10 Best Food Affiliate Programs – Referrals Never Tasted So Good!

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: January 19, 2023 | Monetization

Along with the flavor revolution, the food industry has infiltrated the constantly evolving online marketplace, making food accessible everywhere. It takes no effort at all to find grocery services, wine clubs, meal kits, and many more on the web, without compromising quality nor flavor.

It looks to grow even more to cope with the growing demand for uncrowded mediums of selling items during and after the pandemic.

With online food shops, there also comes food affiliate program opportunities. These programs allow content creators to earn commissions off of their referrals.

It is a revenue-sharing system that allows publishers another source of income. However, going through all the programs available will take loads of time and effort that not everyone can spare.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best food affiliate programs, all from different niches but with great earning potential. Read each item for a feel of each brand, and stay until the end for some tips on what to do next!

Top 10 Food Affiliate Programs

  1. MamaSezz
  2. Gourmet Food World
  3. Cellars Wine Club
  4. Eat Your Coffee
  5. Blue Apron
  6. FarmFoods Market
  7. Universal Yums
  8. Spicentice
  9. Thrive Market
  10. California Wine Club

1.    MamaSezz

MamaSezz is a plant-based meal delivery service providing healthy and freezer-friendly meals on a daily basis. Health is at the forefront of their recipes, with different plans available for different needs. They have bundles for diabetics, weight loss, and even for low sodium diets, to name a few. All of these are customizable too!

They have a satisfaction guarantee on all their meals, with reviews that are indeed satisfied! MamaSezz consumers love the chance to have healthy and delicious meals delivered to their doorstep, which can be stored in the freezer until they need it. Unsurprisingly, it’s a service they recommend proudly.

For affiliates, they get just as great a deal. While the commission is already very generous, it’s backed up by an extremely long cookie duration! With an average order value at $150, that’s a $15 cut per order. They offer select recurring commissions.

Why Should You Promote MamaSezz?

Earning is maximized with the MamaSezz affiliate program. The commission and cookies are remarkable, and the program is made even better after considering the loyal consumers they have already gathered, all of whom leave positive feedback.

2.    Gourmet Food World

Gourmet Food World is an online grocery service delivering only the best and highest quality foodstuff for excellent values. Norwegian smoked salmon, Italian truffles, and fine cheese selections are only a few of the items found in their world-class food arsenal. Regardless of cooking ability, Gourmet Food World holds the perfect secret ingredient that can turn good dishes into memorable flavor experiences.

They do their best to bring consumers the best deals, offering free discount memberships and a customer rewards program to help loyal buyers. Their reviews sing praises for their service and food quality, and they come highly recommended.

If you join their affiliate team, you’ll receive a cut off of each purchase you refer to them, with an average order value of $115. You’ll also have access to an array of web banners, monthly newsletters, and consumer promotions for your platform.

Why Should You Promote Gourmet Food World?

This is a great niche to get into, given that it’s a platform that offers gourmet food at great values. Their program opens up wonderful chances to earn and motivates affiliates to promote the brand by lending considerable help.

3.    Cellars Wine Club

The Cellars Wine Club (CWC) is one of the best wine clubs in the West Coast with subscription tiers to suit every palette. They have 12 clubs to choose from to satisfy the senses with monthly wine crates. They make sure to deliver first-rate wines at varying price points, ranging anywhere from $29, for the Single Bottle club, up to $369, for a 90-Point Case.

The CWC has built a network of sommeliers and aficionados, all of whom appreciate a cool glass of a finely aged bottle of wine. It comes highly recommended and makes it easy to have a perfect glass of white or red without having to be troubled in looking for one. They do all the work and have proven to be trustworthy in their selections.

As a CWC affiliate, you’ll receive a generous 15% commission per sale, and they pair it up with a just as generous cookie lifespan. You also have the chance at a higher payout with their frequent performance incentives. This means that if your referral subscribes to their most popular club, the Premium Club, for $49, you’ll receive a cut of at least $7.35. Moreover, you’ll be given access to images you can use for your platform and will be sent exclusive affiliate promotions.

Why Should You Promote the Cellars Wine Club?

The CWC is a reputable wine club with irresistible offerings. Their affiliate program is very competitive as well, especially after considering the hordes of wine lovers always looking for another great bottle. Through them, the commissions can easily add up.

4.    Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your Coffee has turned everyone’s favorite cup of joe into an energizing snack that you can carry around everywhere! Let’s face it, when we need a caffeine boost, it isn’t easy to get our hands on freshly-brewed coffee. There’s a cafe to go to, a line to wait in, and a cup of coffee that needs to be made— it takes time out of our day. That’s why coffee converted into a handy dandy snack is so genius!

