The 11 Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs – Add A Bit of Bling To Your Blog

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization

The jewelry industry is a booming force that has been alive since prehistoric times, with ornaments made of bones and shells. It is a multifaceted industry that caters to all individuals and is closely related to big industries that won’t go away any time soon, such as the wedding and fashion industries.

Experts have determined that the jewelry business will survive the new way of living brought on by COVID-19, as long as establishments adapt to online means of selling. This not only helps product pricing by cutting storefront fees, it also caters to the shifting needs of everyday life.

Luckily, many jewelers saw the need to set up online platforms years prior to the rise of the coronavirus. Industry leaders now know how to tackle the challenge of online jewelry transactions. Many of them have even noticed the benefits behind adding a jewelry affiliate program to their brand and have gained much from this system.

This is why we’ve decided to collect the top 10 jewelry affiliate programs on the internet. There are tons out there, and we’ve fished out just the best of the best to help you out in choosing which programs to join.

We made sure to include options for both fine and fashion jewelry brands, to get you all the best deals. We also have 4 special tips for you at the end of this article, to help you make the most out of these affiliate programs.

Top 10 Jewelry Affiliate Programs

  1. Angara
  2. Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry
  3. Monica Vinader
  4. Littman Jewelers
  5. Etsy
  6. James Allen
  7. Rockford Collection
  8. Amorium
  9. SuperJeweler
  10. Stella & Dot

1.    Angara


Angara has been in the gemstone industry for years. They specialize in the cutting and designing of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and other precious stones. They started out as suppliers but decided to step into the industry with their own retail brand in 2005 and, since then, they’ve been taking the world by storm.

Their primary market is the US but their success has led to them opening up branches around the globe. They’ve been featured in Forbes, Crain’s, and in the Harvard Business Review, to name just a few.

They are loved not just by magazines but by everyone they encounter. People go to them for all kinds of occasions, and they make it a seamless purchase experience by diligently categorizing their selection according to rock and style, and they offer fully customizable jewelry pieces too!

Angara offers its affiliates a great deal, with a tiered commission system that starts at 5% per sale. Once you generate $50,000 or more in sales per quarter, you’ll move up into the second tier, with a 6% commission per sale.

Upon reaching $100,000 in quarterly sales, you’ll be privy to 8% in commissions. Their average order value goes over $1,100, meaning great things for you even at just the base commission rate. They also offer highly competitive affiliate incentives and bonuses.

Why Should You Promote Angara?

Affiliates will have an easy sell with Angara. If their wide selection of beautifully designed and cut jewelry doesn’t entice your audience, their customizable selection of pieces will surely seal the deal.

2.    Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry


Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry started as a humble family business in 1983 and has since then grown into one of the most trusted experts on diamond engagement rings. Yadav has all kinds of diamonds on offer, and they are sorted by shape, carat, style, and origin. They’re one of the few fine jewelry retailers in the country to jump headfirst into GIA certified lab-created diamonds. They sell both lab-grown and natural diamonds in their selection in order to meet the demands of all consumers.

They boast a team of experts who can design and customize beautiful rings that’ll place each diamond in its best light. They even have a rush option on their website, just in case consumers will need it. With Yadav, it’ll be easy to dazzle the world and their customers agree!

As an affiliate, you’ll be granted a 45-day long cookie tracking length, which is more than enough time for your audience to select or customize, research, and send in an order. There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that Yadav will exceed expectations, so you can trust that they are doing their best to help convert your referrals into sales.

Why Should You Promote Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry?

Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry has a very competitive offer, especially considering the cost of diamond jewelry. They’ll hand you all the tools you could need and have set up a brand that can speak for itself, making your job as an affiliate much easier.

3.    Monica Vinader


Monica Vinader, also known as MV, is the UK’s favorite fashion and fine jewelry brand. A-list celebrities and even members of royalty have been seen wearing their pieces, including the Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Watson, and Olivia Palermo. They’re a highly acclaimed brand that started in the UK but have since then invaded other parts of the world, such as New York City.

They skyrocketed to fame thanks to their iconic friendship bracelets and remain a top player in the industry. They have a wide selection of jewelry and carefully curated collections of gemstones set in precious metals. Today, the MV staple is in their ethically sourced hand-cut stones, ensuring that every piece is unique.

On the matter of affiliates, Monica Vinader regularly provides website content, brand update newsletters, and voucher codes for promotions and discount offers. They’ve also kept in mind affiliates with large contact databases, providing them with professional collaterals and an HTML email address.

Why Should You Promote Monica Vinader?

Monica Vinader has their consumers, manufacturers, and affiliates in mind. They’re a unique brand that uses ethical stone sources and unique gem cutting methods, with a high profile clientele. MV will be a valuable addition to any platform, and the commission rate will help you rake in great money.

4.    Littman Jewelers


Littman Jewelers takes the jewelry shopping experience to the next level. Rather than being a mere source of quality fine jewelry, Littman Jewelers make sure to be part of the purchase process, present during the research, the actual purchase, and stay relevant to consumers even after the transaction is complete.

