The Top 10 Pet Affiliate Programs (a Booming & Evergreen Niche)

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization
Pet Affiliate Programs

Are you looking for the Crème de la crème of pet affiliate programs? People love their pets and will do a lot for them. In fact, the pet care market is worth over $22 billion a year. It is projected to grow to $34 billion by 2025.

These figures are just for the United States. When you consider the world at large, it is projected to grow to $202.6 billion by 2025.

I am sure I may be preaching to the choir here. As an affiliate marketer, it is important that you find the best possible affiliate programs. These are the ones that provide a benefit to your readers through the quality of products that they produce. And, a benefit to you as a marketer by justly rewarding you for the sales that you drive.

The Top 10 Pet Affiliate Programs

After a fair amount of research, we found a list of pet affiliate programs that are sure to up your commission as an affiliate marketer.

1. Holista Pet Affiliate Program

Holista pet is well known for its treats and medicines that are made of organic hemp cannabidiol, also known as CBD. The ability to offer potential customers key information, and lots of it, means that you instil a sense of comfort in them. Your content will be more likely to convert readers into buyers.

Holistapet offers you comprehensive information about all that you need to know about pet products. The website offers clear pricing and quantities alongside descriptions of what you can expect. This helps you to know what you are marketing to your readers. The recipes include superfoods that are good for the pet, as well as supplement the pet’s needs.

Why Should You Promote

Holistapet gives you so many great reasons to take up their affiliate program. The company itself has been marketing its products for a very long time. They have a conversion machine that is well tested. This gives you increased assurance of turning the traffic that you send to them into buyers.

You can earn anything between 25- 40%. Their web pages are kept up to date. This is important because, in a world where people are easily distracted by the insurmountable information available, it is important to have content that can stand out. When you direct people to a website, you want to make sure that it is up to scratch and has the information that they seek.

Products You Could Promote

There are a few products that you can promote. Your readers can choose between CBD treats, oils, CBD capsules, and catnip spray. These products offer pets nature’s best. All of the products are natural and do not have toxins that can harm your pet. Key products that you can market and promote include CBD dog treats for stress and relief, catnip spray with CBD and CBD oil for horses.

2. PetCube Affiliate Program

Petcube offers your readers the opportunity to play with and monitor their pets remotely.  The pet cameras are some of the easiest to use, interactive gadgets on the market. Selling them will not be too difficult.

Most of us spend our days working away from home. We would love a chance to check on our pets while we are away. This makes this brand a great one to market. They are easily one of the best and fastest-growing brands dealing with pet tech. This is why they are the red dot winner for 2020.

Surveillance cameras in the house are not interactive enough. Petcube technology allows the owner to play with the pet and even give him or her treats remotely. These are all great selling points for any reader and the products will sell themselves.

Why Should You Promote

When you partner with Pet Cube, each sale that comes as a result of your marketing earns you a 10% commission. You should promote this brand because it offers innovation that will change the way your readers and hopefully subsequent buyers, interact with their pets. They have been running the affiliate program for a while now. By all accounts, payments are timely.

Products You Could Promote

There are several products that you could market and you know they will be of interest even to people who were not looking for them. The Pet Cube Play2 is one such product.

It allows the owner to play with the pet without having to be there physically. It monitors the pet throughout all hours of the day and allows the owner to chat with the pet. The entire system can be operated from a smartphone.

Another product that will get you the eyeballs you need is the Pet Cube Bites2. It has a pet camera that gives HD pictures and operates via wifi. With this product, your audience can also give their pet treats, remotely as the machine dispenses the treats the pet needs when the owner can’t be there.

3. Pet Wellbeing Affiliate Program

Pet wellbeing helps pet owners get expert medical advice for their pets and also get natural pet products. This company works with vets and makes sure that pets get the best products that have a medical seal of approval. They have an all-natural approach to pet treatment that is becoming increasingly popular.

Their products are designed and developed to aid pets with specific illnesses. They cover cats and dogs. For dogs, you can find products and supplements that help with allergies, diabetes, ear health and so on.

For cats, they have products and supplements for infections, heart conditions, cancer, joint health and so on. All of these products are developed by or in collaboration with veterinary practitioners.

The platform brings together experts with varied backgrounds.

Why Should You Promote

This is a brand to promote, for several various reasons. You get 10% on all sales as well as a 60-day cookie on all sales. You also have access to product data feeds. Their sales conversions average 7.2%, which is fairly good. You can also let your readers know that when they sign up for this affiliate program, they get free shipping if the order is above $50.

Products You Could Promote

There are several products from Pet Wellbeing that you can promote. Some of these include Omega 3 skin and itch, which comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. The pet will get all the necessary essential fatty acids. This product helps with pet skin irritation.

Comfort gold dog support, has certified organic products and helps to keep the pet comfortable. It also supports the pet’s natural ability to rest well. Pet Wellbeing has a vast variety of products and you can comfortably market the products knowing that there is a wide array of products all targeted at the pet’s good health.

4. Ollie Pets Affiliate Program

Becoming an Ollie pet affiliate means that you will be selling human-grade dog food to pet owners. The key selling point is that their dog food is healthy and all-natural. What is unique to Ollie is perhaps the fact that the meals can be personalized.

They have an option for pet owners to enter details about their pet and get food that is ideal for the age, breed, activity level, and weight. They also take into account any allergies that the pet may have.

All of the ingredients that are used are of high quality. They are sourced from family-run farms within the US and Australia. Ollie places an emphasis on preserving nutrients during the preparation process.

