[MUST READ] HubSpot Review – Does This Tool Live Up To The Hype?

The main goal of a marketing squad is to find quality leads and nurture them with relevant and personalized content.  They pass these high-quality leads to the sales teams.

The sales teams turn them into happy and satisfied customers. Marketing automation software, in this regard, helps marketers accomplish this goal by scaling and automating the repetitive tasks that typically take a lot of time and manual labor.

Hubspot is one of the leading marketing platforms, offering marketers comprehensive and reliable marketing solutions. Launched in 2006 by Brian Halligan, the company has grown from $255,000 to $513 million in revenues.

The marketing platform provides everything from marketing automation, lead management, CRM, publishing capabilities, and content creation. Furthermore, it allows marketers to automate activities that include multi-channel workflow management, scoring leads, and sending email campaigns.

One of the attractive aspects of Hubspot is that it helps marketers invent spaces. The market automation tool works great when it is stacked up against the competitor’s solutions.

Pricing Plans

Typically, HubSpot has three tiers that include:

Basic- Starting from $50 (Includes 1,000 contacts)

The initial price of Starter is $50 per month and gives you access to content creation tool, email marketing, social media publishing, basic analytics, and contacts.  The best part I found about this pricing plan is that you can add many additional contacts (2,000) for just $20 per month.

Besides this, there are no hidden charges to upgrade the plan. The plan works best for developing marketers and startups as it allows them to begin with the lead capture form, contact tracking, ads in an incredibly affordable package.   Some of the core features of this pricing plan are as follow:

  • Mobile optimization
  • HubSpot branding
  • Free trails
  • List segmentation
  • Email marketing

Pro – Starting from $800 (Includes 1,000 contacts)

This price of this starts at $800 per month and gives you access to full marketing automation suite, lead nurturing, custom workflows, and most importantly, A/B testing.  The last feature of professional pricing is what sets it apart from the Starter Plan.

Precisely, the plan is for experienced marketers, looking for growing their marketing teams. The plan helped me run inbound marketing campaigns at a larger scale with smart automation. Following are the specific features of professional a pricing plan:

  • Starter features
  • Content strategy
  • Call-to-action
  • Phone support
  • Attribution reporting
  • Smart content
  • Video management and hosting
  • A/B testing
  • Goal-based nurturing
  • Subdomain availability
  • SSL certificate

Enterprise – Starting from $3,200 (Includes 10,000 Contacts)

You may find Enterprise version of HubSpot relatively high in price. The pricing plan for enterprises costs $3,200 per month. Like the previous two plans, it gives marketers access to revenue reporting, company-wide campaign, revenue reporting, and event automation triggers.

One of the highlighting features of this plan is that marketers can add CRM tools, and free sales of HubSpot to move all contact data into service funnel for the basic needs.  Pay to HubSpot to turn on its advance CRM tools and sales if you require highly-developed features.  Below are the Enterprise’s specific features;

  • CMS membership
  • Single-sign-on
  • Content partitioning
  • Predictive-scoring
  • Event reporting
  • Email send cap
  • YouTube integration

Features & Benefits

With the marketing automation services like HubSpot, setting up an integrated and smart workflow has become a breeze. It automates dozens of my tasks from customizing the workflow to generating qualified leads by using dozens of conditions and triggers. HubSpot provides all-in-one inbound marketing tool that can facilitate your entire team.

Moreover, HubSpot, as a marketing automation platform, gives you options to combine customer services, sales, and marketing. It ensures that all departments in a company function in synergy.

Take a look at the given features and benefits:

Lead Management

The features allow marketers to see and follow the details about high-quality leads within a contact profile. Plus, they can access a chronological outline of each lead and their company, such as assets downloads, website visits, and email opens.

This all-in-one contact access is great to have a full context of the history of potential leads, allowing marketers to create automated email campaigns, targeted lists, and conversations.

This inside scoop on potential leads and smart follow-ups are easy because the contact database of HubSpot integrates with multiple CRM systems.

