The 13 Best Mattress Affiliate Programs In This Big Money Industry

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization

The mattress industry has long surpassed the overwhelming showrooms packed with rows of beds. Now, they use the internet to market and sell their mattresses that accommodate all consumer needs, while shipping efficiently.

Today, mattresses can be sent in boxes and will unfold into cloud-like beds that keep your body healthy and pain-free.

Anyone who’s actually gone mattress shopping knows that finding a mattress based on your sleep style, firmness level, body heat, materials, and personal body aches and issues, can be tough. While it differs from person to person, technology has come far enough to be able to develop mattresses that can accommodate all these needs for sweet dreaming.

With its online presence, mattress affiliate programs have also grown in number and benefits. There are a lot out there but not all are worth your time. We scoured the internet for only the best ones and saw 13 top contenders for you.

Top 13 Mattress Affiliate Programs

1. Puffy


Puffy specializes in memory foam mattresses that promise the best night’s sleep, every night, no matter your sleep position. Their award-winning designs come highly recommended by consumers. Their mattresses are cooling, climate-adaptive, stain-resistant, and can be placed on any surface. They offer a 101-night trial period for every mattress, a Lifetime Warranty, and donate a portion of sales to children in need.

If you become a Puffy affiliate, you’ll be offered twice the amount of the industry’s standard affiliate payout. You’ll also be sent monthly newsletters and web creatives for your platform, and be granted access to Puffy’s dedicated affiliate manager. You can also receive a $1,000 bonus if you’re able to sell 10 mattresses within your first month.

Why Should You Promote Puffy?

Puffy offers a huge commission payout for each sale and pairs it with a very long cookie life. They’ll give you all the tools you’ll need, and can offer additional support. All of these and more are at your fingertips, so long as you play your cards right and take full advantage of all the help they’ll give.

2. DreamCloud


DreamCloud is a subsidiary of Resident, a company that’s made it their goal to enhance the quality of home life. DreamCloud is their solution to a fitful sleep. They’ve designed a hybrid mattress made from premium material that can support all sleeping styles, for less cost and risk. They offer a whopping one year trial period where, if problems are found, the purchase is 100% refunded. Each mattress also comes with the Everlong Warranty, for a bed that lasts forever.

As a DreamCloud affiliate, you are guaranteed a generous payout and cookie length, with monthly incentive bonuses. If you are able to sell at least 10 mattresses within your first 30 days, you’ll also receive an additional $1,000 bonus. It’s hailed by mattress reviews as one of the best, so this will definitely be an easy sell.

Why Should You Promote DreamCloud?

The incentive system makes each month exciting, and they’re very free in giving out bonuses on a regular basis. They will also supply you with web creatives, so your job of promoting them is much easier now.

3. Idle Sleep


Idle Sleep is a welcome outlier in the current direction of the mattress industry. While companies are shifting to more cost-efficient one-way mattresses, they don’t believe in that solution. They’re confident that a two-way mattress, fortified by modern advancements, is the way to go. Through this, they’ve developed high-quality, and cost-efficient beds that make everyone happy. They currently have four designs available, each varying by the material.

If you become an Idle Sleep affiliate, you’ll answer to a commission tier system. The base commission starts at 15% per sale and will increase depending on monthly performance. When you sell 6 mattresses in a month, you’ll receive a 17% referral fee; with 16 units sold in a month, you’ll earn 19% per sale; for 30 mattresses, you’ll have 22% per sale; and upon reaching 50 sales, your payout increases to 25% per sale. This tier system encourages affiliate growth, and their excellent reviews will do you well.

Why Should You Promote Idle Sleep?

Idle Sleep affiliates will be part of a very motivating commission system and will be given additional help thanks to their supply of professionally made web banners and creatives.

4. Nectar Sleep


Nectar is leading a sleep revolution that started with its 5-layer quilted memory foam mattress. They believe that the magic of sleep can be achieved by manufacturing 11-inch mattresses using premium materials that don’t compromise comfort. Their prices and freebies are extremely competitive, and they offer a Forever Warranty and a year-long trial period. Consumers consider Nectar as one of their best purchases and highly recommend their products.

As a Nectar affiliate, you’ll be subject to a tiered commission and incentive program. Everyone starts out with $50 per sale and will get $70 per sale after reaching a 20-mattress monthly sale. Upon increasing monthly sales to 35 mattresses, you’ll have $90 per sale. The highest payout, $100 per sale, will be available after selling 55 mattresses in a month. You’ll also be given a $100 bonus for your first sale.

Why Should You Promote Nectar Sleep?

