Niche Site Ideas You Can Steal Today

I’ve created a lot of affiliate and niche websites over the years, and one of the things I love to do is research new niche ideas that I think are ripe for the taking.

On this page, I will be sharing those ideas and the results of that research with you, so you can literally steal these ideas and run with them by creating your own website.

Why would I share these?

Well, firstly, there are far too many niches and ideas swirling round in my head and filling up note pads than I can possibly work on myself, even with a small team of VA’s and freelance writers.

Secondly, I want to get you away from the scarcity mindset that seems to plague the make money online niche. People see someone making money with affiliate marketing, and they jump right in, copying the method, website, and niche verbatim.

That’s not only a dumb thing to do, but it’s simply not necessary. With a little thought and hard work, you can build your own websites using your own ideas and tools, and create something that will not only stand the test of time, but also something to be proud of.

NOTE: Before you jump on one of the niches below, be sure to check out my guide to keyword competition research, and learn how to properly asses the competition before diving in. I don’t want you to waste both time and money building a website about the best mattresses, with zero chance of ranking in the top 10, let only number 1 (unless you have buckets of money to throw at it!)

This is just a placeholder list, for now, each niche idea will be fleshed out with more info in the coming weeks with sub-niches, products, and affiliate programs to join.

1. Tiny Homes

2. RV Living/VanLife

3. Staycations (Holiday in your own country/state)

4. Local City Guides – Things To do, Where To Stay

5. Board Games

6. Garden Furniture

7. Homeschooling

8. E-Bikes

9. Disaster/Pandemic Survival

10. Table Tennis Tables

11. Trampolines

12. Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg

13. Electric Scooters

14. Gift Ideas For… [insert person, age, job etc]

15. Home Office Gear/Design

16. Vacuum Cleaners

17. Niche Job Board (Teachers, Truck drivers etc)

18. Home Automation

19. Eco/Green Alternatives (Homewares, bamboo etc)

20. Online Gaming (Not Gambling!)

21.  Minimalism

22.  Home Design & Furnishing

23.  Portable Power (Generators, Solar, Battery Banks etc)

24.  Vehicle Maintenance Gear (Ramps, Trolly Jacks etc)

25.  Bird Watching, Star Gazing (Bino’s and Telescopes)

This list will be continually updated and added to. I will be filling out the ideas with my thoughts and where I think the opportunities lie, include target keywords, affiliate programs, and more.