Top 10 Yoga Affiliate Programs To Promote

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization
Yoga Affiliate Programs

It was not too long ago that we laughed behind the backs of the hippies who practiced yoga. As with other things that have provable benefits, it soon caught on. You’d be hard-pressed to find a gym or school that does not offer yoga in one form or another.

The yoga industry in the US is worth an eye-watering 9.09 billion dollars annually, per Statistica. Participation rose from just over 20 million people in 2012 to close to 40 million in 2015. As of 2020, this number has risen to over 55 million.

For us as affiliate marketers, creating content that is relevant to yoga enthusiasts in the US and beyond, I wanted to find affiliate programs that best serve our interests. Having done some research, I ended up with a list of 10.

The Top 10 Yoga Affiliate Programs

1. Man Flow Yoga Affiliate Program

Man Flow Yoga stocks a wide range of yoga products. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to the content that you can create. The traffic that you drive to them is rewarded when it converts to a sale, as well as to a lead. When one of these conversions is in the form of a subscription, your commission will be credited for the lifetime of that subscription.

Man Flow Yoga has an ever-growing repository of marketing material and resources that come handy. They aid in your efforts of content creation. This makes it easier for you to spend your time writing and researching instead of the image creation process.

With Man Flow, you and your audience are not limited to yoga. The material and products that are available on this platform are designed to work hand in hand with other workout programs that you may already be using. This is known as the Complementary Fitness System.

Why Should You Promote Man Flow Yoga

The most compelling reason for promoting this program is perhaps the potential lifetime earnings that are presented by subscriptions. It also helps that there is a lot of material that you can use for promotional purposes. The range of products also goes a long way. It includes eBooks, Training Programs, and other digital products.

Products You could Promote

Memberships are one of the best things that you can promote. The single order value of this would be $14.99 monthly, if they sign up for an annual membership, with $179.97 to be paid for the year. The monthly plan is $29.97 when the payment is made each month. Additional purchases made after signing up will also be credited to you.

2. Manduka Affiliate Program

Manduka is the producer of some of the most sought after yoga mats. Their other products include gear and clothing. It is a one-stop-shop for any aspiring yogi. Whether they are looking for towels or comfortable clothing such as leggings and tops to use for yoga they can find it all at Manduka.

Online yoga classes are another great feature that is marketable. These are available in a variety of languages and from various locations across the world.

For instance, you can sign up for a class that is filmed in Spanish, Italian, German, Finnish, Swiss-German, Portuguese, Norwegian, French, English as well as Dutch, among others. This is an ever-growing catalog of classes. The languages available make this marketable to a wide range of audience.

Why Should You Promote

Manduka is a leading brand in yoga. Their products are well sought after. The commission rate that they offer is competitive.

Products You could Promote

The yoga video classes are a great product to promote. They are accessible from all over the world and available in various languages. This gives your visitors to sign up to classes in their native tongue.

3. Jade Yoga Affiliate Program

Jade Yoga stocks a variety of yoga products that are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. The brand is known for its environmental-friendly practices. One of which is their tree planting drive that has seen over 2 million trees planted to date.

This ethos is evident in their products. They produce rugs from organic cotton, mats from natural rubber that is tapped from renewable trees. None of these methods compromises on the quality of products that they produce.

Why Should You Promote

Their products are known to be durable. In a world that is increasingly environmentally conscious, this is a brand that you should be proud to be associated with. Beyond this, they offer a good commission rate at 20%.

Products You could Promote

Their yoga mats are undoubtedly the most popular products that Jade Yoga stock. The harmony mat trades at $79.95. It is a best seller. This would generate a commission of $15.99 for every sale that you refer to them.

4. Her Yoga Secrets Affiliate Program

A lot of people who are looking to buy yoga training programs may not necessarily be excited by the idea of a subscription-based program. Some people would rather pay for the training in one go and not have a recurring monthly payment. These are the people that Her Yoga Secrets training program is designed for.

There are two packages that people can choose from. One of these gives you digital products while the other one combines digital and physical products. The digital products are immediately accessible while the physical products are shipped out to the customer’s address.

The course is led by Zoe Bray-Cotton. She is a certified yoga instructor who has been in the industry for decades. Her most popular program is the Yoga Burn which is a weight loss program that was designed for women.

Why Should You Promote

This is a well-branded program that has a great landing page. It is taught by a likable lady who some yoga enthusiasts will already be familiar with. Once you get people onto this page conversion should be fairly successful. The good commission rate is an added incentive.

Products You could Promote

There is only one program to promote. If you had to push the variation it would probably have to be the digital version. We are in a digital age, most people would be pleased to be able to begin training immediately without having to wait for the post.

5. Wai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program

There are not many yoga brands that stock food. Wai Lana is unique in this way. They stock chips, workout kits, mats, books and so on. The range of products that they provide goes a long way to cover any of the needs of yoga enthusiasts.

There are also training programs delivered through books and DVD packs. The wellness packages do not end in yoga. They cover meditation and other relaxation techniques.

Why Should You Promote

Their product line covers physical nourishment as well as training. There are also products that are specifically designed for children. The length of their cookie is incredible. 120 days is a long time for visitors to process the information and make a purchase.

