The 12 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs For Makeup & Beauty Bloggers

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization

One thing that no one can deny is that beauty is power. This has been proven with a study showing that conventionally attractive people receive better career opportunities. It’s understandable then why the industry that powers beauty is so powerful too.

The beauty industry encompasses many factors. It isn’t just limited to color cosmetics, it also includes hairstyling, perfume, skincare, tools, and so much more. Moreover, while the industry has traditionally catered to women, brands dedicated to men’s beauty have been on the rise.

In 2019, it was a $532 billion industry and, even with the coronavirus, is predicted to remain resilient as long as they adjust to the trends of the new normal.

One way for the industry to stay strong is by strengthening online platforms. The beauty world already had a strong online presence before the virus hit but this will improve exponentially if companies want to survive.

With this, beauty affiliate programs have likewise risen in number and beauty related content bloggers and influencers are free to join. However, the affiliate world of the beauty industry is filled to the brim with mediocre programs that you’ll need to sort through.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 beauty affiliate programs. We go into detail on each program and have included a set of tips at the end on how to promote the brand you’ll join.

Top 12 Beauty Affiliate Programs

  1. BH Cosmetics
  2. Function of Beauty
  3. Yves Rocher
  4. Olive Young
  5. Sigma Beauty
  6. Alpyn Beauty
  7. FabFitFun
  8. Earthtones Naturals
  9. Benefit Cosmetics
  10. Sephora
  11. The Art of Shaving
  12. 100% PURE

1.    BH Cosmetics


BH Cosmetics is a well-known name in the industry— and for good reason! They’re known for selling affordable, cruelty-free, and high-quality color cosmetics and tools to help give women the extra boost of confidence they need. They stand for inclusivity and expression and is fit for everyone. It’s hard to go wrong with BH Cosmetics.

As their affiliate, you’ll receive an 8% commission fee, paired with a very long cookie duration. They have a conversion rate of 6.46%, and average order value of $38.01. Moreover, they will give you customized web creatives, and monthly affiliate newsletters. To help further motivate affiliates, they even have monthly affiliate contests with big bonus incentives.

Why Should You Promote BH Cosmetics?

The BH Cosmetics affiliate program is a very advantageous program to join since their commission rate is highly competitive and the brand itself sells well. It comes highly recommended by consumers and opens up a lot of opportunities to earn.

2.    Function of Beauty


Function of Beauty is a haircare brand specializing in fully customizable hair care products. It suits all hair types, needs, and concerns since it is highly personalizable. All mixtures use sustainably-sourced materials and are free of harmful chemicals and common allergens.

It’s gained much attention thanks to their high-quality products and influencer partnerships. Consumers are more than happy with this company and recommend everyone to try it.

Signing up as a Function of Beauty affiliate is a great opportunity to earn from a rapidly growing brand. Function of Beauty takes marketing seriously and this means that you can also learn from them, especially in terms of content creation and creatives. Moreover, hair care items are fast-moving and promote brand loyalty, making this a very attractive niche.

Why Should You Promote Function of Beauty?

Their affiliates get an amazing opportunity to join a brand on the rise in popularity. They’ve formed a solid reputation with consumers and you won’t be alone in promoting them since they also have a powerful online presence.

3.    Yves Rocher


Yves Rocher is a beauty empire founded on botanical beauty. They have a huge selection of products, including a wide range of cosmetics, skin care, body care, hair care, and fragrances. These products address a variety of beauty concerns fit for everyone. Yves Rocher products are made with respect for the environment and with a consciousness of price. Moreover, they’ve built a loyal global following thanks to their decades of success.

Yves Rocher affiliates also get a great deal with their generous 15% commission rate. Though the brand is created in France, it is a global player and has built a reputation which will be a great help to affiliates. They’ve kept many details of their affiliate program private but inquiring more is easy and signing up is free.

Why Should You Promote Yves Rocher?

The very competitive commission rate can benefit affiliates greatly, and the brand itself is easy to introduce and sell.

4.    Olive Young


While the beauty industry includes extremely popular cultural niches as well, and with the globalization of the world, these niches have entered the US economy. One such niche is K-Beauty, with Olive Young as one of their biggest players.

Every country has its own top beauty supply store and South Korea’s is Olive Young. This K-beauty haven is filled to the brim with the best of Korean skincare, makeup, and hair products. South Korea’s worst-kept beauty secret has finally been let out into the world, with at least 150 top brands and more than 1000 products to choose from. With their cutting edge variety of products and attractive packaging, Olive Young customers love everything about the brand’s online global platform.