With Eat Your Coffee, everyone can both be on the go and caffeinated, without wasting time. They even make sure to only use direct-trade coffee. This means that you can trust they’re paying fair wages directly to coffee bean farmers. They’re well-loved and have a strong online presence as well.

As an Eat Your Coffee affiliate, you’ll have a generous commission fee paired with a lengthy cookie life. Your cut isn’t just off of the product price, it is off of all revenue. Meaning that any shipping and handling fees done by the company will also be part of your commission. Moreover, you’ll still get your cut on repeat orders that occur within the same 90-day period. It’s a sweet deal, no doubt!

Why Should You Promote Eat Your Coffee?

Eat Your Coffee offers a unique and sellable solution to busy lives. The commission is, no doubt, generous and the cookie duration works well in your favor as well. Most consumers even come back for repeat purchases, which is even better news for you!

5.    Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a different meal service, delivering only the ingredients and recipes for orders. Rather than cooking everything in-house and delivering meals that only need warming up in the oven, Blue Apron sees the value in freshly made home-cooked meals. Instead, they provide all the ingredients and recipes for fresh homemade meals, perfect for couples and families!

It’s even great for home cooks who want to learn. The Blue Apron app does well in giving clear instructions per recipe. The entire service comes highly recommended by consumers and grants them the chance to confidently and easily cook scrumptious meals, even if they don’t have much experience.

Upon becoming a Blue Apron affiliate, you’ll be eligible for their affiliate sample program which is granted on a case-by-case basis. They’ll send a free meal kit box to the affiliate in return for a commitment to publish content on their platform. You’ll also be given other promotional tools.

Why Should You Promote Blue Apron?

Blue Apron offers an excellent service, giving novice chefs the best chance at cooking well-planned meals. They take into consideration taste, convenience, as well as experience, making it very attractive. It’s a top contender in the meal delivery arena and would be an advantageous program to join.

6.    FarmFoods Market

The FarmFoods Market is an online meat market with fresh and flavorful products sustainably sourced from local family farms. Why is this important? More and more, people want to know where their food comes from but, surprisingly, there aren’t many sources available on the origins of meat products. Information such as how the animals were raised, what they were fed, and the farm it came from are hard to find.

FarmFoods Market makes all of this info easily accessible by being completely transparent on their meat products. They’ve got meat delivery down to a fine art, and are able to give consumers the best, safest meats for the lowest prices.

They promise that all their products will arrive frozen and have a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t. Consumers love their service and very much agree that their meats are more flavorful than their store-bought counterparts!

They’re looking for passionate affiliates with an audience interested in organic and locally sourced meat. As their affiliate, you’ll receive a 4% cut of each sale you refer to them. Depending on performance, you can also negotiate higher rates.

Why Should You Promote FarmFoods Market?

FarmFoods Market caters to a specific niche of people who are conscious about what kind of meat and food products they’re putting in their bodies. They do this well, and were able to satisfy consumer requests even in the middle of a pandemic!

7.    Universal Yums

Universal Yums is a monthly subscription box filled with hard-to-get goodies from all over the world! Each month has a new theme, with recent boxes inspired by the snacks of the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Scandinavia. These snacks and candies take your taste buds on a trip around the world, even if you’re stuck at home. It even includes a booklet packed with trivia, recipes, and other fun stuff.

It’s a popular box for food adventurers and a great gift too. Search the web and it’s easy to find loads of positive reviews on the unique flavor journeys that Universal Yums takes them on.

They’re also popular on social media thanks to their great interactive relationship with consumers, often asking for their opinions on the latest boxes. It’s well-loved and recommended by their subscribers because even if one snack turns out weird, it’s still a fun monthly experience.

As a Universal Yums affiliate, you’ll get $10 for each new sale and can earn more if you perform well. After your first ten successful referrals, you’ll even be sent a free box for review and content purposes!

Why Should You Promote Universal Yums?

This is a great program to join since the offer itself is fun and exciting! Their strong social media presence helps your promotion efforts as well since subscribers are quick to comment on their top picks and weirdest flavors from each box. This is an easy sell and helps you effortlessly come up with new and engaging content.

8.    Spicentice

Spicentice is a UK-based company with a different take on meal kits. Rather than delivering fully prepped kits with all the ingredients, they focus instead on supplying the spices needed for each dish. They source exotic spices from all over the world, to bring the authentic flavors of different cultures into households all across the globe.