Marketing Automation

Creating beautiful emails with HubSpot’s marketing automation has never been that easier. Marketers don’t need to learn any line of codes or select several conditions, actions, and triggers just to send emails to their right prospects.

The visual editor of HubSpot allows you to envision workflow in real-time whether you’re creating a multi-stage or simple follow-up sequence.

Marketing Analytics

The built-in analytics of HubSpot allows clients or customers to receive detailed reports for marketing assets for everything from social media accounts, emails, websites, and landing pages. Moreover, marketers can also see competitors report to evaluate how they are performing.

Social Media Marketing

HubSpot marketing automation comes with contact capabilities and social media tracking. Thus, customers have an option to associate leads to a certain source that gives an advantage of business intelligence (BI).

You can manage different social media accounts by integrating the easy-to-use interface. That means Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are supported, and users can use their HubSpot mobile app anywhere.
Customer Support

HubSpot sets an aim to help its customers provide best-in-class support and services. They try to solve customer issues every day with creative and innovative solutions.

HubSpot team creates resources that their customer can use to become inbound marketing experts. They give training to the marketers in the right context so that they can make the full use of software features.

Plus, customers receive expert tips on integrating call-to-action, adding drip campaigns, marketing etiquettes, building and maintaining landing pages, and running A/B tests. The cheap marketing plans and beneficial features help customers segment and qualify leads in a personalized manner.


Does HubSpot Offer a Free Trial?

HubSpot has a free version of its platform. You can use it with its limited features free forever. It allows you to add 1,000,000 contacts to get more leads and traffic with inbound marketing.

Does HubSpot Have A WordPress Plugin?

Yes, HubSpot comes with a WordPress Plugin. The all-in-one marketing platform allows you to connect WordPress site as well as Hubspot account. You can create various forms to use on the websites to capture potential leads.

Does HubSpot Offer Landing Pages & Templates?

Yes, HubSpot offers landing pages and templates and converts them at a 35 percent rate.  The HubSpot Academy has advanced menus for building attractive landing pages to generate traffic and new visitors.

Does HubSpot Provide A/B Testing?

Yes, HubSpot provides A/B testing tool if you are an Enterprise customer. The HubSpot incorporates features that allow customers to let them A/B emails, landing pages, and call to action.  A/B report is an ideal tool for email marketing.

Is HubSpot Suitable as A CRM?

Hubspot offers great CRM solutions with its Hubspot CRM platform.  Suitable for all kinds of organizations, it allows sales team and marketers to get started without having to make major changes in their workflow. It is a free CRM solution that offers the same level of integration.


Hubspot marketing automation, without a doubt, is one of the best inbound marketing solutions for you, whether you run B2C Company or your own a startup.

From converting online traffic into potential leads to analyzing marketing ROI, it provides a plethora of advantages.  With efficient content tools or integrated blogging, you can create a range of exciting content to help you get found online with quick SEO optimization.

Hubspot’s marketing automation tools are the right option for your company if you are looking for the tools that can enhance your customer service with CTA and live chat.

In addition to all these smart features, Hubspot has affordable pricing plans for world-class email marketing and automation.  All you need is to choose the right plan that suits your business needs and synchronize everything.

Who Is HubSpot Suitable For?

Hubspot is a growth platform that is designed to help you with inbound marketing.  The best part of using Hubspot is that it is suitable for all size of companies to add value to their marketing automation structure.

The outstanding resources and tools do centralize not only data but also improve sales and services.

Pros – What I Liked

No doubt the integration is the top characteristic that I liked the most in Hubspot marketing.  You do not need any other software to power marketing automation if you have Hubspot.

When it comes to evaluating inbound marketing, the ease and efficiency I have found with Hubspot, it was rare.

Cons – What I Didn’t Like

Even though Hubspot is supposed to be suitable for all businesses, it is geared slightly more towards bigger organizations.

There might be a nuisance if you try to incorporate or integrate its features without fully understanding this marketing automation tool.

Though everything worked great for my startup, it is better to research its functionality before making it a part of your small organization.

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