Golf Affiliate Programs – Take A Swing At This Highly Lucrative Niche

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization

Golf is often a misunderstood sport. People view it as an easy game but, in reality, it is a challenging traditional game that constantly evolves. Depending on the equipment, the state of the course, the weather conditions, and much more, every game is different and exciting.

It’s addicting and requires constant playing, explaining why golf is such a lucrative industry. Once someone falls in love with golf, they can’t turn their backs on it. That’s why golfers constantly make an effort to invest in items that enhance their playing.

Since one out of every three Americans plays golf, the market has become wide and varied. Brands often take the time to manufacture products that suit all golfers. These can be bought in physical stores but, due to the pandemic, the online golf retail world has grown.

There is a huge number of affiliate programs out there but not all of them are created equal. Not to worry though, because we’ve compiled the ten best golf affiliate programs for you!

Read on to get an idea of what each brand offers to both consumers and affiliates, and stay until the end for a few tips on how to tackle this marketing arena.

Top 10 Golf Affiliate Programs

1. Fairway Golf USA


Both beginners and experts alike know to go to Fairway Golf USA for any of their golf needs. They’re famous for their extensive collection of golf equipment, accessories, and apparel, as well as their excellent customer service.

Since anyone can golf, they’ve made sure to prepare for the golf needs of every player, whether for male, female, or junior golfers. While that’s already great, the best part still lays in their expertise in customizing high-quality clubs.

Moreover, since golf items are typically high-involvement purchases, they’ve created a customer service system that more than compensates for the lack of ability to test things out.

Fairway Golf USA affiliates receive great benefits and incentives. For their first 60 days, they’ll receive a 10% commission per sale. After the first two months, they’ll revert to the base commission rate, a generous 4% per sale. For each sale that goes over $200, they’ll get a $5 bonus as well.

Why Should You Promote Fairway Golf USA?

Fairway Golf USA is reputable and respected in the golfing community. Golfers of all backgrounds rely on them as a one-stop online golf shop, which will benefit you greatly. They also treat affiliates well, granting them performance bonuses and incentives. This helps make the entire process more enjoyable for publishers.

2. TaylorMade Golf


TaylorMade Golf is a household name in the golfing arena, known for its excellent quality drivers and pro-golfer clientele. Their founder revolutionized golf equipment by being the first one to develop the metal wood. It performed better than industry standards of the time and has helped immortalize TaylorMade in golfing history, as one of the greats.

They specialize in the development of golf clubs. Today, they have a wide array of club designs for all players, with customizable options as well to match their specifications best.

They’ve also developed golf balls which are best paired with their clubs. Their products are known to heighten the entire experience, and the brand has developed a loyal and satisfied following ever since its founding.

TaylorMade affiliates receive a significant referral fee, paired with a month-long cookie tracking duration. More than that, TaylorMade’s addition to your platform will help further legitimize your brand and platform. This partnership is definitely eye-catching and will make an impact on your audience.

Why Should You Promote TaylorMade Golf?

TaylorMade Golf has built a standout company, with an affiliate program full of benefits. When their brand is featured on your platform, it will lend you more credibility as a golf platform and is sure to draw out profitable responses from your readership.

3. Austad’s Golf


Austad’s Golf has been a family-owned golf haven since 1963. They’ve served golf lovers through three generations of management, and have grown from a simple shop to a golf retail powerhouse. It’s filled with all kinds of essentials and includes everyone’s favorite golf brands.

Their selection consists of golf clubs, balls, apparel, and other accessories needed for the sport. They want to boost the entire experience, and this includes adding to their arsenal some advanced technology and simulators as well. Experience has proven that anyone who buys from them ends up extremely happy with what they got.

Everything can be found here, and this works out great for affiliates! If you become an Austad’s affiliate, you’ll receive a base commission of 7.5% per sale, and will move up to 9% per sale when you reach $5,000 worth of monthly sales.

They’ll supply you with web collaterals and tracking links, send you monthly newsletters, and even give exclusive affiliate promotions. Considering their average order value is $145, this is a very attractive deal.

Why Should You Promote Austad’s Golf?

Austad’s Golf offers great rewards for their affiliates, with awesome commission rates, lengthy cookie durations, and a great supply of promo materials. Their actual consumer offers are irresistible to golfers, and consumers agree. Partnering with Austad’s as their affiliate is a deal not to be missed out on!

