14 of The Best Webinar Software Platforms (Updated For 2024)

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: February 22, 2024 | Blogging
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Webinars are essential for connecting with teammates and moving customers down the sales funnel. In 2020, more people are working from home, and using the best webinar software is even more critical, as in-person events are moving online.

While you may be able to get away with using an undependable service for your internal meetings, meeting with clients, or presenting to leads is another story. Your customers do not have time for connectivity issues, network problems, or complicated processes.

You must choose a solution with a simple setup for hosts and guests, HD quality video and sound, interactive features, an attractive interface, and customer support. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent services available.

In this comprehensive buying guide, you will find relevant answers to questions about the top webinar platforms available, like:

What to Look for in a Webinar Solution

When searching for the perfect solution, there are some specific things that you need to consider. If you are using the program to convert leads to customers, it is even more critical to use a secure platform.

If you pick a solution that requires a lengthy setup process, you will likely lose leads along the way. People have so much going on that they are too busy to contact tech support or spend extended periods connecting.

It is also good to record sessions so they can be played back for people who are unable to attend the meeting.

In addition to the webinar functionality these platforms give you, most providers also include a full suite of marketing tools. The best webinar services include:

What Are The Best Webinar Software Platforms

There are many webinar platforms you can choose. However, each company has different needs, so the program that works best for one organization might not be the appropriate choice.

Additionally, the webinar industry is very competitive. There are constant upgrades and new products available with new and innovative features to help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

That being said, we will take a deep dive into the top webinar platforms available today. In this review, you will find plans, pricing, features, and essential details about each solution.

1. WebinarJam

Best Overall Value and Features

Currently, WebinarJam is the best web meeting hosting platform. It is user-friendly and offers a host of features to maximize the impact of your web presentations.

You can broadcast live to YouTube or use the company’s private broadcaster, WebinarJam Live. Webinars can be shared publicly, or you can password-protect them so only invitees can join.

WebinarJam also gives you the option of charging for your meeting. You do have to use a third-party payment processing system to collect the payments. However, you can easily integrate with payment processing systems, CRMs, marketing platforms, and other applications.

Where WebinarJam stands out from other providers is with value-added marketing features like:

The convenient pop-up prompts help you to sell your products while answering any customer questions seamlessly. There are also features that allow you to record attendee responses, which is excellent for engaging viewers and gathering their opinions.

Your entire webinar is automatically captured, too, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to hit the record button. Afterward, you can send the webinar recording to email contacts or attendees.

Using WebinarJam, you can create automated, live, on-demand, right now, and series webinars. Then you can market your event by using the platform to create automated SMS and email campaigns.

Valuable Features:

Plans and Pricing:

There are three WebinarJam plans you can select, and you can also try the service for free for 14 days before signing up.

2.  WebinarNinja

Best Platform for Trainers and Coaches


WebinarNinja is an excellent all-in-one platform trusted by leading companies. It is one of the most user-friendly tools allowing you to set up a meeting in less than 60 seconds.

It also includes features that allow you to follow up after your web event easily.

As a WebinarNinja customer, you can create four distinct webinar types, including:

You also have features to help you connect with and convert leads, like email campaigns, polling, and screen sharing. You can also connect with over a thousand apps, including ChimpMail, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and Drip, using Zapier for even more features.

Valuable Features:

Plans and Pricing

You can start using WebinarNinja for free with a 14-day free trial. Or, you can choose from one of the paid plans.

Although the prices are broken down into monthly payments, all of the plans are charged annually. WebinarNinja is an excellent platform if you are looking for advanced features and the ability to create webinars quickly.

3. eWebinar

Best Automated Webinar Solution


eWebinar was designed to help customer success and marketing teams automate repetitive webinars so they can repurpose their time towards other activities that can not be automated. Small and medium-sized businesses and solopreneurs use it for training, onboarding, and upselling.

eWebinar lets you turn any pre-recorded video into an interactive, automated webinar. A simple, modern interface makes setup quick and easy, allowing you to create an evergreen webinar within minutes.

eWebinar combines video with live chat and pre-set interactions — like polls, questions, special offers, and more — to deliver an engaging experience to attendees. Because each webinar is built around a video, you can deliver the perfect webinar every time, without being there.

eWebinar is an automated-only solution and does not support live webinars. Their product focuses solely on delivering features unique to webinar automation, such as a support-like live chat system that moves conversations to email when attendees are offline. If you use Zoom for live webinars, eWebinar supports an integration that lets you import cloud recordings of your Zoom sessions into eWebinar with a single click.

Most notable is eWebinar’s user experience. Its customer interface for both host and attendee is beautifully designed, intuitive, and easy to use.

Valuable Features

Plans and Pricing

eWebinar has a fair pricing model so that you only pay for what you use; subscription levels automatically adjust as you publish and unpublish webinars.

