The 11 Best Solar Affiliate Programs – Make Money In An Eco-Friendly Niche

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: February 29, 2024 | Monetization
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It is a well-known fact that the earth is in serious need of rehabilitation and steps need to be taken to address it. There are many possible directions that can be taken to remedy this and one recommended method is to turn to renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy refers to any kind of energy produced from natural and replenishable sources that do not release any greenhouse gas.

Although there is a long road ahead for this industry, innovations occur more and more often with each passing day. With every breakthrough, the world gets one step closer to a healthier planet. One quickly growing breakthrough is solar power.

Solar Energy is the future of renewable energy. It’s a quick and easy way to harness previously untapped energy using the sun as its source. Solar energy is an unstoppable force and will only continue to dominate as it becomes more accessible in the coming years.

It can power anything and is dependable because even in situations where plugs are hard to find, sunlight remains ever-present and can be converted into energy using nifty tools.

All that said, if solar energy is the future, tapping into solar affiliate marketing programs as early as now is the smart choice to make. Furthermore, this will help you make an impact on the industry by acting as a bridge between the producers and the consumers of solar power sources.

Solar affiliate programs make the most of a growing demand and even though it is still in its early stages, there are already a fair amount of programs out there and it can be tricky to navigate.

Luckily, we’ve gone through the sea of programs in the solar industry and have compiled a list of the ten best affiliate marketing programs for you.

Read on for more information on each program, and stay until the end for some tips on what you can promote!

Top 11 Solar Affiliate Programs

  1. Inergy Solar
  2. SunJack
  3. A1 Solar Store
  4. Solium
  5. Silicon Solar
  6. BioLite Energy
  7. Solar Direct
  8. Goal Zero
  9. LuminAID
  10. Solgaard
  11. Amazon Associates

1. Inergy Solar


First off is Inergy Solar. It is the leading manufacturer of solar energy power generators, not only in the United States but also around the world. They develop state-of-the-art technology that converts sunlight into powerful and efficient energy for any use.

Their goal is to democratize renewable energy by developing award-winning technology perfect for the average joe. It’ll be easy to use their products anywhere, at any time, and for whatever purpose. Consumers will easily be able to live off the grid with Inergy, while still drastically reducing their own carbon footprint.

They also offer a great deal for affiliates, with a large commission fee earned per sale. They don’t say much else about their affiliate program, with more details only granted to confirmed applicants. That said, what information there is to know makes for a pretty sweet deal already.

Why Should You Promote Inergy Solar?

Inergy Solar is a leader in solar generators. They are a world-class company with smart solar innovations, top-class scientists and engineers, and unmatched expertise in portable solar power sources. Being one of their affiliates will help you earn big commissions with just the first sale alone!

2.    SunJack


When a person wants something, they look for a taste of it first. This is who SunJack is in the solar energy industry. If people are hesitant to invest in big-ticket solar items, SunJack items would be perfect to introduce to them.

They specialize in portable solar power sources. It does the same thing that a panel would do for houses or other establishments, just on a smaller scale. They’re most known for their portable solar chargers that charge at twice the speed of their competitors.

These chargers are foldable and can be hung or placed anywhere you’d like— even on your backpack while hiking! Anyone who tries it is amazed and is encouraged to dive even deeper into solar energy.

Having said all that, there is also much to gain with their affiliate program. Not only do you receive a very motivating cut per sale, they also have a 20% bonus tier for affiliates who perform very well and bring in a lot of traffic.

Why Should You Promote SunJack?

SunJack is a great program for both beginner solar energy consumers and also for beginner affiliates. Signing up with them will be a great deal for you since their products are extremely enticing for anyone interested in solar energy. Sunjack is blessed with amazing reviews, dominates in product benefits, and is excited to help you sell with them.

3.    A1 Solar Store

A1 Solar Store Affiliate Program

A1 Solar Store is a leading supplier of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and accessories, they empower individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable solutions with ease. However, what truly distinguishes A1 Solar Store is its enticing affiliate program.

With an impressive 6% commission per sale and a generous 180-day cookie lifetime, the potential for earnings is boundless. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about aligning oneself with a company dedicated to driving positive change through renewable energy.

By promoting A1 Solar Store’s high-quality products and services, you can not only earn attractive commissions but also contribute to a greener future. So whether you’re an advocate for sustainability or simply seeking a lucrative program in the solar space, the A1 Solar Store affiliate program offers a compelling opportunity to make a difference while reaping rewards.

Why Should You Promote A1 Solar Store?

When you take an average of 9 out of every 10 transactions at A1SolarStore being confirmed, a generous 6% commission with a 180-day cookie window, it wouldn’t take many sales to earn some great revenue promoting this program. Their average bill for a Solar PV System is $6,900, which would earn you a whopping $414 in commissions.