4. Rain or Shine Golf


Rain or Shine Golf has a passion for golfing and doesn’t want things like weather conditions and busy schedules to get in the way of playing. To them, golf is more than just a game, it’s a necessary escape. That’s why they’ve developed expertly designed customizable golf simulators that suit both a golfer’s budget and passion-fueled needs. As a result, their consumers leave them glowing feedback.

There’s so much to love with Rain or Shine Golf! They strive to deliver only the best, making sure to take into consideration the consumer’s budget, preferences, and room needs.

They’ve also developed ways to ensure that their consumer’s simulation experience will go smoothly. To do this, they’ve price-matched with competitors, offered free shipping, allow wholesale price cuts, ensure manufacturer warranty for items, and provide flexible finance options.

When you become a Rain or Shine Golf affiliate, you’ll be entering a collaborative partnership. It’s a highly involved advertiser-affiliate relationship that fosters ideas and publishing content that leads to high conversions and commissions.

They understand the importance of a publisher and try to ease the burden through collaboration, an incentive-driven commission system, and an expert tracking partner.

Why Should You Promote Rain or Shine Golf?

It’s no wonder that consumers love Rain or Shine Golf! With their obvious efforts to ensure satisfaction, it makes an impact on their buyers. Moreover, Rain or Shine’s collaborative environment helps motivate affiliates to earn higher commissions.

5. Callaway Golf


Callaway Golf is an industry leader in golf equipment. They pride themselves on their ability to create and design products that sell themselves. They rigorously research and develop cutting edge equipment for the sport, and are dedicated to designing only the best.

A golf club isn’t just a hefty metal rod, and a golf ball isn’t just something they smack away. This is obvious to any player and, luckily, Callaway understands this full well.

This means that they’ve dipped their fingers in everything that improves performance. From golf clubs and balls to shoes and sports bags, and to custom-made gear. Their passion is obvious and is evident in their excellent equipment. Consumers love their products and rate almost everything under the Callaway name with 5-stars!

Callaway Affiliates receive generous commissions per sale, with opportunities to earn higher through the incentive goals the brand has set. They keep most of their affiliate program details private but the brand itself is already a huge benefit and the commission easily seals the deal.

Why Should You Promote Callaway Golf?

Callaway Golf equipment has set industry standards all around the world, no one’s likely to forget about them soon. Signing up as their affiliate will promise you great commissions and will also elevate your own platform. Their affiliate deal won’t just earn you money, it’ll add to your brand as well.

6. Proozy


Proozy works hard to ensure that everyone is outfitted to tackle anything. They have a passion for adventure and understand the importance of being properly geared out for it. To accomplish this, they’ve teamed up with the best brands in fitness, and have set up a system where consumers can find great items for the best prices. Part of their selection is an extensive array of golf items for men, women, and junior players!

The golf apparel and accessories they have on offer are no laughing matter. Everything you could ever need to outfit your golf day is with them. Consumers love them and often leave 5-star reviews. It’s not uncommon to see feedback with people excited with Proozy’s weekly deals, quality items, and brand consistency.

As a Proozy affiliate, you’ll get access to promotional collaterals for your platform. There is also an affiliate newsletter for updates and exclusive deals, sent daily since Proozy’s high activity means that their offers are constantly in flux. They’ve even dedicated an expert team to help you with affiliate matters.

Why Should You Promote Proozy?

Proozy is a dearly loved brand with a vast golf collection, to ensure a full golfing experience. Their affiliate program takes care of every aspect and will make your job promoting them much easier thanks to their dedicated team.

7. Global Golf


Global Golf is a leading online retailer of expert golfing equipment. They know the game inside and out since they are golf lovers as well. When players encounter issues or questions, Global Golf knows what to do and what equipment they’ll need.

They make it easy to enjoy the game by taking care of all aspects of their items. Even if they only operate through online means, by no means does it take away from the golf experience, even during the research, purchase, and playing stages. They have a worldwide clientele and can serve everyone. Thanks to all these, their consumers are satisfied.

When you sign up as a Global Golf affiliate, you’ll be part of a commission tier. Everyone starts at a 6% commission per sale. Once you reach $1,000 in monthly sales, your commission becomes 7% per sale; when monthly sales reach $2,000, the commission becomes 8%; when it gets to $3,000, you’ll receive 9% per sale; and 10% per sale after gaining $5,000 in monthly sales.

Why Should You Promote Global Golf?

Global Golf makes sure everyone wins! They offer expertise to golfers and generous commissions to affiliates. The affiliate program they’ve set up motivates their publishers to promote more so they can earn more. Additionally, their global platform works in your favor, making it more accessible to a wider golfing audience.

