12 Free Sales Funnels Templates You Can Literally STEAL From Me

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization
12 free sales funnels templates you can literally steal from me

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Before we dive in let’s establish the role that sales funnels play in business and marketing. First up, a sales funnel is simply a set of ‘steps’ you put in place to move customers through your products and service offerings.

They are designed to provide maximum engagement and conversions from your website traffic, drive sales via front-end and upsell offers and improve the overall profitability of your campaigns.

By implementing a sales funnel you are setting your business up for success from the get-go. Not only will you build a database of proven buyers to whom you can sell to again and again, but you will also establish a hands-off solution to sales that your business needs in order for you to focus on growing your business.

12 Free Sales Funnel Templates

Now that we’ve established exactly WHAT a sales funnel is, I’m sure you’re eager to see just what they can do for your business and sales.

Below we have a list of 12 free funnel example templates you can download for free. We’ve utilized the power of the sales funnel software ClickFunnels to build these templates, as it’s what we use across our business to create each funnel for our products and services.

These funnels have all been built using strict A/B split testing to provide the very best converting landing, upsell order and payment pages possible. Each is designed to work seamlessly with all manny of e-commerce businesses include digital info products and courses, and even physical products.

Note: If you don’t yet have a ClickFunnels account, you can click here to get a free 14-day trial so you can test out our funnels to see which is right for your business.

Read our complete Clickfunnels review here.

1. “Real Stuff” Product Funnel

I really like this funnel as it incorporates many of the best bits from each funnel and combines them into a powerful marketing funnel designed to increase revenue on the backend.

It starts with a discounted or sample offer of your physical product, you get them in the door, they spent a few bucks on your sample offer.

We’ve qualified them as a buyer and one that is definitely interested in our product. Next comes the upsell which is where the power of this funnel really lies.

We simply make them an offer they cannot refuse. Such as a heavily discounted price on ‘more of the same’ product – we show them just how much they are saving and why it’s such a good idea (after all, they’ve already decided to buy it, so why not save some money right?).

This is how you can dramatically increase your revenue from each customer…you hit them with an offer whilst they’re hot.

This funnel is used by many of the high-profile and successful marketers today such as Ezra Firestone and Russell Brunson fo Funnel University (where I learned most of what I know today).


Physical Product Sales Funnel
Perfect Webinar Funnel

2. Perfect Webinar Funnel

The Perfect Webinar Funnel steps customers through a series of optimized video pages designed to get them excited about your webinar/training and ensure that they actually show up.

Webinars are a perfect way to get started with video content and you can start small with just a handful of audience members to grow your confidence.

Then I recommend taking advantage of the free Perfect Webinar Script & Training offered by ClickFunnels.

This will provide you with a proven funnel and the scripts needed to convert cold-prospects into engaged viewers and participants on your webinars.

In addition, if you suck at copywriting, you may be interested in Funnel Scripts, a free web-class that shows how you can Get Your Sales Letters & Scripts Written Without Hiring A Copywriter!



3. Free Plus Shipping Funnel

The Free + Shipping Sales Funnel is so popular right now for one thing..IT WORKS.

Who doesn’t love FREE right?

The goal is to entice customers with getting a cool product for free and they only have to pay for shipping…which seems like a reasonable deal to anyone.

The reality of the Free Plus Shipping funnel is that the ‘cost’ of the initial item is really just rolled into the shipping price, which makes it a zero or extremely low cost/risk for you to supply.

By getting the customer into the top of your funnel, you can let the rest of your funnel drive further sales by offering easy one-click upsells, which are often higher-ticket item(s) that provide a faster/easier and more helpful solution to the customer.


Free Plus Shipping Funnel
Supplement Funnel

4. The Supplement Funnel

This funnel was the driver to over $500k in monthly revenue in what is arguably one of the most well know case-studies of this funnel in action.

The supplement e-commerce business and case study by ClickFunnels showcased just how powerful this template can be by using simple landing and upsell pages, together with powerful marketing messages that speak to the visitor on many levels.

This funnel takes advantage of mutiple pages, include not one but 2-upsells to really increase your ROI from each customer.

This not only boosts your initial sales revenue but also the lifetime customer value in greatly increased which means you can pay more to acquire a customer.

Whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. – Dan Kennedy



5. The Perfect Shopify Funnel

If you’re an E-Commerce store owner on the Shopify platform, then this is the funnel for you.

This funnel integrates your sales data with your Shopify store via Zapier, which sends order details directly to your store dashboard.

This funnel features many high converting elements that have conversion rate optimization in mind. From the scarcity countdown timer to the bold CTA’s (Call to Action) and the fully customizable checkout and upsell pages.