4.    Solium


With the growing industry, Solium is here to offer a fresh usage of solar technology. Rather than dealing with power generators, Solium is here to ensure your security.

The founders of the company found glaring problems in the way security cameras are utilized, specifically in the complicated installment, wiring, and upkeep of these cameras. They realized that the solution to these problems is solar energy, thus leading to the production of solar-powered security cameras for homeowners and establishments.

Their cameras are wireless, weatherproof, motion-activated, and deliver crystal clear videos. While they specialize in security cameras, they deal with security in general and have even developed electric door locks for better safety.

As a Solium affiliate, you’ll receive all the promotional materials you could ever need to earn commissions. Another unique Solium trait is that they promise to give you your cut immediately, instead of the standard 30-day wait as your referral’s orders are processed and shipped.

Why Should You Promote Solium?

Solium’s offers are unique and efficient! They are the best at what they do and are backed up by a team of engineers and scientists to prove it. More importantly, the logic behind their products appeals to common sense — pointing out a flaw in the security systems we had all grown used to. You won’t be left empty-handed as their affiliate since their offers have an undeniable appeal to consumers.

5.    Silicon Solar


Silicon Solar is one of the largest names in the business. They’ve been in the game for over 20 years, and have made a mark on solar innovations, and on the different applications where solar energy can be applied.

Their selection consists of solar systems, panels, lighting, heaters, pumps, batteries, and educational kits. This arsenal of products are perfect for residential, commercial, and government use— everyone can run on solar with their help!

If you choose to sign up as a Silicon Solar affiliate, you’ll receive all the tools you could ever need to start earning with them. These tools include but are not limited to unique text links, banners, keyword lists, and an affiliate program newsletter to help keep you up-to-date with their latest promotions and product updates. You’ll also receive a big cut for every sale made by your referrals, with a month-long cookie duration.

Why Should You Promote Silicon Solar?

As an affiliate, you will be promoting an industry leader using their supply of professionally curated materials. The maximization of these materials is up to you, but with their high conversion rates, it’s more than likely that you’ll be earning with them soon enough.

6.    BioLite Energy


BioLite Energy is the perfect choice for going off-grid. They have a vast range of clean energy products that’ll easily help you live in different corners of the earth where sockets are scarcely found. It’s a great investment for outdoor adventures, as well as for living on the road.

They deal with clean energy in general, meaning that while they have an impressive collection of solar gadgets, they also have products that convert energy produced by other energy sources.

Joining the BioLite affiliate program is a clever choice because, not only would you be dealing with solar energy, you will also be dealing with other forms of clean power. Since they have a healthy-sized variety of products for different uses, their average order value is at $175. This means great things for your commission.

Why Should You Promote BioLite Energy?

BioLite Energy is a great choice if you’re looking for some variety in alternative energy sources. Partnering with them as an affiliate will be your chance to show your audience some variety and unlock the potential for a generous commission in return.

7.    Solar Direct


Solar Direct is one of the earliest clean energy companies to utilize the internet to reach their audience and impact the way they consume energy. They utilize solar energy in their selection of products, all of which can be bought and used by all anyone.

The company describes its platform perfectly by calling itself an energy supermarket. They live up to this claim by using solar energy sources for a variety of purposes, all of which are great for residential and commercial uses.

Their affiliate program, by far, has the longest and most forgiving cookie duration. This makes sense, considering all the research that goes into purchasing the clean energy sources they have on offer. Another great thing about Solar Direct is that they understand the importance of communication and have a variety of ways for any interested party to contact them for questions and quotes.

While it’s nice to have such a long cookie lifespan, it definitely won’t take that long for your audience to make their first purchase.

Why Should You Promote Solar Direct?

Solar Direct makes an effort to be extra available to its market, which is a great help for you as an affiliate. Their year-long cookie duration is perfect for your less decisive audience, who might need a longer time thinking things through. Everything about their program works in your favor, especially if you make an effort for more frequent Solar Direct promotions.

8.    Goal Zero


Goal Zero wants to power up futures using smart, sustainable, and portable technology. They offer a lineup of renewable energy solutions to off-grid living necessities. Their designs are focused on ensuring that consumers are equipped for any unexpected power outages. In a nutshell, they design portable freedom, not tied down by any power chords in need of plugging.

They’ve amassed a huge number of satisfied reviews from consumers who are not only happy with their investments but who are also excited enough to leave raving reviews. Moreover, they make a conscious effort to give back to the community using their TIFIE Humanitarian (Teaching Individuals and Families Independence through Enterprise) partnership.

They also treat their affiliates well, as Goal Zero provides them with access to exclusive offers, custom banners, bonus commissions for select placements, and a help team available during the workweek. They’re here to help the world, and part of that is by helping you as well.

Why Should You Promote Goal Zero?

