Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram? How To Find Out Quickly and Act

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Blogging
unfollowed on instagram?

When someone unfollows you on Insta or any social media platform for that matter, it can have a strange impact on our mood. It’s like an ‘unlike’ or a ‘thumbs down’, to what we’ve been sharing about our lives or business.

Since Instagram now offers the ability for people to ‘mute’ others, is there really any need to unfollow anymore?

Still, if you’ve noticed your follower numbers moving down, you probably want to know who unfollowed you on Instagram?

By default, Instagram doesn’t offer the ability to check for “unfollows”, but there are two ways we can find out, one is a manual method and the other uses Apps.

In today’s article, we’re going to cover both methods and show you how to see your unfollowers on Instagram.

Manual Verification

If you’re looking to verify a single user or a small handful of accounts, then there are a couple of manual ways to check if someone has unfollowed you or not.

Manual Option 1 – Check Your Followers List

Depending on the number of followers you have, you can simply look at your follower list to see if the user(s) in question shows up and if not…they’ve unfollowed you. Simple.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit your Instagram profile
  2. Click on your ‘followers’ count
  3. Scroll through the list to see if the username is there.

Of course, for larger lists, this isn’t really a viable option as you could be scrolling for hours and may miss the user, so let’s move onto some other methods to hunt down those Instagram unfollowers.

Manual Option 2 – Visit The Users Account

Another way to find out if a specific user is still following you is to head over to their profile page and look at what Instagram displays directly beneath their username and stats.

There are a few things you could see:

The Standard “Check Mark”

Instagram Check Mark Followers

If you see a checkmark under the user name, this indicates that you mutually follow each other and you have your answer. No need for further investigation!

The “Follow Back” Button

Instagram Follow Back Button

This method relies on knowing if a user has previously followed you. If you know this for certain, you can simply visit their profile and if they still follow you will see a “Follow Back” button.

The Standard “Follow” Button

Instagram Follow Button

If, however, all you see is the standard “Follow” button, then this account is no longer following you.

The three manual methods above are a sure-fire way to track individual Instagram accounts, and depending on what you see on their profile or in your follower list, you can determine if these have unfollowed, blocked or even deleted their account.

Apps & Trackers

If you’re looking for a more automated solution, perhaps you have an Instagram account for your business or website, there are some applications that we can link directly to our Instagram account that will keep a track of unfollows over time.

Some are better than others of course and Instagram have become more strict with the access these 3rd party applications can have due to data security and user privacy laws.

The apps listed below are those that we have tried and tested and provide the best tracking and user interface.

1. Followers Tracker Pro

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Followers Tracker Pro Audience

[/lgc_column] [lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”true”]

Followers Tracker Pro Unfollowers

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Followers Tracker Pro is a free app that allows you to track your lost and gained followers, view Instagram stats and much more.

If you quickly want to unfollow your unfollowers, this app makes it super quick and easy to do, allowing you to keep on top of your profile at all times.

There’s also a screen to show your top followers (and your worst!). The app supports up to 3 accounts on the free version, which should be plenty for most people.

2. Followers Track for Instagram!

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Followers Track Unfollows

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Followers Track Dashboard


I know, I know, many of these apps have very similar names, which is why I’ve added the App icon to the left of the app name so you can easily tell them apart.

Followers Track offers a powerful and fast analytics dashboard for your Insta account that will tell you who has followed/unfollowed, find which accounts/users are nearby (using Geo-location) and who are your top followers by comments and likes, etc.

The ability to track users who don’t follow you back is a great feature that will allow you to tidy up your account and even out those numbers!

3. Follow Cop

Follow Cop Unfollowed

Follow Cop is an Android app with a great reputation. Of course, it provides exactly what we need with the ability to find all recent unfollowers, but also allows us to mass unfollow (20 accounts with a single click – be careful with this, as you don’t want to get flagged for looking like a bot) and add up to 3 Instagram accounts which is great if you have a personal account and one for your website.

What Should You Do With Unfollowers?

Now you’ve identified who has unfollowed you, you need to decide on your next course of action.

Some social media ‘experts’ suggest you unfollow them too, in a tit-for-tat race. However, it does depend on why you followed them in the first place.

If it was for their great content or to glean ideas for your own account, content creation or other business reason, then do nothing.

If however, you simply wanted to boost your follower count, then unfollowing them could be the right choice. You can, of course, do this manually, however, the apps above all allow you to do this en-masse.

There is another course of action, which involves trying to win back their attention by liking or commenting on their recent posts to see if they will follow you back. It may be a long shot but perhaps worth a try?

Of course, you should consider why they may have unfollowed you in the first place. COuld it be you’ve changed the type of content you are sharing on your Insta account?

Maybe you’ve been inactive for a while or perhaps they decided to do some spring cleaning and narrow their focus.

Whatever the reason, it’s best not to take it personally and continue to create and share great content and your best images/work.


Since you’re reading this I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are a creator since you care about your social follower numbers.

Many of us like to keep an eye on our social ‘numbers’ both in our personal accounts and for our business. For businesses and bloggers etc, it’s important to maintain a good ratio of accounts you follow to the number of followers you have, the same goes for personal accounts too.

If a user can see that many people following your account, compared to the number of users you are following, they are more likely to follow you.

So there you have it, several ways to tell if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram. I hope this has helped.