Products You could Promote

The Little Yogis line would be ideal to promote. This is an exciting line for children. It includes mats, eco balls, DVDs, books and music. They are colorful, and perfectly tailored for kids.

 6. My Yoga Works Affiliate Program

My Yoga Works offer a wide range of online classes. At the time of writing, there are over 1300 classes that you can sign up for online. If you want to have more themed classes you can take part in over 40 theme series collections that are on the platform.

All of these classes are led by accredited teachers. What makes this program attractive is that it allows you a two week trial with the option to cancel at any time. For those who want to enjoy the pleasure of using it in varied locations, the content is designed to be user friendly. It is compatible with all screen sizes.

Why Should You Promote

You will be paid $12 for everyone that signs up. The content sells itself. Once you send traffic to their website the visitor has an option to take some preview classes which go a long way to convince them that they should get on to these courses.

The trial period that My Yoga Works offers makes it easier for users to sign up. Their content is tailored for both beginners and more experienced yogis.

Products You could Promote

For beginners, you can promote the Kriya series. The videos are very easy to follow. At the intermediate level, any of Jocelyn Solomon’s classes would be perfect. For the advanced level, you can recommend classes based on user goals. The Core 101, for instance, is perfect for those who want to improve core strength.

7. YogaDownload Affiliate Program

Yoga Download runs a long-established online yoga program that includes other activities such as meditation, pilates and fitness. These classes are paired with some music to make it easier to follow along.

Those who sign up to the website have access to an application that makes the user experience a lot easier. They also hold annual retreats, with the last one having been held in Spain. Products can be bought as single classes, programs or just the music.

Why Should You Promote

They have an extensive catalog of music that would be attractive to a wide range of audiences. Yoga Download’s affiliate program is very generous when it comes to commission rates. The website is easy to navigate which goes a long way when it comes to conversion rates.

Products You could Promote

Most people want to have abs, so, we would recommend promoting the 2-week abs and Booty Boot Camp challenge. Some of the benefits of this program according to the creators include improved focus and less stress. It retails at $40, which would give you a commission of $4.80 per sale.

8. Barefoot Yoga Affiliate Program

Barefoot Yoga has retail stores across North America and Europe. They are a widely recognized brand in the space. Their products include yoga mats, blocks, blankets and meditation supplies. There are over 5000 products on offer. These are high-quality products that are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

They offer a two months long cookie length, which is great. The commission offered is 10% of the net sales, which is what remains after taxes and shipping costs have been deducted.

Why Should You Promote

Not only is the brand well recognized across the world, but they also provide you with a wide range of promotional material. They offer you a lovely dashboard to track sales and commission.

Products You could Promote

With more people taking an interest in practicing yoga outside, the Yoga Mat bags are a good product to promote. They come in varied patterns and materials. We would recommend the Indian Peacock Yoga Mat bag, as it is incredibly detailed and easy on the eyes.

9. Brilliant Yoga Affiliate Program

Brilliant yoga is unique because it offers more than twice the commission that other brands offer. Their program is designed to help those looking to lose weight and improve their general well-being.

The main target audience is the ladies. There is an emphasis on using yoga to reduce overall body fat by increasing metabolism. It also promises to result in a toned body with a sexy rear end.

All of this is delivered through the medium of an eBook. While this may not be for everyone, there is certainly a market for it. This affiliate program is run through ClickBank.

At 70% commission on a digital product that retails at $47, the opportunity is great. You would be making $32.90 for every eBook that is sold.

Why Should You Promote

Besides the incredible commission rate, we like that the program is run through Clickbank. This is one of the longest-serving affiliate marketplaces. The landing page is fairly simple and easy to navigate. This will go a long way when it comes to conversions. They provide you with banners of varied sizes that you can use on your website.

Products You could Promote

There is only one product to promote.

10. Gaiam Affiliate Program

There aren’t many yoga brands that come close to the catalog that Gaiam stocks. They have products for both children and adults. Their focus is on making products that make it easy to practice yoga wherever you are.

There are products that are geared towards those that may want to maintain their serenity in the office. You will also find the usual mats, blocks, and towels. Some of the products are divided into categories based on the perceived goals of each potential buyer.

These include fitness and stability. They also have products that are tailored to deal with common problems that one may encounter. Such problems include shoulder & back, hands & arms, legs & feet as well as the total body. This is known as the Trouble Zone on their website. The website also houses resources such as recovery workout guides.

Why Should You Promote

The one thing that we do not like about this program in comparison to the others on this list is the cookie length. It is a third what most programs offer. Having said that, the variety of products that they have would perhaps make up for this when it comes to potential basket sizes.

Products You could Promote

The Yoga Studio mind and body app is a great product to promote. It is available for free download. This would make an easy entry point and activate your cookie. As they use the app, there will be products that they need, which, of course, are available on the website.


Yoga will continue to increase in popularity as health and wellbeing are coming to the forefront of our conversations. It is important that you, as an affiliate, would continue to curate products that are relevant to the times. This is how you can add value to your visitors.