Top 15 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs – Dressed to Impress!

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has dressed to impress. Fashion is a silent language spoken by everyone, no matter their fashion sense, gender, age, or background. Someone’s style is a reflection of that person and is the first way a stranger will get to know them. Because of this, people make an effort to dress well and to purchase apparel that helps them express themselves better.

Recent years show the fashion industry gaining more traction in the digital space. In order to accommodate the safety needs brought on by the pandemic, the fashion world’s current shift to online markets will only grow. One area of growth is in affiliate marketing programs.

Fashion affiliate programs allow online platforms with relevant content to share revenue with their favorite brands. It’s a system for content creators to earn a commission for every referral sale. It’s an advantageous field to join and, when done well, heightens everyone’s brand equity.

However, there are hundreds of fashion affiliate programs to navigate through and not all are worth your time and effort. We know this since we saw it firsthand when we sorted through it all and made a list of the 15 best fashion affiliate programs! Read on for a feel of each program and a little help in choosing your perfect program.

Top 15 Fashion Affiliate Programs

  1. Zaful
  2. Adidas
  3. Boohoo
  4. Nordstrom Trunk Club
  5. Zappos
  6. Monica Vinader
  7. Lane Bryant
  8. Tea Collection
  9. Box of Style
  10. Jonas Studio
  11. Rent the Runway
  12. MVMT
  13. Catherines
  14. Evolve Fitwear
  15. Warby Parker

1.    Zaful

First on our list is Zaful. This is an online fashion retailer that seems too good to be true. They have all the latest trends in men and women’s fashion, including the coolest sneakers, the hottest summer styles, and outfits perfect for the nightlife. They can ship to over 260 countries, meaning there’s something for everyone in Zaful!

When you become a Zaful affiliate, you’ll get a chance to earn up to a 30% commission on all referred sales! They’ve kept private about the bulk of details in their affiliate program but, even with that, it shows to be a promising brand to join.

Why Should You Promote Zaful?

Zaful has created a huge buzz because its online presence has made a huge impact. The brand is an easy way to stay fashionable without having to break the bank for each new fashion season, making it easy for affiliates to earn.

2.    Adidas


Adidas is, undoubtedly, a leader in fitness and athleisure. Their global clientele knows to go to Adidas for the latest advancements in activewear. These loyal consumers trust that Adidas will design only the best and that the brand will help them make a statement wherever they go. From high-profile celebrities to simple joggers on the street, Adidas is a go-to.

Becoming an Adidas affiliate is full of benefits. You’ll receive a commission rate and cookie window that isn’t seen often in powerhouse brands. They’ve designed a unique opportunity to share big revenue with them and, considering the following they’ve accumulated, not much can stop people from buying anything Adidas.

Why Should You Promote Adidas?

Adidas speaks for itself! They’re a top player in fitness and, with the rise of the athleisure market, are now a go-to for fashion-forward thinkers as well! This program allows for much growth and earnings, and there aren’t many downsides to it.

3.    Boohoo


Boohoo is a Manchester-born global fashion superstar! They keep up with the latest trends from all around the world and make it a point to have fresh designs out every week. If there’s a new trend starting to make waves, it’s safe to assume that Boohoo has had it in their selection for a few weeks already.

As a Boohoo affiliate, you’ll get a 7% cut off each sale you were able to refer to them. You’ll also have access to web creatives and their product feed, both of which you can use for your platform. These will enhance your platform and make it more appealing to your audience.

Why Should You Promote Boohoo?

Boohoo is a popular global go-to for fashion trend needs. There’s a design for everyone and their strong social media presence helps you in your promotions.

4.    Nordstrom Trunk Club


Trunk Club is Nordstrom’s answer to busy men and women trying to stay on top of their fashion game. It’s an online styling service that delivers carefully curated clothing straight to your doorstep. Consumers have it easy— they just have to take a styling quiz and Trunk Club’s stylists take care of the rest, still staying within your price point!

Consumers adore this service because it helps them dress fashionably in any situation. It’s risk free too since they’re only charged for the items they like, meaning if an item isn’t up to par, they can return it and Trunk Club won’t charge a penny.

As their affiliate, you’ll earn 7% per order, with incentives making way for more earnings. You’ll also receive web collaterals and images for your platform. Considering that their items range anywhere from $50 to $300, it’s an amazing deal.

Why Should You Promote Nordstrom Trunk Club?

Trunk Club itself is well-loved and highly recommended, and it looks interesting for first-timers. This is an exciting program to join since the commission rates allow you to earn big bucks.