Why Should You Promote

This company’s products get you $60 per sale with a 30-day cookie duration. Ollie also makes it a point to provide their affiliates with up to date information so that their readers can be kept in the loop.

Products You Could Promote

You can tell your readers about the various recipes available from Ollie pets. The dog food comes in beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb. We like variety, why shouldn’t pets want the same. This is what your readers and audience want to know.

5. Furbo Dog Camera Affiliate Program

Furbo has thrown its name in the hat for best pet tech. Becoming an affiliate marketer of Furbo means that you are helping people understand how they can use technology to their advantage with their pets.

Furbo allows the pet owner to actively but remotely feed their pet treats and also play with their pets. We are not too fond of the fact that the official website does not have much information and technical details about how it works.

Why Should You Promote

You will make as much as 5% on all clicks that turn to sales. It is also an all-round media device that brings convenience to your audience and their pets. You can bank on celebrity endorsements. These will go a long way in helping you market.

Products You Could Promote

There is only one product to promote. You could promote the fact that this camera also allows you to feed your pet treats. It is very interactive.

6. TruDog Affiliate Program

TruDog is aimed at giving dogs simple and natural food, meant to nourish dogs of all ages. Dogs get what their taste buds crave for, whilst the pet owner can rest assured that their dog is getting all it needs to be healthy. Everybody wins. You can let the readers know that this is one of the pet foods that the dog will like because it tastes great.

They stock a variety of products that can be divided into categories. You have food, treats, supplements, dental, grooming and accessories. We have already described what is to be expected of the food. The quality of the other products is of a similar standard.

Why Should You Promote

You can choose to become an affiliate of this program and earn 10% for each sale that results from your website or your marketing. Signing up is easy and you get a 90-day tracking gap. There is no need to be lost in the dark, as this program comes with dedicated managers to help you along.

Products You Could Promote

TruDog has many products that you can glean content from and market vehemently. You can market pet food, treats, accessories, supplements, and dental and care products.

7. Fitbark Affiliate Program

FitBark markets their product as the world’s lightest and smallest dog GPS tracker. Not only does this give the dog owner peace of mind in being able to track their pet’s movement.

They can also find delight in knowing that it is a device that will not burden the pet. They have two key products. The FitBark GPS is made for the US only. Their second product, the FitBark 2 works worldwide. It does not have GPS.

The fit bark affiliate program is easy to use and understand for you as an affiliate marketer, and best of all, it’s free! There is a guaranteed 12% starting commission.

Why Should You Promote

You should be promoting fit bark products because it is profitable and it is easy. If you have multiple websites, you simply need to apply once, so you save time but add to your income. Also, unlike other affiliate programs, there is no minimum amount you need to earn to stay in it. The restrictions come when you need to claim your commission, you can only withdraw after you have made at least $50.

Products You Could Promote

The product that you market should be determined by where the bulk of your readers are from. If most of the readers are from the US, you must promote the FitBark GPS.

8. King Kanine Affiliate Program

King Kanine, specializes in hemp-infused lotions and treats. This is now something a lot of pet owners are actively looking for nowadays. It is a great natural alternative to the often chemical infused treatments that are used in most cases. According to their website, their aim is to provide wellness for our pets inside and out.

All of the products are FDA approved and developed in facilities that are GMP Certified.

Why Should You Promote

The commission for selling this product is between 10 and 15%. You also get a 30-day cookie length period. King Kanine promises customer satisfaction. This is important for you to know if you are to market the products. The products are tested, and so there is no guesswork on your part.

Products You Could Promote

King Kanine has several different products that you can promote. Your audience can choose from pet grooming products to soothing balms and oils. Pet owners can also get their pets the treats they need as well as topical medicines to help the pet naturally.

9. My Dog Foo Affiliate Program

My Dog Foo provides natural organic vegan skincare products for dogs. This is a brand that was birthed from the founder’s desire to provide the best possible care for her English Bulldog as he battled cancer. The products are developed through extensive research and testing. The products work to rid your dog of toxins that can build up over time.

If you know that this is what your audiences are looking for, then you will not go wrong with this affiliate program.

Why Should You Promote

This is a great brand to promote for a guaranteed 10% commission with each sale. If your website or social media platform generates considerable amounts of traffic, you can get a higher commission. What we don’t particularly like about this brand is that the higher commission is at their discretion, it is not set in stone, so you are not sure if your hard work will always pay off.

Products You Could Promote

There are several products that you can set out to promote that will get you the right amount of traction. Remembering that more traffic means more commission. For instance, Boobie Shmoobie is a shampoo for girl dogs. This product is great for post-lactating dogs who may have irritated skin. The product moisturizes the dog’s skin. The packaging on all the products and the names of the products are pretty quirky and a lot of pet owners are bound to like what they see.

10. Monster Pet Supplies Affiliate Programme

Monster Pet creates products that are dear to a lot of pet owners. You only need to check their Trustpilot to see what customers think of them. Their platform provides great savings on some of the biggest brands. They stock pet and dog food, among other things.

The online shopping experience is user friendly. Happy customers invariably mean higher conversion rates. It is easy to understand and use.

Why Should You Promote

Every pet owner would love to save some money. That is what they offer through discounts. You get a 7% commission on every click turned to a sale. You should also promote this Monster Pet Supplies because it has most of the major names in pet supplies. Your readers will surely find what they need. All you need is direct them accordingly.

Products You Could Promote

Monster pet supplies carry many great names in the industry, such as PRO PLAN, BETA, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Iams, Burns, and  Eukanuba amongst others. You can lead by dropping some big names.