All plans include all features, which means there are no feature limitations. What’s more, you get unlimited sessions and attendees per published webinar, so you can scale your audience without having to worry about increasing costs.

4. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar Software

Best Webinar Platform for Enterprise-Level Organizations

For large webinars, GoToWebinar is an excellent choice, and for several years it has been the goto platform for many webinar creators. It includes tons of features to help you market your webinar and the ability to have many attendees.

It also gives you excellent marketing tools to help register attendees and remind them about your event. While GoToWebinar is one of the most reliable programs you can use, it does lack some of the features offered by other providers.

While GoToWebinar has been and continues to be a great option, it might not be the best application. However, whether or not GoToWebinar is the right software for you depends on your specific requirements.

Valuable Features

Plans and Pricing

As a GoToWebinar customer, you can choose between four packages.

A great option available with GoToWebinar is monthly billing. Many webinar services require you to pay yearly. So, for smaller companies or business owners who are bootstrapping, that commitment can be a lot. With GoToWebinar, you get exceptional service with the option of paying monthly.

5. Demio

Best Webinar Software for Beginners


Demio was built to help you advance your business. It provides your attendees with an engaging, user-friendly experience. The platform was created with your marketing team in mind and includes features like video conferencing, a valuable tool for one on one sales demonstrations and training sessions.

Your subscription includes marketing tools, HD streaming, and cloud storage for up to 100 pre-recorded webinars that your clients can download on-demand, and more!

Demio offers five webinar types, including:

As far as the user experience, Demio provides one of the nicest interfaces. It is sleek and easy to navigate.

Valuable Features:

Plans and Pricing:

The plans offered by Demio are affordable. However, if you need room for more than 500 attendees, you will need a different service, and the most affordable plans do not include the full suite of features available through Demio.

If you decide to try the service, you can choose a free 14-day trial, which gives you access to the Growth Plan.

6. Livestorm

Best Choice for Live Demonstrations


In terms of ease of use, Livestorm is one of the best services available. Your viewers can quickly join from any internet-enabled device without registering or completing a lengthy plugin download and setup process.

Livestorm also comes with excellent engagement tools like polls, Q and A, and up-votes. Plus, there are no limits on the length of your meetings.

As a Livestorm customer, you have access to automated email campaigns with branding to help you market your event and track click-throughs. It is also simple to integrate with:

The trial version includes all of the available features, and you can create as many webinars as you want. However, your meetings are limited to 20 minutes and ten attendees.

Valuable Features:

Live, on-demand, and automated webinars and instant and scheduled meetings are available.

Pricing and Plans:

In addition to the free membership, you can select one of these paid plans:

Livestorm is one of the only free webinar services available. While the trial membership limits you to 20-minute webinars and a maximum of 10 attendees, it is a great way to practice creating webinars. As a customer, you also have access to Meet Premium, meeting service with access for up to 12 participants, and unlimited moderators.

7. EasyWebinar


Best Platform for Broadcasting on Multiple Channels

EasyWebinar makes creating presentations simple even for beginners. Plus, it gives you a ton of amazing features like the ability to make any attendee the presenter and EasyCast, allowing you to stream on multiple channels simultaneously. Even with all of the great features, the platform is not overwhelming.

Whether you are new to webinars or an expert, your audience will think you are a pro with no-lag HD streaming. EasyWebinar promises the fastest webinar experience.

Valuable Features:

Pricing and Plans:

There are three tiered packages you can choose. All of them come with chat support, and there are two free masterclasses to help you learn how to make incredible webinars using EasyWebinar.

Standard – When you choose the Standard Plan, you receive access for up to 100 attendees at live events, unlimited automated webinars with as many as 100 attendees at any given time, and Facebook Live and YouTube Live streaming using EasyCast starting at $78 per month.

Pro – The Pro Plan includes 500 live attendees, unlimited pre-recorded webinars with as many as 500 attendees at any time, Facebook Live and YouTube Live streaming, and customizable registration pages starting at $129 per month.

Enterprise – As an Enterprise Plan customer, you get 2,000 live and simultaneous attendees and a dedicated account concierge starting at $499 per month. If you pay annually, EasyWebinar gives you access to unlimited simultaneous viewers on on-demand webinars.

Overall, EasyWebinar is a wonderful solution if you want to stream on multiple channels without compromising quality. The on-demand access for unlimited viewers with the Enterprise is perfect for international organizations. Every plan includes support, as well as the masterclass, so no matter what your level of skill, you can learn to make evergreen webinars that boost sales.

8. BigMarker


Best Web Conference and Summit Platform

Another great no-download solution is BigMarker. It has features that help organizations host town hall meetings and summits. In addition to live, on-demand, and automated webinars, BigMarker gives you the tools to host summits, create channels for your content, stream webinars on multiple channels, and meet with clients in smaller meeting rooms for demos.

