact you for promotion. Some of the world’s most reputable brands like GoPro and Office Depot use this network.

Also, you can look for the offers yourself and apply to partner with an affiliate program you are interested in.

  • A lot of vendors and high ticket affiliate programs
  • Easy to use
  • Paid

57. Rakuten Marketing


Rakuten Marketing is another immensely popular affiliate network that connects you with more than 1000 merchants, including some top-class international brands like Ray-Ban, Sephora, Walmart, etc.

While Rakuten Marketing does offer a wide array of niches it covers, and there are many high ticket affiliate programs, the number of merchants is quite lower than with some other networks. Still, this isn’t a deal-breaker, considering that you can find an outstanding affiliate program for your niche.

Also, their customer support is excellent. You’ll find it very easy to navigate through the platform, and there are tutorial videos for an easier understanding of how it works.

  • Lots of high ticket products
  • User-friendly interface
  • A limited number of vendors

58. MoreNiche


At first glance, “MoreNiche” sounds like a broad affiliate network that connects you with affiliate programs in many various niches, but the reality is different.

It specializes in the health and nutrition niche.

So, if you have based your services around this industry, MoreNiche is the way to go because it offers a lot of high ticket affiliate programs

The commissions go as high as 40%, and conversion rates on average are 7.4%. There are also a lot of attractive bonuses and promotions, which is pretty favorable.

Another benefit? Lifetime cookies. I love to see these.

  • High commission
  • Lifetime cookies
  • Limited scope (only health & nutrition niche)

59. ShareASale


Last but not least, ShareASale is another affiliate network worth mentioning mostly due to  its efficiency and benefits.

With over 3800 vendors, it offers a great variety of affiliate program opportunities in a range of categories.

An example is WP Engine I mentioned earlier that requires that you have a ShareASale membership, but ShareASale is nowhere limited in the web marketing niche.

You can find fashion, home & garden, health & fitness programs, in addition to many others.

Another thing that I liked is that their customer support is very responsive and payments are always on time.

  • A broad base of vendors
  • Competitive commissions
  • A bit pricey

60. RewardStyle


Finally, RewardStyle is a first-class affiliate network for my readers who are fashion bloggers and influencers.

This one is pretty competitive, and joining is no easy feat. But once you’re in, you will have access to all the affiliate programs that are in the network. Pretty neat, huh?

Also, you can join only by their invitation.

How to increase your chances of partnering with RewardStyle?

They value visual presentation (which is logical, as fashion is their main focus), so make sure your blog has bright and high-quality authentic photos. A nice and popular Instagram feed is also a must.

In addition to getting access to some of the most popular affiliate programs in the fashion industry, this network offers much higher commissions than most others in this niche.

  • Exclusive brands (and price tags)
  • Incredibly popular
  • High commissions
  • Difficult to get accepted

Big Ticket Affiliate Programs – Summary & Closing Thoughts

Going for high paying programs is one of the best decisions you could have made in your affiliate marketing journey. Chasing low-ticket items and getting low commissions is long gone. Soon enough, you will generate much higher revenue from your traffic than earlier.

My advice will give you a heads-up start in affiliate marketing, and the list of the top high ticket affiliate programs will help you with finding the right one for you.

Whatever your niche and the chosen affiliate program is, remember my words: Adapt to the market, learn, and constantly develop your skills. Be passionate about your products and services.

Only then you’ll continue to grow and succeed.