8. Golf Outlets of America


Golf Outlets of America brings you the best golf equipment at the best values. They stand by this truth— golf is expensive. They know this and want to help players save some bucks by supplying them with great equipment for the lowest prices.

To do this, they’ve identified five ways to save up on costs. They’ve built dual distribution centers, set up house brands for in-house equipment, are vigilant of big-name clearance sales, partnered up globally, and are backed by a team of golf experts and lovers who ensure golf standards.

If you join their affiliate team, you’ll receive unique links to track your referrals, and if your referrals reach the average order value of $100, you’ll receive a $5 bonus as well. Their addition to your platform will surely offer your audience great deals.

Why Should You Promote Golf Outlets of America?

Golf Outlets of America affiliates receive a sweet commission for little involvement. They’ll handle everything, all you need to do is to promote them on your platform and highlight the great values of their products.

9. Trendy Golf USA


As the name states, Trendy Golf USA aims to deliver the trendiest celebrity golf apparel to fashion-forward golfers. There is merit in looking cool while playing and Trendy Golf wants to help! It started when the founders were unable to find and purchase an item worn by a pro-golfer. They realized the difficulty of finding pro-level apparel online and wanted to change that.

It’s a go-to online shop for players who want to look good, no matter the outcome of the game. They have something from favorite golf brands such as BOSS, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, and G/FORE to name a few. Consumers adore the convenience that Trendy Golf offers, and regularly return for more items that’ll keep them looking good on the course.

Their affiliates receive help from the brand itself. When you join their team of publishers, you’ll be given access to on-brand creatives for your platform and unique tracking text links. All of these will be attractive additions to your brand and help you in your content creation.

Why Should You Promote Trendy Golf USA?

Trendy Golf USA fills a hole in the online golf market that serves high-spending consumers. They focus on celebrity-level clothing, and many golfers desire this. While the commission may seem humble, it’s important to remember how quickly trends change and, if you have an audience of fashion-enthused golfers, this is perfect.

10. Golf Simulator Store


The Golf Simulator Store (GSS) is a brand that’s true to its name. Here, you can find anything that helps you play golf in your own homes. Whether it’s for equipment training, muscle practice, or for recreational purposes, a simulator is a dream come true for most golfers. It gives them the opportunity to test out new toys, to relax and unwind, and to have a safe place to retreat to when the course is closed.

There is much to consider when recreating the golf experience, but GSS has something for everything. They have swing analyzers, impact screens, computer systems, launch monitors, DIY systems, and more! They manufacture their own equipment but also sell other simulation brand favorites.

GSS affiliates receive a generous 10% per sale to start and can earn up to 15% commission for certain products. There is little information on their affiliate program found online. However, what we do know is pretty tempting already.

Why Should You Promote the Golf Simulator Store?

It is very evident that the Golf Simulator Store commission is large, and even more so once you learn the prices of their items. They have a very competitive affiliate offer which is all coveted by golfers worldwide. Becoming their affiliate would definitely be a wise choice.

Products You Can Promote

We’ve brought you ten of the best golf affiliate programs found online. Each program comes from reputable brands that improve the overall experience of the sport. Every option can be a great source of passive income but some strategy is needed to maximize your earning potential.

First off, find your niche! Determine where your most successful content falls under. To do this, review your site and check your stats. Which of your content gathered the most engagement?

Check what the content discusses— if it’s mostly about golf apparel, equipment reviews, or playing techniques. The answer you come to becomes your niche.

Then it’s time to do your research. We’ve already done the hard part and narrowed down the options into just the best ten. Now, narrow it down even further and choose programs that fit your niche and match your brand best. If you’re unsure of some details, feel free to send them an email and ask away!

One thing to remember is that the journey doesn’t end once you sign up. Now is the time for you to earn. To get the ball rolling, we recommend making use of SEO keyword lists, for the chance to engage more people.

Make sure to write relevant content, and remain keen on what content and keywords work best. It’s a lot of hard work at the start but, once you get the hang of it, it’ll come naturally.

You don’t need to stick to one program. If you steer clear of exclusivity contracts, you’ll be free to join many teams that open up more revenue sharing sources. All you have to do is make sure you sign up with companies that match your brand and engage your audience.

As you go on your way in your affiliate marketing journey, remember not to give up! It may seem slow going at first but it’ll take no time at all when you figure out what resonates most with your audience and brand. If you work hard now, your commissions will come swinging in soon enough.