The product itself is top-notch, and the program they’ve designed allows you to earn much through easy sales. Excellent reviews are found everywhere online, and this will help you finalize your sales.

5. Nolah


Nolah is dedicated to designing a superior mattress using advanced sleep technology. As a result, they’ve created a well-loved mattress that is 100% temperature neutral, thanks to using materials free from viscoelastic chemicals. Additionally, 10% of Nolah mattress sales are set aside for endangered wildlife. For sales of their limited edition mattresses, 10% of it goes to COVID-19 relief.

For its affiliate program, Nolah has developed a five-tier structure. Base fees start at $105 per sale and go up to $125 per sale upon accumulating 5 sales per month. Commissions go up $25 for every five-unit increase in monthly sales: $150 per sale with 11 mattress sales per month; $175 per sale with 16 mattress sales per month; and $200 per sale for more than 20 sales in a month. They also offer incentives for new affiliates, with a $100 first sale bonus and a $1,000 bonus if you sell 10 units in the first 30 days.

Why Should You Promote Nolah?

Nolah will supply you with all necessary creatives, and have an attractive payout program. They will handle everything, and their performance incentives are easily achievable.

6. Naturepedic


Naturepedic is the industry leader in organic mattresses, going above and beyond the minimum requirements for a product to fall under the organic category. They offer the same comfort and feel of regular mattresses but have eliminated all the chemicals found in typical mattresses. This means they sell comfort, quality, safety too.

As a Naturepedic affiliate, you’ll receive a clear-cut 15% commission per sale of any of their products, including their mattress models for adults and children, and their baby crib models. It is a brand highly recommended by consumers and would be a great company to join.

Why Should You Promote Naturepedic?

Naturepedic affiliates receive a substantial referral fee per sale and will be given collaterals for additional aid. With their commitment to comfort and safety, as well as their great reviews and variety of products, it’s definitely a brand worth your effort.

7. Essentia


Essentia made its mark on the industry as the only one to produce a patented natural memory foam mattress. While they offer a variety of mattresses for different needs, all Essentia mattresses have six key features: controls temperature, is allergy-safe, accelerates recovery from illnesses and pains, are organic, corrects posture, and optimizes sleep.

When you become an Essentia affiliate, you’ll be entitled to a 5% commission per sale, with a 4-month cookie duration. With their lowest priced mattress at $2,000, that would mean a $100 payout. They’ll also give you your share of publication materials to include in your social media and website.

Why Should You Promote Essentia?

Essentia believes that if chemicals can do it, plants can do it better. They’ve set out to prove this and haven’t failed yet. While the commission seems humble, the truth is that it helps you earn substantial commissions with just one sale of their most affordable mattresses.

8. Amerisleep


Amerisleep specializes in premium hybrid mattresses made with a mix of eco-friendly materials. Rather than pinpointing a certain style and firmness as the ultimate approach to a good night’s sleep, they recognize that preference differs from person to person. This is why they’ve developed five designs, each built with sleep positions, health concerns, and price points in mind for max comfort.

The Amerisleep affiliates are also part of a commission tier system. The base referral fee is at 5%, with the tier structure and performance targets varying per affiliate. Other than a commission, you will be sent a promotional newsletter and be given access to promotional web collaterals for your platform.

Why Should You Promote Amerisleep?

Amerisleep is dedicated to their affiliates and takes the time to develop a custom commission structure for you, based on your platform. Earning potential will be maximized for you, and they will do their best to help you earn more.

9. Latex for Less


Latex for Less, as the name states, sells latex mattresses for less than industry standard. How do they do this? They use 100% natural latex, and that’s not the only natural material they use! They’ve utilized a 100% organic cotton cover and a fire barrier made of 100% natural wool. All these combined result in a six-layer 2-in-1 bed, with each side varying in firmness. This genius design has resulted in raving reviews.

Latex for Less affiliates receive a 10% commission for each sale. After signing up, you’ll be given tracking tools and creative materials for your platform. With this, a purchase of one unit of their most affordable mattress will help you earn $114.90 already!

Why Should You Promote Latex for Less?

Latex for Less has created a simple program that allows the opportunity to earn big. They want aggressive marketers and won’t complicate the program more than it needs.

10. Brentwood Home


Brentwood Home focuses on improving home life. While they have products for yoga, bedding, and pets, their forte is in developing cutting edge mattresses. They pride themselves on using naturally sourced organic materials from around the world, helping them design a mattress that suits anyone. They currently have five mattress styles, made with different materials and firmness. Consumers praise their great quality mattresses, easy shipping, and helpful customer service.