5.    Zappos


Zappos is an online store with something special for everyone. Originally an online shoe retailer, their decades of experience has allowed their expansion to include clothing, handbags, and accessories. Consumers love every experience and highlight two standout features of Zappos— high-quality items and amazing customer service.

Upon joining the Zappos affiliate team, you’ll get a 7% commission per referred sale. You’ll also be able to access various promotional material and can work with the Zappos affiliate managers for some fresh affiliate marketing ideas.

Why Should You Promote Zappos?

Zappos is a highly-reputable brand with fashion items that suit any style. Their popularity aids your promotional efforts and if utilized correctly, will make it much easier to earn commissions.

6.    Monica Vinader


Monica Vinader is a celebrity-favorite fashion jewelry company. Notable clientele includes the Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Watson, and Olivia Palermo, to name only a few. Their UK success has led to their presence in the USA, bringing trendy statement pieces to Americans around the country. They’re most loved for their unique stone jewelry designs, where they hand cut ethically-sourced stones to ensure the uniqueness and character behind each piece.

Regarding their affiliate program, Monica Vinader will give you a 10% cut of each referred sale once you join. You’ll also be given newsletters, promotional codes, and professional creatives for your platform.

Why Should You Promote Monica Vinader?

Monica Vinader is unique in their jewelry designs and people know it! Joining their affiliate team is full of advantages, with a program built to be an ultimate win-win situation for the company as well as the affiliate.

7.    Lane Bryant


Lane Bryant is a brand with much history. Started by a woman before women could even vote, the 115-year old plus-sized clothing brand boasts of women empowerment and confidence. Spurred on by the spirit of their foundress, they’re dedicated to keeping plus-sized women comfortable and in-fashion, regardless of size. They have everything to dress a woman from head to toe and consumers love it!

Lane Bryant affiliates receive a 5% cut from each sale they lead to the brand. Upon joining, you’ll be given tracking materials and web banners for promotional purposes.

Why Should You Promote Lane Bryant?

Lane Bryant is backed by 115 years of success who won’t stop in their body-positive passion anytime soon. They’ve stayed strong in an industry that’s constantly in flux and have been filling a niche that is barely occupied. and

8.    Tea Collection


Kid’s fashion is another big industry niche and Tea Collection gets it right. They want to encourage global awareness in future generations by introducing the world at a young age. They do this through modern designs influenced by different cultures. all items are also ethically sourced and sustainably designed. Parents trust Tea to help them dress their children in fun and creative patterns that stimulate their creativity.

As a Tea Collection affiliate, you’ll receive a big cut per referred sale, with an average order value of at least $100. You’ll have access to regularly updated web creatives, as well as insider information on the latest collections and promotions. For additional concerns, you can also contact their dedicated affiliate support team.

Why Should You Promote Tea Collection?

Tea Collection does children’s clothing well and parents are even asking them to expand their selection! They have a great program that allows you to earn more if you perform well.

9.    Box of Style


Box of Style is a high-end online styling service by celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe. It offers $500 worth of pieces carefully curated to amp up your style game, for just $99! It gives consumers a chance to own luxurious apparel for great deals. Everyone who’s tried it loves it, and they proudly recommend it to anyone who listens.

Upon becoming a Box of Style affiliate, you’ll be given $15 for each sale you refer and can earn more depending on performance. You’ll also have access to web collaterals and a sneak peek at what’s to come in next season’s boxes.

Why Should You Promote Box of Style?

Box of Style helps busy fashionistas stay ahead of the trends. Their Instagram following proves how loved the service is and it comes recommended by many blogs too. These all help greatly in promotional efforts.

10. Jonas Studio


Jonas Studio is an online men’s jewelry store rooted in New York City. They don’t create accessories, they design statements. They’ve carefully designed handmade bracelets that help express all kinds of stories. They have a celebrity clientele and are well-connected on social media too. You can trust that their standout designs aren’t stopping anytime soon.

As their affiliate, you’ll have a base commission of 2% which can grow based on performance. While it seems small, it’s encouraging to know that their bracelets range anywhere from $124 to $665. You’ll also have access to their regularly updated creatives and to a dedicated affiliate manager.

Why Should You Promote Jonas Studio?

Jonas Studio has the ability to design pieces that remain fashionable no matter the current trends. Joining their program will, no doubt, have promising results.