Olive Young affiliates are given a great opportunity to earn off of referring beauty enthusiasts to a platform they would’ve found even without an affiliate’s help. They receive a 10% referral fee for each sale and a standard 30-day cookie. With all the new K-beauty trends popping up each month, earning will be easy.

Why Should You Promote Olive Young?

The K-culture craze is going strong and unlikely to ebb anytime soon. With the entry of Olive Young, South Korea’s most popular beauty retailer, in the online global market, it presents the perfect opportunity to earn easily.

5.    Sigma Beauty


Sigma Beauty is the name behind many cult favorites. They’ve committed to making only the best cosmetics and brushes and believe that game-changing tools are the secret to an effortless beauty routine. They thrive not just by creation but also through innovation and making good things great through a few tweaks and adjustments. Consumers love them and consider Sigma as one of their holy grails.

As a Sigma affiliate, you’d be joining their Influencer Network and earning a large commission off of each sale referred. Upon entering the program, you’ll receive access to their wide selection of web creatives that you can use for your platform. You can also contact a dedicated affiliate manager for any questions.

Why Should You Promote Sigma Beauty?

Sigma Beauty is a favorite of many consumers around the country. They’ve formed an affiliate program that is all benefits, with a great commission and a generous supply of promotional materials. Moreover, affiliates won’t have a hard time promoting them since they’ve already built such a trusted brand.

6.    Alpyn Beauty


Alpyn Beauty is an American-made beauty company utilizing clean ingredients sourced from the mountains of Wyoming. Their goal is to protect, preserve, and strengthen skin for a more youthful look. The founder created Alpyn because she saw a gap in the industry in the lack of effective skincare products that are sustainably made. They craft products from wildlife botanicals and are steadily building a line of luxurious skin care that also cares for the earth.

Their affiliates receive a huge cut from each sale— a 20% commission! They course their affiliate services through ShareASale, meaning that an account with them would help you truly get a better picture of their program benefits. That said, the commission and great product reviews alone are enough to reveal amazing perks.

Why Should You Promote Alpyn Beauty?

Alpyn Beauty affiliates get a chance to earn big with a quickly growing company. Join soon, while their commission rates are high and the brand is gaining momentum.

7.    FabFitFun


FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box filled with great products. It was started by TV personality Giuliana Rancic and is loved for the great deals they have on each box. They’re praised for including more than $200 worth of full-sized and high-quality beauty, fashion, and fitness products in $49 boxes. Consumers love them and have built up a loyal following. Though boxes only come every quarter, the goodies in each crate are good enough to tide them until the next one.

As a FabFitFun affiliate, you’ll receive a flat commission fee of $8 for every referral. However, to help motivate you, you’ll be given performance incentives and freebies when you do well. Even when you’re just starting, you’ll have an affiliate discount for the purposes of reviewing their boxes for content. You can also offer your audience discount codes to help you sell easier.

Why Should You Promote FabFitFun?

FabFitFun has built a system that motivates both affiliates and consumers. It’s a great opportunity to earn and receive freebies at the same time through an exciting service.

8.    Earthtones Naturals


Earthtones Naturals is an expert in managing and caring for naturally kinky and curly hair. The natural hair movement has made waves in North America and the founders realized that there was a significant lack of products for beautifully textured hair. Thus the birth of their hair care products, with formulas made for each step in the kinky hair care process. These are rigorously tested and will only be sold when results show low allergenicity and high effectivity.

As an Earthtones Naturals affiliate, you’ll receive a substantial commission rate, as well as access to affiliate marketing tools like web creatives, special discounts, and exclusive offers, all of which will help you convert your referrals into sales.

Why Should You Promote Earthtones Naturals?

Earthtones Naturals has set out a pretty high commission rate. Considering the brand’s extensive array of products and the buying behavior of this niche, they will be easy to promote. This brand offers great earning potential.

9.    Benefit Cosmetics


Benefit Cosmetics is the beauty powerhouse with a great future to look forward to. It’s a household name in the world of beauty and is the genius behind ride-or-die products such as the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, the Porefessional, the Benetint, and the Gimme Brow. They’re well-loved and well-known and want the help of affiliates.

The brand describes their affiliate program as beauty karma— you send them love with referrals and they reciprocate with referral fee earnings. As a Benefit affiliate, you can receive up to 7% commissions per sale and will be given tools to help you earn. They’re open to influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and anyone else with an online platform, so long as they love Benefit and want to share revenue.

Why Should You Promote Benefit Cosmetics?

