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Use this tool to create a secure password for all of your accounts. Use a random mix of upper/lower case characters, numbers and symbols will generate a random password that is significantly harder to hack. Use my free password generate below to makes this easy.

How Our Online Password Generator Works​

Having a secure password is paramount in today’s technology age. We have so many accounts, usernames, and passwords to remember it can be tempting to just use the same password for everything.

However, online security and protecting your data is more important than ever. Even if you think your passwords and accounts are safe, there is always some hacker type up to know good looking to steal your identity. All it takes is one account to be breached and it cal all come tumbling down in the blink of an eye.

Being the security-focused bunch we are here at Privacy Surfer, we created this free online password generator for you to use at your leisure.

We recommend regularly updating your passwords, especially across your email accounts (which are attached to all of your other accounts such as social media, banking, health, iCloud etc).

When you use this tool we are donating 1 cent to a charitable cause, so it’s a win-win. Most importantly you should know that we never store any of the passwords that this tool generates. So the password will be known only to you and once you close this browser window, or navigate to a new page, that password is gone.

I encourage you to play with the settings we’ve added, such as adding symbols and numbers and shoot for something 12 characters or more to create an even more superior password.

As a final note and disclaimer, remember that sometimes hackers may get lucky and simply guess your password correctly. So whilst this tool does generate more secure passwords, we cannot guarantee that a password generated by this tool will not be cracked.