Not only do they have a sizable assembly of jewelry on sale, they also have educational materials on gems and metals, highly trained associates certifying each stone, and post-purchase guarantees. They go above and beyond to make the experience great, and their loyal consumers definitely feel it!

We’re also happy to report that they treat their affiliates just as well as their consumers. They process affiliate applications within 24 hours and, when accepted, you’ll get a chance at a 7% commission for each referral sale. You’ll have a dedicated affiliate manager and receive monthly newsletters for releases, promotions, and content. They will also regularly update the creatives that you can use for your platform.

Why Should You Promote Littman Jewelers?

Littman Jewelers makes sure that affiliates can throw their full energy into promoting the brand by taking care of the rest. They supply you with all you’ll need to publish great content and are happy to help share revenue with you.

5.    Etsy


Etsy is a beloved platform for independent creatives and businesses. It is known around the world as the go-to for unique and aesthetically pleasing creations which include wedding decor, clothing, art, vintage knick-knacks, and jewelry.

Since Etsy is a marketplace rather than a retailer, consumers are free to find goodies that match their personality while supporting indie artists in their home-grown businesses. The jewelry market within Etsy leans towards dainty, customizable pieces that scream with personality. These are products you won’t see elsewhere and, since handcrafted products are popular on this site, they are one of a kind as well.

If you choose to become an Etsy affiliate, you’ll be able to choose from a great variety of category-specific banners, as well as access to Etsy feed options which you can include in your platform. Moreover, with all the diversity in the Etsy store, you’ll not only be offering your audience jewelry, you’ll also open them up to a world of handcrafted and lovingly made items that add character to any room and person.

Why Should You Promote Etsy?

Etsy is a global marketplace that has made its mark on the world. Hobbyists and crafters have found a home on Etsy, and it is automatic for people to turn to Etsy for unique items, which include quirky and dainty jewelry. Attaching your brand to Etsy will definitely appeal to your audience with a taste for individuality.

6.    James Allen


James Allen is the biggest name in the online diamond and bridal jewelry industry. They made waves in the community when they became the first-ever online retailer to present all their diamonds online for inspection, each in high definition 360˚ photos.

Rest assured, all 200,000 diamonds in their arsenal have been ethically farmed in non-conflict areas. More than that, they’ve taken all the steps they can to assure their consumers that, though they are purchasing online, they will still know exactly what they’re getting. They’ve set programs in place to ensure that all purchases are made perfect for consumers, thus giving birth to their lifetime warranty program, one year free resizing offer, tax & duty calculator, and jewelry insurance.

They want to be the best in the business and part of this is treating their affiliates well. Due to all the trust that industry professionals have in the brand, as well as their own variety of designs and cuts, their average sale order amounts to $6,500. For James Allen affiliates, this is particularly great news.

Why Should You Promote James Allen?

James Allen has set industry standards for the online diamond selling niche and is one of the best in the business. Their affiliate sign up process is easy and simple. Being their affiliate will help you earn consistent generous commissions, as long as you promote them well.

7.    Rockford Collection


Who said men can’t wear jewelry? Definitely not Rockford Collection! In an industry that predominantly caters to women, Rockford provides gentlemen with standout wedding rings. They’re not here to create the standard band, they want to make a statement with their pieces. In this endeavor, they definitely succeed.

Their selection consists of all kinds of wedding bands, designed with a masculine touch and sold with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, they take a very hands-on approach, evident in their excitement to design custom bands that will be fully unique. Their amazing designs and wonderful customer service leaves Rockford Collection with consistent 5-star reviews.

To keep their brand image strong, Rockford admits to being selective with their affiliates, only choosing platforms with extremely relevant content. That said, it doesn’t hurt to try. They also have a hefty commission on the table, boasting an average order value of over $2,000.

Why Should You Promote Rockford Collective?

Rockford Collective fills a gap in the industry that had been left empty for far too long. Knowing this, becoming their affiliate will be a healthy addition to your platform, especially if the majority of your audience is male. Even if the brand says that they’re selective with affiliates, it’s alright to sign up since applying is completely free!

8.    Amorium


Amorium is a lifestyle New York-based brand with a passion for quality trendy jewelry. The company was founded when they realized the lack of in-style accessories that were made to last. Thanks to their brand, consumers don’t have to choose between sacrificing quality or design, they can have both with Amorium!

They specialize in delicate contemporary designs that elevate any outfit. They have a strong social media following and constantly update their catalog in order to keep up with the latest trends and help keep their consumers at the forefront of fashion.

Their affiliates receive a 20% commission per sale. They have a primarily female clientele, making it great for women-centric platforms. Additionally, Amorium will grant you access to their professionally curated web creatives, all of which you are free to use in your own platform. To make things even better, you’ll be given $25 for referring affiliates to join the program, and will earn 2% off of their own commissions.

Why Should You Promote Amorium?

Amorium’s affiliate program is ideal for fashion-focused blogs. Right away, they tackle an issue faced by trendy women everywhere with grace and great design. The affiliate program itself is great, allowing you to maximize all your earnings and build a steady secondary source of passive income at the same time.