Being part of Benefit’s team of affiliates not only gives you the chance to earn easy commissions, but it also helps legitimize your platform and brand. A professional Benefit relationship will help consumers trust and feel more secure with you and your content.

10. Sephora


When in doubt, go to Sephora! It has stood as a sanctuary for beauty lovers all across America and around the world. It’s a household name holding beauty products from top brands, selling all things beauty.

Sephora has even found itself at the forefront of clean beauty, with its efforts to differentiate products with clean ingredients using their Clean at Sephora Seal. The simplest lipstick, the most delectable fragrances, the most bougie lashes, and everything in between can be found here.

Huge brands with success such as Sephora’s usually have low commission rates but Sephora’s affiliate program differs. As one of their affiliates, you’ll join the team of an industry leader and receive a substantial 5% base commission with chances to earn more depending on your performance. While the cookie life is short, Sephora’s loyal following and reputation alone makes it enough to earn a healthy commission.

Why Should You Promote Sephora?

Sephora affiliates get to partner with a beloved house of beauty. It’s more than likely that their audience would have considered purchasing from them, if not having already bought one of their products in stock. There isn’t much work to do when promoting Sephora, your role would only be to be the final nudge.

11. The Art of Shaving


As said earlier, men are part of the beauty industry too! This is highlighted most by The Art of Shaving, with their arsenal of items for the perfect shave. They started in 1996 and have since then been producing tools, mixtures, and kits for grooming and shaving. They’re full of innovative ideas that lead to the best shave possible and consumers love it!

As their affiliate, you’ll earn an 8% commission for every sale referred. Their average order value is $92, with products ranging anywhere from $20 to $3500. Considering how intimate the relationship is between a man and his razor, these products often succeed in locking in brand-loyal consumers, which will benefit you greatly.

Why Should You Promote The Art of Shaving?

Their affiliates get a great deal. This is a company that’s been in the game for decades and it’s a great opportunity to earn and be part of a cult-classic shaving brand. Their online presence is strong and the possibilities are endless.

12. 100% PURE


100% PURE is dedicated to creating sustainable beauty products that are sustainable and free of toxins and harsh ingredients. They’ve committed to creating formulas that are as pure as can be, even using fruit as natural pigments for their color cosmetics. They adhere to strict purity standards, ensuring that both the body and the earth remain healthy.

They go the extra mile to ensure that no product ingredient is sourced from animals. They don’t just want cruelty free products, they want all animals to be free from hardship. This is why they’re also dedicated to donating dog food with every order placed. Consumers love their products and rely on the brand for safe cosmetics and beautiful skin.

They care for their affiliates just as much! 100% PURE affiliates receive a hefty commission payout with a lengthy cookie lifespan. Upon signing up, you’ll receive monthly updates and newsletters for product launches and the latest promotions, all of which you can include in your platform. If you stay with them long and perform well, you also get the chance to receive exclusive brand deals.

Why Should You Promote 100% PURE?

Their affiliates get a good deal. Not only is there an attractive commission and cookie length, but this is also the perfect chance to help make a healthy impact on the world while still earning a pretty penny.

Products You Can Promote

There you have it! Those were the best 12 affiliate programs in the beauty industry. Each had their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, but all of them have been examined and found to help maximize earning potential. However, this doesn’t mean that the affiliate journey is done!

Now comes the difficult part — choosing a program. The program you choose shouldn’t only be based on commission rates, you should also factor in how well the brand matches your platform, how receptive your audience is to each brand and your personal preferences for easy content creation. Sounds challenging, right?

Review Your Content

It would be good to introduce a program that will fit in with your published content as organically as possible. To do this, look back at your most popular content and zero in on the different topics, looks, and brands mentioned in it.

Affiliate programs aren’t just there to help you earn, they’re also a great tool to enhance your own brand through healthy associations. Keeping in theme with your brand and heightening it with the perfect affiliate program is definitely the desire, making this a crucial step.

Know Your Audience

At the end of the day, it’s your audience who’ll help you earn and the simplest way to help them make purchases is to fit your program according to their needs and desires. Some ways for you to get to know your audience are by studying the content they’re most interested in, analyzing audience demographics and price points, and even by actually interacting with them and asking for their opinions on certain brands and topics.

Dig Deep Into The Programs

By now, you’ll have a more concrete idea of the programs that will suit your platform best. Feel free to ask questions before signing up to help you think it through properly.

Remember that if you don’t sign an exclusivity contract, you can sign up for more than one program and be part of the affiliate teams of many brands. That said, avoid joining direct competitor brands, since that could be a source of confusion for your audience if you’re not careful.