11. Rent the Runway


Rent the Runway is the pioneer online fashion rental service. Designer purchases of the latest trends can put women in debt but they realized that the financial burden can be avoided with rented items! Thus, Rent the Runway has started a revolution by designing a sustainable fashion service with low-commitment and high satisfaction. To experience their service, all a consumer would have to do is subscribe to a membership, select their garments, and swap when they’re done with it!

By joining their affiliate program, you’ll receive a 7% cut off of each referral sale. With plans ranging from $69 to $159, it’ll definitely be easy to earn big. You’ll also have access to creatives, links, and special promotions.

Why Should You Promote Rent the Runway?

Rent the Runway is a service that has made waves with the industry, creating their own niche and doing it excellently. This service definitely appeals to the fashionista in everyone and has much potential to be a substantial income source.

12. MVMT


MVMT brings style, quality, and affordability to the table with their minimalist watch designs that enhance any outfit. It’s one of the fastest-growing watch companies and has built a global following. This popularity is the result of their luxurious designs, free worldwide shipping, and their strong online presence. Their Instagram has become a watch catalog too, highlighting the best of each design.

When you join their affiliate team, you’ll get a substantial 10% referral fee rate. This means that with a purchase of their best selling $135 Gunmetal Sandstone watch, you’ll earn $13.5 in commission. You’ll also receive promotional media for your platform.

Why Should You Promote MVMT?

MVMT is a brand still on the rise, backed by a new generation of watch lovers. Joining their affiliate team during this growth opens up many earning opportunities.

13. Catherines


Catherines has made its mark on the plus-sized industry by designing clothes that show off all the best parts of women. It’s well-known for carrying a wide range of sizes, starting at a size 16 to a size 34. They cater to many body types and consumers love them for their diverse selection. They help women feel comfortable, fashionable, and confident in any piece.

As a Catherines affiliate, you’ll receive a standard commission rate at approximately 5% per referred sale. Other affiliate program details have been kept private but they’re open to affiliates from around the world.

Why Should You Promote Catherines?

Catherines is a brand that carries sizes that most brands don’t have. This gives them a huge edge in the industry and targets a group of the market which is unanswered for. Partnering with them as an affiliate also gives you more opportunities to earn, since they can cater to a wider audience.

14. Evolve Fit Wear


Evolve Fit Wear specializes in helping people stay fit and fashionable. They’re an online retailer with items from small businesses run by women, all of which make an effort to be eco-friendly. Evolve is also committed to authenticity, deciding to keep all photos raw and 100% photoshop free.

The Evolve affiliate program is another great opportunity. When you become their publisher, you can earn up to 10% per sale with an average order value of $125. You’ll have access to creative materials, newsletters, and affiliate incentives as well.

Why Should You Promote Evolve Fit Wear?

Evolve Fit Wear gives a voice to smaller brands who make an effort to stay sustainable, meaning that each purchase makes a big impact. Their affiliate program was also designed to help motivate publishers to keep earning more.

15. Warby Parker


Warby Parker had a genius vision for the prescription eyewear company that changed how designer eyewear is sold. They saw the impracticality of paying hefty price tags for glasses and strived to change it. Upon launch, they received over 20,000 orders and became a rising player in the eyewear field. Consumers continue to love their products and customer service, and look to Instagram for all the latest updates.

As a Warby Parker affiliate, you can earn up to 20% off of each referred sale. You could also use their creative materials and incentives. If needed, you can also contact their award-winning affiliate management team.

Why Should You Promote Warby Parker?

Warby Parker has made a name for itself by providing high-quality items at low costs. There is much to love about Warby Parker, including their affiliate program that makes room for big commissions.

Products You Can Promote

Those were the top 15 fashion affiliate programs. We’re sure a few items caught your eye but wait! Before signing up, here are a few tips to help you make the best decision.

· First, pick a niche!

A niche is a specialized market that encourages a more substantial bond with your audience. To choose one, just review your previous content. Doing this will help you zoom in on the niche that fits best. Picking the right niche is crucial since this helps ensure the relevance of your affiliate partnership to your audience.

· Next, do your research

Always get to know each brand and understand how much it matches up to your own platform. Check their company values, social responsibility, and reviews to learn more. Also do research on the program itself, if the terms will benefit you or not. If you’re still left with some questions, shoot them an email to clarify things.

· Lastly, when in doubt, your audience is key

At the end of the day, it’s your audience who will help you make money. This means that catering to their needs will be the best course of action. All you need is to get to know them through their engagements, messages, and demographics.

In the end, all that’s left is for you to make content and earn! Be inspired by what you learned in your research and use the tools they give you. If the going gets tough, keep learning and trying. When you do, large commissions will come your way.

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