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[MUST READ] Prospect.io Review – Is This The Right Tool For Your Business [Updated 2021]

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: July 30, 2021 | Traffic

Founded in 2016, Prospect i.o is a powerful automation and sales development software trusted by numerous companies for collecting information about their prospects.

Prospect also helps you to track the engagement of your prospects, follow up with them, and collect relevant information that could potentially help you to improve your business.

Prospect is a combination of a browser extension and web application. It allows marketers and sales representatives to target leads from all over the internet.

It also gives you the option to filter the unnecessary leads while bringing up the necessary and relevant leads. By filtering out leads, you can make targeted campaigns that can help identify your true audience.

These campaigns are not only helpful in retaining your existing audience but also help to bring in new faces as well.

Additionally, Prospect also lets you track your content across a multitude of platforms. You can see engagement, activities, turnover, and a variety of different things through this helpful software.

Gathering information like this allows you to create engaging content that interests current and potential customers.

Prospect and Email Marketing Automation

Email prospecting has been on the forefront for a long time, and its relevance is only increasing with each passing day. Companies have achieved great milestones because of efficient email prospecting, and this tool was a big contributor to the success of most of these companies.

Sending emails individually or manually is time-consuming and subtracts important time, energy, and creativity that people in businesses could be used for bigger and better things.

You can turn things around for your business by automating its e-mailing process. There are several software tools that you can choose for email marketing and automation, but few are as good as prospect.io.

This software allows you to get back to your clients in a short period while also making sure that you do not have any problems using it. Prospect is efficient and user-friendly.

You will be able to understand its interface in a short period without facing too much hassle.

How You Will Learn to Use Prospect.io

One of the best things about this tool is that it helps you during your setups in things like adding sending addresses, creating lists, adding contacts, etc.  You will also receive proper guidance when you are setting up Prospect on your devices.

There is a comprehensive setup guide and checklist that this software offers that is far greater than any other guide present for setting up software.

I can safely say that you will have a good understanding of every element of this software in thorough detail. Sales and marketing teams find this user-friendly feature to be of great help.

They learn the tool effectively and can explore the checklist or guide any time they want by a simple click.

Pricing and Plans

The number of credits you need is a determining factor in the cost of the package. The payments typically range from around $99 USD per month to $1,699 USD per month.

Users who purchase the $99 package receive 1,000 credits, while the users who purchase the top-end package receive 100,000 credits. A good thing about these plans is that they include unlimited drip campaigns, templates, prospects, and users.

It’s fair to say that the pricing structure they use is unique. You can access all of Prospects features from their premium service.

If you want to learn how much a single credit equates to, here it is.

Note that prospect.io requires you to pay in full if you seek to buy an annual plan. You will also need to make your payment at the beginning of the billing cycle.

Features & Benefits

Below we cover some of the features and benefits which make Prospect.io a great option for businesses and brands.

Email Finder

Finding email addresses of prospective customers can be a tough task. However, Prospect makes this task easy as it is equipped to perform detailed searches.

This tool will provide you a list of email addresses or contacts that are relevant to your brand, essentially making things easier for you to target your product towards an audience.

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign is one of the most important features of this software. It allows you to set up email campaigns for your company and targets them towards the prospects that are likely to do business with you.

All you will need to do for beginning your drip campaign is to give your campaign a name and compose your e-mail.

Besides the ability to compose emails, users also have the option to see when their prospects leave the campaign. You can also time your emails by adding the time you want to send the email.

Plus you can even choose if you want to send an email as a fresh one or as a reply.


This feature shares a lot of similarities with the stats that are present in the drip campaign. You can see the number of emails that you sent and take note of the people you interacted with and converted.

The report feature also gives you the ability to statistics that specifically indicate the elements that make your campaign successful. You also have the option of filtering the report for selecting contacts and choosing specific timeframes.

Chrome Extension

The Google Chrome extension feature at Prospect lets you add and search prospects even when you are browsing the internet. This is a handy feature for having a thorough look at company websites and business listings.

This feature allows you to find and target your audience so that you can send them relevant articles and other pertinent information regarding your business.

Customer Support

Although Prospect.io has serviceable customer support services, it leaves a lot to be desired. One big reason why I think that the customer support of this software could do better is that there isn’t any telephonic contact number provided.

The only way you can connect with the customer support is through email chat or Twitter, which could be inconvenient for some people, especially who need an immediate solution.

The options that we do get from Prospect are usually quick and responsive, but there are a lot of better options out there when it comes to customer support.

My advice would for this software be to add a number for their users on which they could get in touch with for receiving solutions and answers to their queries. Other than my minor complaints, I think customer support is fine and dandy.


Does Prospect.io Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, prospect.io does not offer a free trial to its users. However, it does offer a money-back guarantee to its users after 30 days.

So, in case you do not like or understand the software, you can always get your money back, which I think is fair enough.

Does Prospect.io Have A WordPress Plug-in?

No, prospect.io does not offer a WordPress plug-in. However, you have the option of integrating it with WordPress through numerous software available online.

Does Prospect.io Offer Landing Pages & Templates?

Prospect.io gives you the option of creating templates or variables for the emails that you send to your prospects. You can integrate the name of your prospect to these templates with a single click, which is a very convenient option.

There are no landing page options available at prospect.iso, which is unfortunate as users often require landing pages for their businesses or brands.

Does Prospect.io Provide A/B Testing?

Prospect.io does give its users the option of A/B testing their emails and drip campaigns. The presence of A/B testing is crucial as it is a huge deciding factor for people when they are buying software such as this.

Is Prospect.io Suitable As A CRM?

Prospect offers its users various CRM integrations that they can take advantage of. You can effectively eliminate manual lead generation with the presence of the CRM solutions.

You can refine your searches easily with Prospect and reach an audience that your business can greatly benefit from.


If you are looking for an email campaigning tool that is efficient and user-friendly, Prospect.io is the software for you. It makes sending emails to a variety of different groups a piece of cake.

The user interface of this software is its main selling point as it provides step by step guidance to its users and makes your company’s email sending experience a lot better.

Who Is Prospect.io Suitable For?

Prospect.io is perfect for companies that seek effective CRM integration and emailing automation. Your teams will thank you for adopting this software to the business, especially because of its ease of use.

Pros – What I Liked

I might be sounding like a broken record at this point, but the user interface of this software is unparalleled. It will save you a hefty amount of money that you would have used for training your employees.

Plus, the CRM integration of prospect.io is also a great feature.

Cons – What I Didn’t Like

I have often noticed that Prospect tends to slow down some times. Another complaint that some users and I have about is that using its sales force integration could be tough to implement outside of the U.S.A.

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