They offer spice packs for dishes from global cuisines with detailed to-buy lists and instructions, all delivered in sustainable packaging. More than that, their recipes are perfect for slimming down and living well. Consumers love them and enjoy the flavor adventures that Spicentice allows. Though it’s based in the UK, they deliver all around the world and are highly rated with a booming social media presence.

No matter where you are in the world, you can be a Spicentice affiliate! They grant a 10% cut off of each referred sale and help you earn more with their own strong marketing efforts. They take an aggressive marketing approach, often giving out big promotions and flash discounts whilst regularly updating their menu.

Why Should You Promote Spicentice?

They cater to a quickly growing niche and satisfy the needs of healthy eaters, flavor adventurers, and simple home cooks. They make flavor simple and have designed an affiliate program that opens up loads of earning opportunities. It’s even super easy to review and make content for!

9.    Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online destination for healthy and affordable organic food. Often, organic food is treated as a commodity only reserved for the wealthy but Thrive has a problem with that. Access to safe food shouldn’t be a privilege and that’s why the Thrive Market was born. It works on a membership basis, guaranteeing big savings when purchasing from them. Moreover, they match each paid subscription so they can give free memberships to low-income families, students, teachers, veterans, and first responders.

They’ve committed to transparency with how their offers are sourced, and see the value of simply presenting only the best of anything one could ever need, rather than cluttering their site with subpar products. It’s well-regarded and highly recommended!

When you become a Thrive affiliate, you’ll receive either a $5 commission for a one-month membership sale or a $40 commission for an annual membership sale. You’ll also have a dedicated affiliate team for any questions or recommendations whenever needed.

Why Should You Promote Thrive Market?

Thrive has devised a platform that opens doors that were previously closed for a majority of people. Accessible healthy food is their mission, and they deliver on both the accessibility and the healthiness of all their selection. This is an attractive and risk-free membership for audiences to join, making it an affiliate program with a huge potential for earning.

10. The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club is a popular club that focuses on uncovering the hidden gems of the wine world. While there are many big wine clubs around, a substantial number of these are profit-driven. The California Wine Club is different because they make sure to work closely with small wineries and personally vet their best bottles, some of which will be featured in that month’s subscription.

Founded in 1990, they’ve remained passionate about wine through all these years and consistently shed a light on deserving wineries that have flown under the radar for too long. Their members love the club’s services and have found dearest wine selections from their monthly crates. They have five wine club levels up for subscriptions, ranging from $40.95 to $231, each with its own specialty.

Upon joining their affiliate program, you’ll have access to brand collaterals for your platform and monthly affiliate deals. You’ll have a base commission of 15% per sale, with a long cookie duration, VIP bonuses, and additional performance incentives. This means you can earn as much as $34.65, with a chance at more if you perform well.

Why Should You Promote The California Wine Club?

The club offers a very competitive program for affiliates, with many opportunities to earn more, depending on performance matters. The monthly service system is also helpful with content creation and the nature of the wine makes it easy to promote other brands as well.

Products You Can Promote

Those were the top food affiliate programs out there! You’ve just seen that there are programs for plant-based diets, on-the-go home cooks, wine enthusiasts, and flavor adventurers. Now, the trouble is your next move: what program will you join? We say “trouble” but it’s actually no problem at all since we have some advice on what to do next!

It’s Time To Pick A Niche

Your niche should be based on your content and your audience, not just on the program with the highest commissions. Examine your previously published content with the most engagements to reveal your niche. It’s important to do this well so you don’t accidentally join programs that could, ultimately, damage your brand.

Do Some Research On Programs Under Your Niche

Lurk on review sites, check out their social media, and even email them your questions, so you can clear up any lingering confusion. After this, it’ll be much easier to choose a program!

For example, you run a blog for adventurous moms. This makes meal prep programs and subscription boxes an obvious choice. Spicentice, Blue Apron, Universal Yums, and MamaSezz would be great programs to consider. It’ll also be easy to create promotional content. Just review their recipes and snacks, and encourage your audience to try it for themselves.

Don’t Confine Yourself To Just One Program!

The great thing about food is that people eat a huge selection of food and your brand can suit a variety of brands. Just be careful to avoid exclusivity contracts or joining any direct competitors and you’ll be fine.

Now, you’re fully equipped to take on the food affiliate world! Remember to do your best and, even if it’s tough at first, all your hard work will pay off with sweet commissions.

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