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    Test how secure your password is against hackers and computer programs using our free tool. No password data is stored by this tool.

    How Our Password Strength Tool Works​

    On entering your password (which is hidden by default to protect you from snooping eyes in the coffee shop or at work!) the tool will immediately analyze the strength of your password based on a number of attributes:

    • Password length
    • Use of upper & lowercase characters
    • Use of Numbers
    • Use of Symbols
    • Sequences used
    • Recognized words or phrases
    It will also make a series of suggestions based on the password entered. Use these password suggestions to further strengthen your password.

    How To Choose A Strong Password Strength Too​

    To ensure that your online accounts are protected, a strong and secure password is crucial. We have our very own free password generator that you can use to create a unique password that combines all of the attributes above to produce a password that you can use to secure your accounts.

    Play around with the settings of the tool, there are a number of options that you can pick and choose from. By selecting all of the checkboxes you can be sure to create a truly safe password.

    How Do I Remember My Password(s)​

    The most frequently asked question and complaint about secure-hard to crack passwords is “how the heck do I remember that?”.

    We understand that remembering a random sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols is hard, not to mention when you throw in uppercase and lowercase letters. What’s more, we recommend that you have a unique password for each online account, so that in the event of a data breach, you don’t need to log into every account you have and change the passwords.

    So how can you have a secure password without having the memory of Elephant Man?…

    Password Managers​

    A password manager is an online tool that allows you to store all of your account details and passwords in an encrypted database.

    They are easily accessible and there are many to choose from, some good, some great. We always suggest using a password manager to control your logins for a few simple reasons…

    1. They are super secure
    2. They are cheap to buy
    3. Only a single “Master Password” is needed to log in
    4. They save you precious brain space

    Why Are Weak Passwords Dangerous?​

    Short, weak, and insecure passwords are open to hackers and computers using a “brute force” attack. Despite what you may see in the movies, hackers don’t just type in random words to try and guess your passwords.

    They use computer programs, designed to run million/billions of combinations of words, letters, numbers, and symbols against your login ID. They can set this program running and leave it for weeks on end…depending on how determined they are.

    There are numerous horror stories of people having their email accounts hacked…which is the worst account of all (more so than your banking) since typically your email address is tied to every online account you own.

    Think about it…how do you do a password reset when you forget it?

    Yep – they send a link to reset your password to your email address. So if they have your email account they have your bank accounts, social media, work data…you name it.

    So, keep your password over 8 characters and use a mix of:

    • Upper & lowercase characters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols
    Be sure to avoid:
    • Common words or phrases
    • Sequences of letters or numbers (ABCD… or 12345)
    • Pet names
    • Children’s names