9.    SuperJeweler


Anyone looking for a great deal on jewelry is actually looking for SuperJeweler! They’re a triple threat in the industry, with great designs, great prices, and great reviews. At first, SuperJeweler seems too good to be true but they are a legitimate company that’s been around since 1999. They even have free global shipping and a lifetime guarantee.

So how can they afford to offer high-quality fine jewelry at low prices? The secret is in the source, meaning they buy their stones and diamonds directly from ethical and conflict-free sources. Their jewelry is also designed and produced in-factory by master jewelers. This cost-saving system has the added benefit of keeping consumers happy and coming back for more.

Thanks to their commitment to keeping customers happy, SuperJeweler has maintained a strong and steady growth throughout the years. This growth serves as a great benefit for you, as their affiliate. Their high conversion rates (an average of over 5%), paired with their lengthy cookie duration spells out amazing things for your future as a SuperJeweler affiliate.

Why Should You Promote SuperJeweler?

SuperJeweler’s service doesn’t just satisfy their consumers, it defies all expectations. They are truly unbeatable when it comes to the price and quality of their selections, and their affiliate program has been designed to help you make the most out of it.

10. Stella & Dot


Stella & Dot is a brand built on women empowerment. They call themselves a company built by women for women and this is evident in all their creations. They dabble in jewelry and apparel, with each piece carefully crafted and obsessively perfected for the best end results. They call themselves a movement rather than a business and accomplish this by funding independent women in their local communities with each purchase.

They’re held in high esteem by the fashion industry and have been featured in top publications such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, the New York Times, Teen Vogue, and many others. Consumers love their uniquely designed items and always look forward to new designs and collections.

They have a thoughtfully created affiliate program, motivating their publishers to constantly promote the brand. Their program focuses on the different ways you can earn as their affiliate. First off, you’ll receive a 12% commission for every first purchase of your referral. You’ll also get the chance to make a 5% commission for your referral’s return purchases, and an additional $100 incentive when you invite other publishers to join the Stella & Dot program.

Why Should You Promote Stella & Dot?

Stella & Dot is a fashion jewelry and apparel retailer who regularly appears in leading fashion and style magazines. This alone makes for interesting content but they’ve made sure to truly shine with their unique designs. Furthermore, they’re extremely motivated to help you make the most out of your affiliate experience.

11. Evermee


Evermee is a unique tech jewelry company that specializes in the creation of digitally connected wearables. Founded by a pair of close friends, its creation was inspired by a desire for more romantic, timeless, and memorable lockets. With the use of an application, owners of an Evermee locket are able to scan the gemstone of their necklace and view a number of photographs that have been registered to it, allowing for multiple memories in a single pendant.

They ship internationally and have gone viral a few times online, especially on the TikTok application. With ambassadors in Europe, Asia, and America and high-quality production in Bali, Evermee truly has an international appeal.

Evermee offers a good deal to its affiliates, providing a maximum of 15% on all commissions, excluding promotions and special offers. Different products provide varying rates, so the products you choose to advertise and sell can dictate how much you earn. This puts the power into your hands and ensures that you receive fair commissions, regardless of your level of experience with them. A $5 sign-up bonus is also provided as an incentive, and additional bonuses may be available throughout each year.

Their affiliates also get a range of tools to use. Online reports are updated daily and available to view 24/7 so you can view all your analytics whenever you need to. Product links, whether on social media or in shortlink form, are also easy to create and use in advertisements.

Why Should You Promote Evermee?

Affiliates with Evermee have the benefit of promoting an innovative and one-of-a-kind product. The high-quality, beautifully-made jewelry, combined with the novelty of its digital features, makes it an easy sell.

Products You Can Promote

Those are the top 10 affiliate programs in the jewelry industry! However, we know that reading all that can be overwhelming when deciding how to proceed. That’s why we have some suggestions to help you find success in affiliate marketing!

Find Your Niche

Determine which jewelry industry niche your platform fits into most. To do this, you’ll just have to look at your audience and your previously published content. Look into the demographics and psychographics of your audience. Then, examine your published content and take note of the subject matter, tone, and keywords your audience responds best to.

Research The Programs

After you’ve found your niche and gotten to know your audience, study the affiliate programs that match your brand best, and which ones your audience will be interested in most. Look into their affiliate terms, send in inquiries, and look for previous affiliate success.

Join Your Affiliate Match

Sign up for the programs that attract and match you most. You don’t have to choose just one, as long as you don’t sign any exclusivity contracts. Diversifying is a great way to reach your audience, but be careful to avoid joining programs that have clashing messages or signing with brands that are direct competitors. Committing these mistakes will confuse your audience and can damage your brand.

Study Keywords

SEO-optimized keywords are crucial with web content, and having a good grasp of this will definitely help fill your wallet. It would be wise to approach the brand or the affiliate network for help on this since these companies are always motivated to help share revenue with you. If this doesn’t work, there are many affordable online courses on this, as well as free tutorials scattered across the web.

Once you’ve done these things, just keep going! Do your best to come up with content that will further boost your brands and will lead you to earn an impressive secondary income. Don’t give up, your hard work will pay off soon and you’ll finally be able to earn while you sleep!