Goal Zero will be a very humanitarian addition to your brand, thanks to their obvious dedication to social responsibility. A partnership with them signals your audience that you believe in what they stand for, and will make bridging your audience to Goal Zero much easier.

9.    LuminAID


LuminAID has one focus— lighting up the world. If their name sounds familiar, you might have heard of them already on Shark Tank. They received investment offers from all five sharks and have grown since then. Their products, simply said, use light to create light. LuminAID sells to NGO’s, businesses, and individuals who spend time living off the grid or who are preparing for emergencies.

With that market, LuminAID understands the importance of producing items that won’t only produce light during the night but will also serve other purposes as well. This is why they now have solar-powered lanterns that also serve as power sources for charging gadgets.

Another standout feature of LuminAID is its ‘Give Light, Get Light’ program, to supply communities in need with safe, portable, and effective light sources.

On the matter of affiliates, LuminAID provides all promotional materials and data for their affiliate team, coupled with a great commission rate and cookie timespan. While all those sound amazing, the best part lies in the social impact you’ll be able to introduce to your audience.

Why Should You Promote LuminAID?

LuminAID was founded in an effort to make the world a better place. Stressing this fact, their SharkTank success and their charity programs will make for pretty interesting content. Marketing LuminAID will, no doubt, lead to a satisfying sale.

10.    Solgaard


Solgaard is another company founded on social responsibility and sustainability. Their advocacy is to clean oceans of plastic pollution by using water pollutants as product materials. Now, they’ve started developing bags with solar technology components.

These are durable and fashionable bags with a built-in solar panel that can be used for charging. These bags are perfect for travelers and adventurers, as using it will mean less time spent plugged into a socket somewhere. They’re much loved and adored by their users and offer a simple innovation to an everyday item that makes it even more effective.

Their affiliate program details are kept private but it is known to have a very long tracking cookie duration. They will reveal your commission upon application but there is not much reason to worry, as Solgaard items are rife with consistently amazing reviews that are sure to guarantee interest and a sale with your audience.

Why Should You Promote Solgaard?

Solgaard has a solid position on what they can do for the environment. To do this, they’ve leveled up an ordinary bag using solar power and upcycled pollutants. Highlighting this when promoting Solgaard can serve as that extra kick to convince your audience to cash out on their amazing products. It’ll be simple with Solgaard, all you need is to apply.

11. Amazon Associates


Last on our list is Amazon Associates. The thing with the solar industry is that new innovations are developed and placed on the market every day and these are likely to show up on Amazon. We wanted to include an option on this list that’ll make way for future solar-powered products that are yet to be on the market.

Amazon is a leading online retail site, with products ranging anywhere from fashion apparel to outdoor niche activities. This range definitely includes solar-powered products and innovations. This retailer is trusted, efficient, and reaches all corners of the country.

While it doesn’t have the benefits of a solar-specialized program, there is much to appreciate with this. First off is its lengthy cookie duration, which will continue tracking even after a referral’s first purchase. Another plus is the option to have unique tracking IDs for specific products, meaning that you’ll still be able to focus on the solar products you want to promote.

Why Should You Promote Amazon Associates?

Online retailers such as Amazon have the tendency to lead people to check out more items than they need, thanks to their extremely large web of products available. Their shipping is trusted and their cookie tracking process works extremely well in your favor.

Products You Can Promote

Even though the solar affiliate programs have been filtered into just the top 10, it’s still a lot to take in. With all that you’ve read, you probably already have an idea of what you can do for each program and feel overwhelmed with choices. We get it, that’s why this last part is here to help you figure out your next steps.

First things first, make sure that this is something you love. This love will fuel your content and your promotions, and it’ll make an impact on your audience. When you’re sure you love it, it’s time to evaluate.

In this evaluation stage, get a good grasp of what each program entails. This is not only about commissions and cookies, it is also about the unique benefits that each company presents. Dig deep into the programs that pique your interest and see if their offers match your platform.

Look at their founding story, at their corporate social responsibility efforts, and at consumer reviews. While doing this, keep in mind your previously published content and take note of where your brand matches up with each company.

After this research, make an informed decision! We recommend that you sign up as an affiliate with the company that matches your brand best. If there are two or more brands that match you well, you can send them an email asking to explain some program details, bonus commissions, and other affiliate perks that might help sway your choice.

Remember, many affiliate programs are non-exclusive. Take advantage of this and join more than one team, as long as their brands are not direct competitors of one another.

Lastly, once you’ve signed up for a program, always keep trying. There will always be a learning curve for every new experience but don’t be discouraged!

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to contact the company’s affiliate teams, or even approach the affiliate network you signed up with for some tips to help you earn big bucks. Companies are always willing to help you earn because they gain from your success too.

As you decide which companies to apply for, remember that there is no perfect program but trust that there is an affiliate program perfect for you. We leave you with these simple instructions: stick to what you love, do your research, ask questions, and don’t give up!