You also receive a full suite of features to enhance your webinars, including custom branding, lead generation, sales funnel integration, and monetization.

BigMarker is also an excellent on-boarding and training solution making it a great platform for internal and external events.

Valuable Features:

Pricing and Plans:

When it comes to purchasing a plan from BigMarker, you can save when you pay annually on any of the three available programs. However, you receive the most significant saving on the Premier Plan.

Here are all of the plans BigMarker offers:

9. GetResponse

Best Webinar Service for Sales Funnel Integration


GetResponse is an excellent tool for small to medium-sized businesses that need help getting registrations. It contains tools to assist with marketing, get clients to open your emails, and ultimately sign up for your webinar.

It is more than a webinar service. It is also a robust sales funnel solution. It includes valuable marketing tools, like an email marketing certification to help you get more registrations, forms to help you collect lead data, and email marketing insights.

Valuable Features:

Plans and Pricing:

Each of the plans available through GetResponse offers different features and pricing starts at 1,000 contacts. The more connections you add, the more each plan costs. You can also select monthly, yearly, or bi-annual plans. The longer the term, the less it costs.

Plus – Up to 100 webinar attendees, sales funnel webinars, and three hosts starting at $49 per month.

Professional – Max of 300 attendees, webinar automation, and five hosts starting at $99 per month.

Max – The Max Plan includes up to 500 attendees and custom features. Contact GetRespose for Max Plan pricing.

10. ClickMeeting

Best Webinar for Engaging with Attendees


ClickMeeting is widely used by small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of fields. It is particularly well suited for training, demos, small groups, interviews, and on-boarding. Setting up webinars is very straightforward, and even a beginner can set up a webinar with a captivating user-experience in very little time.

Plans are affordable, especially for startups or sole enterprises. With ClickMeeting, you can make your one-person operation seem like an industry-leading organization without negatively impacting your company budget.

Valuable Features:

Plans and Pricing:

Take a look at the plans available from ClickMeeting. Do not let the low prices fool you; ClickMeeting packs features into each. So, no matter what level of service you select, you will have everything you need to create and market your events.

ClickMeeting is an excellent choice if you need to host smaller events, but due to pricing increases for more attendees, other services are a better fit if you need access for more than 100 people.

11. EverWebinar

Best Solution for Evergreen Webinars


If you want to create evergreen webinars for your small or medium-sized organization, EverWebinar is the way to go. You can quickly and easily turn your pre-recorded sessions into evergreen content to help convert leads into customers.

The automation features available through EverWebinar give your presentations the appearance of a live event with features like attendance simulation. You can also create Just-In-Time Webinars. When someone locates your webinar, it appears to be starting in a few minutes.

That gives the person the idea they are in the right place at the right time. It also increases registrations because the event is stating right when they are looking for information.

Through automation, you can tailor your client experience for customers in many time zones. For companies that are just getting into webinar creation, these innovative tools can make a huge difference.

Valuable Features:

Pricing and Plans:

EverWebinar offers several plan options, including an installment plan with three payments of $199, an annual program that costs $499, and a two-year option for $799.

You can also try EverWebinar for free for 30 days.

Webinar Services for Specialized Industries

While the above options are the best webinar platforms available for most businesses, there are a few services that are better suited for specific industries. Take a look at these options if you manage a non-profit, law firm, or medical practice, or if you are creating webinars for students.

12. Blackboard

Best Webinar Service for Educators


Blackboard is a fantastic software for educators. You can conduct classes, allow students to ask questions, and enable group chats.

With Blackboard, you can also allow participants to draw on the Blackboard, you can share pictures, viewers can raise their hands if they have questions, and you can move people to breakout rooms for smaller group sessions.

Valuable Features:

Pricing and Plans:

You have to contact Blackboard for pricing.

13. Zoom

Best Webinar Platform for Medical Offices


As a medical provider, your webinar and meeting needs are unique. You are dealing with confidential patient information. So, the security level you need is much higher than someone creating a webinar about a marketing method.

That is why thousands of medical offices throughout the United States trust Zoom. Zoom is a reputable company that makes customer security a top priority.

Patients can initiate the zoom meeting from their MyChart account, making it easy to access any internet-enabled device. However, there is a plugin that you need to download.

Besides being an excellent tool for telemedicine appointments, Zoom is a wonderful option for medical conferences, office meetings, and training sessions.

Valuable Features:

Pricing and Plans:

Zoom plans are affordable and include a ton of features. Here is an overview of the available plans:

14. WebEx by Cisco

Best Platform for Lawfirms and Depositions


Cisco has been a trusted leader in the communications industry for years. So, it is no surprise that law firms trust WebEx for sensitive case-related meetings.

