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[MUST READ] Drip Review – Is This The Right Tool For Your Business [Updated 2021]

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: July 30, 2021 | Traffic

Drip is one of the popular marketing automation software tools developed to help eCommerce businesses automate marketing engagement through its incomparable insight.  The company is based in California and cofounded by Rob Walling.

It builds marketing automation software for B2C to help them target high-quality leads and personalize email marketing.  It executes automated campaigns across different digital channels; particularly emails to determine what customers are clicking, craving, or perusing.

Moreover, Drip provides a great marketing automation platform that utilizes digital channels to keep existing customers and prospects engaged.  The software plays a very important role for B2C marketers, as their buyers are self-directed and like to control the buying cycle as compared to vendors.

That means if you are a marketing practitioner who wants his campaigns built and nurtured with operationalized strategies, this marketing automation software is essential.

The cloud-based marketing platform works for all types of companies that are looking to boost their digital marketing effort.  It allows marketers to send targeted emails to their potential customers and create a visual workflow of marketing campaigns.  Typically, it helps them manage qualified leads.

Drip has unique offers that I have not found in other marketing automation developers. Its free starter plan is, without a doubt standout feature.

Firms that have only a hundred subscribers can also join this marketing automation platform for free and can enjoy the same features of paid plans.  Some of the features include:

Pricing Plans

Drip offers comprehensive paid pricing plans that include Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Although all three plans have more or less the same features, they cater to a different number of contacts. With paid plans of Drip, customers can remove the company’s branding from its opt-in widgets.

Typically, Drip offers the given pricing packages for small businesses and small businesses to choose from.

Starter – $49 (up to 25, 00 contacts)

The pricing plan offers a free subscription to small businesses. Although it is based on subscribers’ quantity, it allows 100 subscribers and gives them unlimited emails for marketing automation.

Basic – $49 (up to 25, 00 contacts)

The forever – free pricing plan is up to 100 to 25, 00 contacts and allows users to send unlimited emails. Plus, you get 2/7chat and email support.

Pro – $122 (up to 5,000 contacts)

The pricing plan is also for small businesses and allows unlimited email sends with an efficient email marketing automation. Like the previous two plans, it also offers 24/7 email support to its customers.

Enterprise – Varies (5001+ contacts)

The pricing plan is for you if you have a large business setup. That is why it takes a high volume of subscribers. There is no free trial on this pricing plan.

Take a look at the prominent features of all these pricing plans.

Features & Benefits

Drip, as a marketing automation platform, offers a visual workflow developer that comes with an innovative drag-and-drop interface.  Marketers build their business workflow in six easy steps that include

These workflow steps are designed so marketers can scroll through each step vertically to view and grasp the information.  Besides this, marketers always have this option to add an exit step when they want to stop the workflow after meeting specific conditions.

Drip has recently introduced some of its new features to capture potential customers via social media account. The marketing automation platform has integrated with Facebook audiences to make more targeted ads.

Not only can marketers create customized ads with Facebook but also can start, change or stop them with Drip. Additionally, marketers can set-up an automated workflow if they want t target the Facebook user’s journey.

Some additional features of Drip are as follows:

Sixteen actions and 18 triggers in this automation rule builder are extremely supportive of various activities that may include adding tags, moving conversations, and moving subscribers to a different application.

Benefits of Drip

Visual application

No doubt that is creating attractive email campaigns with Drip in an interactive process. Its applications come with a visual workflow builder that enable marketers their custom tasks with corresponding actions and triggers.

Automated Workflow

With Drip, you do not need manual responses to trigger the clients. The software has assorted appropriate responses and triggers that are included in the automation builder to save users’ time.

Targeted Campaigns

Some emails can’t cater to all subscribers.  This is the reason why Drip enables its users to send targeted emails to people who fit a specific profile. Drip campaigns, one-off emails, and email blasts are Drip’s targeted emails.

Through targeted campaigns, only relevant emails are sent to the customers that increase the chances to retain them.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Drip does an unparallel job to help them excel in the market. It provides ultimate solutions to its customers to improve their existing sales funnel.

Customer can easily design their prospect journey, create nurturing paths, can have access to pre-built templates, and ensure deliverability.  The affordable pricing plans for small business are, no doubt a great advantage.


Does Drip Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Drip offers an amazing 14-day trial to its users with loads of features including email builders, social media ads, automated emails set on triggers, etc.

Does Drip Have A WordPress Plug-in?

Yes, Drip has a powerful WordPress plug-in.

Does Drip Have Templates?

Drip does offer templates but they are very basic in nature. However, you can surely create your own templates through template management features.

Does Drip Provide A/B Testing?

Yes, A/B testing is available on Drip. In fact, the platform offers split testing for user experiences and takes a notch higher than other email marketing tools.

Is Drip Suitable As A CRM?

Of course, Drip is the most innovative CRM there is. It takes customer relationship management for online businesses to a completely new level and that’s why it is not just a CRM but an ECRM.


The overall experience with Drip is admirable. You get a lot of great features on the software if you have an eCommerce business. Its integration with WordPress makes is a definite deal for hundreds of thousands of online store owners.

In addition to that, it allows integration of some of the most popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. The convenience is definitely there. The out-of-the-box thinking for designing the triggers is laudable too.

You can reach out to your customers not only when they place an order successfully but even when they abandon the cart midway.

You will experience a few hiccups here and there. For example, template designing features are basic at best. At the same time, CRO is an area where you will be forced to think that the platform has its limitations.

Overall, you can safely say that there is no other marketing automation solution as fitting and suitable for e-commerce businesses as Drip.

Who Is Drip Suitable For?

Drip is suitable for online businesses and stores. The company created the software after realizing that there was a need for a CRM designed specifically for eCommerce businesses.

As an eCommerce CRM, it can suit any business of any size. From a basic version suitable for small businesses to an excellent choice for enterprises, Drip has the potential to be the future of eCommerce marketing automation.

What I Liked

I have no doubts that Drip is intuitive software that has helped me managed hundreds of interactions with the customers, advocate, and leads in my business.  The best part of using drip is that It suits my online store perfectly.

The previous CRMs I used had not optimized the experience for eCommerce stores like the one I have.

What I Didn’t Like

Despite the fact that it is a marketing automation tool, it does lack a few features found on other similar software. For example, creating a sales funnel from scratch because the available templates are quite basic, which is a bit of a disappointment.

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