If you ‘re looking for a shortcut to boosting sales by tapping into the minds of marketing masters who have used A/B split tested every aspect of this landing page and funnel give it a try today.


Perfect Shopify Funnel
Product Launch Funnel

6. Product Launch Funnel

The Product Launch Sale Funnel was popularized by Jeff Waker’s Product Launch Formula, which promotes a video sales letter that includes a with an opt-in form with the promise of more awesome training.

You then follow this up with an additional 3-4 videos filled with amazing information and value for the customer.

Each step of this funnel is designed to provide value, without providing the entire solution to the viewer. Kind of how TV series work, with cliff-hangers at the end of each episode designed to make us “tune in next week” (or watch the next episode if you’re on NetFlix!).

By providing value in each video, you get to build a rapport with your prospects and develop a relationship to a point where they are much more likely to purchase your product or course..


7. Online Course Funnel (AKA “Funnelology”)

This is a big one for information marketing who offer digital products, training, and courses.

This 5-page funnel consists of an initial squeeze page, followed by an Upsell page, with additional order form, payment form and confirmation pages built right on.

You can spend less time setting up the technical side to your sales funnel and more time driving traffic to your highly optimized squeeze page.

In addition to the sales funnel, you can get access to the popular Secret Funnel Strategy by Russ Brunson, who uses this exact funnel to drive traffic to his membership area.

This training will provide detailed steps on how to monetize your traffic and generate more revenue from existing customers.


Funnelology Membership Funnel
Automated Sales Webinar Funnel

8. Automated Sales Webinar Funnel

Webinars are big business, not only do they convert extremely well but they are one of the most under-utilized marketing methods.

The beauty of this funnel is that the ‘Webinar’ is pre-recorded, meaning you can separate your time from the workflow and sales process and truly automate your funnel.

By implementing this highly-optimized landing page, a prospect is encouraged to sign-up for the free webinar and then directed to a “Thank You” page which offers an upsell with a scarcity timer, and the ability to watch the webinar.

There are a total of 7-pages in this funnel with the order, payment and confirmation pages built right in and fully customizable to suit your business and offer.


9. The Fishbowl Funnel

The Fishbowl Funnel is a marketing genius in that is super simple, but also very effective.

Here’s how it goes.

You make a free offer on the front end, whcih leads to an opt-in, for example a contest of some sort thats free to enter.

You get the prospects name and email address and enter then into the prize-draw etc. From here, like all good funnels, we take advantage of the immediate offer.

We ‘upsell’ them with an enticing discount code or scarcity deal to convert them from freebie to paying customer.

This is an ideal sales funnel template for those new to funnel building in general since it converts traffic well as long as you have an enticing offer (which is why 100% free contests work so well with this).


Fishbowl Funnel
Affiliate Survey Funnel

10. Affiliate Survey Funnel

The Affiliate Survery Funnel takes advantage of the power of micro-commitments, which suggests that since new prospects or visitors to your website will naturally have reservations about doing business with you, by getting them to commit to smaller, more natural interaction (like a survey), you can then lead them to take bigger actions such as purchasing your product or service.

The power of this funnel lies in its simplicity. We’re simply asking the customer a few questions and requesting their email address, which is to be used with our email marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to improve your top of the funnel conversion and interaction rates, this funnel has proven, time-and-time again to deliver results.


11. High Ticket Client Funnel

If you offer high-ticket items, perhaps client coaching or some other form of training or event then the high-ticket sales funnel is what you need.

This funnel has proven to be the best way to convert prospects into paying customers when used in combination with a subscription or payment plan option.

There is a psychological barrier to online consumers that kicks in around the $500 mark, where anything above that price needs to have certain ‘other’ elements included…such as dripping payments out over a longer timeframe for example.

By offering a series of quality video training to help the customer, in addition to testimonials, multiple calls to action and social proof, you can use this funnel to boost your sales by 2-5 times the baseline.


High Ticket Funnel
Amazon Coupon Funnel

12. Amazon Coupon Funnel

This funnel is perfect for Amazon Store owners and FBA entrepreneurs. Not only is it super simple and fast to set up, but it can also generate an extensive customer database for you to use in the future.

By utilizing the optimized coupon page, where you offer a limited time discount for one of your e-comm products in exchange for the customer’s name and email address, you not only drive clicks and sales to your store and products, you can also re-market to those same buyers time and time again.

In addition, with product reviews being a crucial part of the Amazon algorithm, asking users for a product review in exchange for a coupon/discount code is a surefire way to boost your product up in the organic listings.



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