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[MUST READ] ConvertKit Review – How Does This Tool Stack Up In 2021

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: July 30, 2021 | Traffic

Every business in the modern age pays critical focus towards email marketing, and for a good reason. It is a practice that helps in retaining customers by keeping them in the loop about your business.

Because email marketing is such an important aspect of the business, people have started to automate it using a variety of software. There are hundreds of software designed specifically for email automation and marketing.

ConvertKit happens to be one of this software as well. ConvertKit’s emergence has left behind software that were once household names in the email automation landscape.

ConvertKit – A Brief History

Famous among podcasters, bloggers, and various other businesses, ConvertKit is a software that works as an email provider that helps businesses to build up their audiences.

This software is the brainchild of famous blogger Nathan Barry. He rebranded ConvertKit by naming it Seva initially but reverted to its old name later on. ConvertKit had very humble begins during its initial stages in the year 2015, when it was only making 30,000 dollars per month.

Things have changed tremendously four years later as ConvertKit now has a recurring monthly revenue of 1.3 million dollars, with about 22,000 active customers.

The best part about the customers and monthly revenue is that it is growing with each passing month. The interface of this software is exceptional and easy to use.

Beginner and advanced businesses alike can gain an advantage from this software to increase their profits by building up audiences.

Why I Chose ConvertKit

If your business particularly focuses on running automation and managing subscribers, ConvertKit will prove to be the perfect option for you. The reason why I say this is because ConvertKit prides itself to be built with a solid foundation of the tag-based system.

It essentially applies tags on the subscribers according to their behaviors. This option of individual targeting ensures that you can gauge the activity and needs of your current and potential future customers and provide them with what they need accordingly.

Pricing and Plans

ConvertKit has a unique pricing plan that greatly defers to those of other automation software. This software has a single subscription plan on offer for its users. However, the plan ranges from $29 USD to $3,999 USD per month.

This essentially means that the number of subscribers you have will be the determining factor of how much money you will need to pay for your plan. ConvertKit offers its users free concierge migration if they have more than 5000 subscribers.

Note that ConvertKit will not count any of your duplicate subscribers. This is important to keep in mind as other software do count duplicate subscribers.

The cost of this software leaves much to be desired. ConvertKit does not come in cheap, which is why some people are often hesitant when it comes to buying it.

But let me assure you that the high functionality and effective features of this software more than make up for its high price.

Features & Benefits

Mentioned below are some important features and benefits that make ConvertKit a must-have tool for any business.

1.   Subscriber-Centric

As I pointed out earlier, you will not find a better subscriber-centric tool than ConvertKit. ConvertKit gives you a single email list. This is not the case with other software, as most of them are list-centric.

The subscriber-centric list makes it easy for you to detect the people you want to email to get their attention. ConvertKit saves you a lot of money in the long run because of this feature.

I advise people to consider the long term benefits of email software before buying one.

2.   Easy Segmentation and Automation

Businesses that take email marketing seriously heavily rely on automation. They also look for the functionality of the software before making their final decision on buying one of them.

ConvertKits automation is one of a kind. It will help you to trigger sequences, tag your subscribers, and numerous other things. What is so great about all of this is that setting it up is incredibly easy.

You will have the automation-ready within no time, as all you will have to do is click around. This beneficial feature lets you target specific subscribers and allows you to tailor content specifically towards their interest.

You will get a better idea of who your subscribers are and what are their thoughts about your product. All in all, you will be able to enhance your value to the list of your subscribers.

3.   Variety in Integrations

You will find great ease in running your business online with the help of ConvertKit. The website of this software has numerous integrations that you can choose for your convenience.

You can make quality blog posts with the WordPress integration on offer. You can also create your online shop with WooCommerce integration. ConvertKit immediately adds a trigger as soon as someone purchases something from your online store.

This trigger helps you to take the necessary actions you want with your customers after they buy something from your store. Most businesses send a follow-up email to thank them and suggest them other products that they might want to purchase.

4.   Easy Sequencing

Starting with sequencing in ConvertKit is incredibly easy. A single page is all you will require to create something. You won’t even have to leave the page, which is a great advantage that is hard to find in other software.

Going back to the main page for adding more content can be incredibly time consuming and boring. ConvertKit eliminates this problem and gives you all the ease you want with its quick solutions.

Customer Support

ConvertKit has excellent customer support. They are fast and extremely responsive. The round the clock availability of the customer support executives of this software is what makes them so excellent.

ConvertKit has various mediums for solving problems for their customers. You can get in touch with them by sending email and online chat.

The option of online chat is especially welcome as it is easy and offers you quick solutions without waiting for someone to pick up your calls. There is always someone available on chat ready to answer any of your queries.

There are other ways in which ConvertKit proves its helpfulness. It has several detailed articles and blogs that you can read to get a better understanding of how the software and its features work.

Some of these articles also discuss troubleshooting tips and techniques that could help you solve your problem without asking help from anyone.


Mentioned below are common questions that people ask about ConvertKit.

Does ConvertKit Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, ConvertKit does offer a free trial to its customers for 30-days. People can take advantage of this one month trial to learn the functions and features of this software and make a well-informed decision on whether they should buy it or not.

Does ConvertKit Have A WordPress Plug-in?

Yes, indeed, ConvertKit does have a WordPress plug-in. You can create interesting blogs and articles through this plug-in for presenting them to your audience. A large part of the internets’ content is available on WordPress and ConvertKit provides its plug-in, giving you the perfect opportunity to retain the interest of your customers.

Does ConvertKit Offer Landing Pages & Templates?

Yes, ConvertKit does offer its users landing pages and templates. There are several template options that ConvertKit offers you to choose for your website. As far as landing pages go, ConvertKit offers you four of them, and it doesn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes for creating t

Does Convert Kit Provide A/B Testing?

You can test the performance of your subject lines by conducting ConvertKit A/B split tests. All you will need to do for creating a new broadcast is to click on the icon that has A/B on it.

Is ConvertKit Suitable As A CRM?

Although ConvertKit does not have its CRM, it does offer CRM integration through a variety of software available online.


My final verdict of this software is that it is a must-buy for businesses that are looking to perfect their email marketing and automation. Although it is pricey, you will not regret buying it, especially if you are running a large operation.

Who Is ConvertKit Suitable For?

ConvertKit is best suited for businesses that have email automation and delivering subscriber-centric services as their priority.

Pros – What I Liked

ConvertKit’s easy interface and usability is something that I appreciated. I also liked the fact that you can test this software for 30-days for free, which is a huge selling point as far as I am concerned.

Cons – What I Didn’t Like

This software could be a little cheaper. Its high cost could turn some people away from it. The absence of its own CRM is also something that would have made ConvertKit the undisputed best in the automating software playing field.

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