As law offices and courts move toward remote meetings and court sessions, it is more important than ever for law firms to find a trustworthy service for conducting depositions. When looking for a solution for depositions, you need to look for:

WebEx gives you the tools you need, and as a cloud-based service,  it is easily accessible from mobile devices, offers long term storage of video and audio recordings,

Valuable Features:

Pricing and Plans:

3 Benefits of Using a High-Quality Webinar Platform

No matter how useful the content you share is, if people are unable to access your webinars, your creating process is a waste of your time, and it could hurt your business image. On the other hand, a high-quality webinar platform can set you apart amongst your competitors.

13 Ways to Improve Your Webinars

An excellent webinar platform can only take you so far. Check out these tips to help you create the best possible webinar experience.

Always Start On Time

You must start your webinar on time. Your attendees are busy, and they are committing their time to you. Being on time, lets your audience know that you respect them.

It is also vital that you stick to the time frame you set for the event. If you run over an interested participant may need to leave before giving them the information they came to learn.

Conduct Market Research

It is essential to know what your competitors are doing. So, before you create your first or next webinar, take a look at what else is out there. If your competition has done a great job of providing value to your target audience, you can improve.

Get to Know Your Audience

You need to know who you are presenting to long before your webinar. Get to know your audience’s needs so that you can give them the best value.

Check chat forums for questions people ask frequently relating to your business. If many people look for answers to a specific topic pertaining to your field, it would be good to cover it.

Practice First

You have to practice before you do a webinar because, despite being behind a computer screen, it can be nerve-wracking to present to hundreds of people from around the world or even to smaller groups of your peers. The last thing you want is to stumble on your words in the middle of your live webinar or forget a critical point.

Doing a practice run will also help you work out any kinks with connecting, so you can start on time without any issues.

Always Deliver

You must deliver more than you promise. If you say you will be teaching your audience a new way to get leads, you have to show them something new and valuable. You do not want to create a webinar about a topic that is common knowledge.

Use Branding

You want your viewers to see your company throughout your web event. Having the ability to add your logo to event emails, landing pages, waiting rooms, and thank you pages can make a difference. It puts your company in front of the lead throughout your presentation, which will help them remember you when they need your services.

Utilize Analytics

Using analytics is a great way to see how your content is performing. Without this valuable tool, you have to rely on less accurate methods for gauging how your audience receives your message. You are also unable to track how well your webinars are converting leads to paying customers.

By utilizing built-in analytics, you can gain insight into what your audience wants to learn. With that information, you can create more engaging content and determine what topics would make a successful series.

Get to the Point

People do not have time to listen to a presenter rambling on forever. Your webinars need to be refreshing. Give a lot of value in a reasonable time. The most well-received presentations are between 30 and 45 minutes.

If you create webinars that are too short, it makes people wonder if they even need to attend. When they are too long, people get anxious. They want to get back to their essential tasks.

Break Down Complex Topics

When your topic requires longer presentations or covers complex issues, you may want to consider breaking it up into a series or doing a summit where different experts speak on the subject. If you provide a ton of value in your first demonstration, you can bet viewers will come back, and they will likely tell their friends and colleagues too.

Use Intentional Timing

Your timing when planning your webinar is essential. There are several aspects you need to consider, too. The first is your event start time for live events. If you want to attract the most attendees, you should plan your event for 11 a.m. on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Remind Attendees to Join

People get busy, and unfortunately, elective webinars tend to take a backseat to more pressing priorities. So, people often forget they are even supposed to attend your event. To maximize attendance, you need to remind everyone who registers once a week and on the day of your event.

Follow-Up Afterwards

After your webinar, it is important to thank people for attending and follow up with them. It is a good idea to send out a survey so you can collect feedback on your presentation and ask what other topics they would be interested in learning.

Use the Data You Collect

Each time you host a webinar and conduct a survey, you can use what you learn to create better content that drives sales. So, it is essential to spend some time reviewing your webinar and analyzing the responses you receive.

Final Thoughts to Help You Pick the Perfect Webinar Platform

Your webinar service investment is not a decision you should take lightly. A quality platform can help you expand your business and provide better service to your clients. When a lead attends your event, you know they are interested in the products or services you offer. And, you have an opportunity to build strong relationships by giving your audience value by educating them.

The most robust solutions are not always the best. If the video quality is poor or connecting is challenging, it makes you look like you are not prepared. Otherwise, you would have figured out all of the kinks before going live.

So, it’s a good idea to try a few services before committing. Free trials are a great way to get your feet wet. Try a couple of services to see which one works best for your team. Be sure to test all of the features during the trial period, so you know what plan you need.

However, if you are in a hurry to select a platform, try WebinarJam. It contains all of the features you need to create webinars that are easily accessible and feature-packed. Plus, you have access to in-depth analytics and registration-building tools.

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