As an affiliate of Brentwood Home, you’ll receive a large 15% commission for every referred sale. You’ll also be given access to their professionally made web banners. For context, if a referral purchases Brentwood’s best-selling mattress unit in the smallest size, you’ll receive $149.25 as commission. Take note that the commission isn’t limited to just mattresses, it also includes their entire selection.

Why Should You Promote Brentwood Home?

Brentwood affiliates earn a hefty commission, are given the grace of a long cookie duration and are also given help by the brand itself. Their help goes beyond web collaterals, they will also give you tips on how to earn the most you can with them. There is much potential in Brentwood, and all it takes is to sign up.

11. Sweet Zzz


Sweet Zzz promises a refreshing night made possible by their eco-friendly products.  They help you sleep, knowing you’ve helped nature stay safe by designing a chemical-free mattress. Their products, regardless of preferred firmness, support the natural contours of your body while having to release any harmful toxins. It is totally risk-free, for both the environment and your wallet.

To help their affiliates, they’ve developed a straightforward program. For every sale referred, you’ll receive a 7% cut and can go up to 11% based on your performance. This means that if you refer someone who purchases their least expensive unit, you’ll be sent a base referral fee of $75.53. Since they have products on all sleep matters, all those additions will add up and grant you satisfying commissions.

Why Should You Promote Sweet Zzz?

Sweet Zzz affiliates receive great help and will be part of an easy to follow program. Their products are affordable, their selection is wide, and their consumers help do half of the promotions for you, thanks to their amazing reviews.

12. Hyphen


In an industry focused on the night, Hyphen is a player that sees the day ahead. They consider themselves the ‘hyphen’ between day and night and want to promote better sleep. Their goal is to foster an environment that enables consumers to recharge with sleep, so they can conquer the days ahead. To do this, they’ve developed the ultimate bed in a box mattress, offering pressure relief, low motion transfer, and optimum comfort. Consumers love them and aren’t shy to say it.

As a Hyphen affiliate, you’ll be part of a two-tier commission system, which starts at $100 per sale. Upon reaching 10 sales in a month, you’ll get to earn $135 per sale. This kind of program motivates newbie affiliates to try hard to accomplish their first ten sales. You’ll also be given professionally made and tested creative materials for your platform, and custom pop-ups and coupon codes for your referrals.

Why Should You Promote Hyphen?

Hyphen has found a way to ensure that affiliates become excited to earn more, without discouraging them if they haven’t reached the performance incentive. Their affiliate materials and coupon codes also help legitimize your brand and help enhance the overall quality of your content.

13. Purple


Purple is an industry leader started by two engineer brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce. These brothers set out on a quest for comfort, which started by developing cushions that, after many years, helped design the Purple Bed. This is a mattress like no other, fusing smart technology and advanced materials to create an affordable mattress that delivers luxury comfort. They made waves in 2016 with their ad, The Human Egg Drop Test, and have stayed in people’s minds and hearts since then.

Purple affiliates get a chance to receive a 5% commission for every sale referred. The cookie duration may be on the shorter end compared to the others on this list but that’s all you really need since most Americans already know Purple.

Why Should You Promote Purple?

Purple affiliates are given the unique opportunity to further build their platforms by featuring the brand on their website. Purple isn’t just a genius at making mattresses, they also know how to market well. This means that you could also learn from their marketing expertise when you join their affiliate team.

Products You Can Promote

Since you have a list of the best mattress affiliate programs available, now you’ll choose a program. The choice has been made— not by you, but by your audience.

What we mean is, when picking a program, your audience should be kept in mind. Get to know your audience by looking at your content with the most engagement, at the most effective keywords, at their feedback, and at audience demographics, if you have it. This will give you a clearer idea of what mattress they would purchase.

For example, if your most popular content focuses on eco-friendly living and budget-saving tips, your choice is narrowed down to Amerisleep, Latex for Less, and Sweet Zzz. After that, do more research and look into company values, CSR efforts, prevalence by state, and your own preference. If you’re still unsure, shoot them an email to clear up some confusion.

After that, sign up and take full advantage of the resources they give. Most programs grant you access to website collaterals and even have dedicated affiliate managers. Maximize your resources and ask for SEO keywords and incoming promos. Don’t be afraid to join more than one program, but avoid exclusivity contracts if you plan to sign up for a lot. Remember the impression each company makes on your audience, and base your decisions on this.

Do this well and you’ll be tucked away in your own mattress, having sweet dreams and sweet earnings too! Good luck, and don’t give up. The potential is right there, don’t worry and just trust yourself.