Top 10 Learn English Online Affiliate Programs (HUGE Niche!)

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization
Learn English Online Affiliate Programs

One of the most interesting things about globalization is that most of the world speaks a language that originated from a tiny island. It is no surprise that the English language learning market is projected to reach a valuation of $54.8 billion by 2025.[Globenewswire] Most of this will be driven by the rising demand for lessons on digital platforms.

No matter where you are in the world, adding English to the languages that you can communicate in makes you more marketable. This has long been recognized in China and East Asian countries. As they seek to do business with other countries, English becomes a bridge on which relationships can be built.

As such, there is an unprecedented opportunity for affiliates to add to their revenue by recommending some of the service providers. We have found 10 incredible affiliate programs that you must check out.

The Top 10 Learn English Online Affiliate Programs

1. English Class 101 Affiliate Program

English Class 101 is a platform that offers access to thousands of audio and video tutorials to those who are looking to improve their language skills. As soon as one signs up, they get access to all of these resources immediately.

There are many tools that are designed to enhance the learning experience. These include specialized tools to help those that are looking to improve their vocabulary. There are downloadable notes and PDFs as well. You can also participate in group lessons and discussions.

Why Should You Promote

English 101 has a low barrier of entry for users. It is easy to sign up. They can use it on the go. A 25% commission rate is fantastic. We cannot forget the amazing lifetime cookie.

Products You Could Promote

Their podcast is a perfect way to introduce a learner to their style of teaching before they sign up. This is something that you could promote.

2. Lingoda Affiliate Program

Lingoda is a Berlin-based, one-stop for all, language school that offers lessons to those who are looking to improve their English, Spanish, German or French skills.

They have thousands of students signed up to their platform at any given time. Hundreds of teachers are also available to deliver the lessons. Their services are currently accessed by students from over 60 countries.

The platform has a click-to-lead conversion rate of >16%. Lead-to-sale conversion rate is 1.5%. Classes run 24/7, giving students the flexibility that they may desire.

Why Should You Promote

Commission rates increase as you reach milestones, 10 sales, 20 sales and so on. After your 10th sale, your commission rate rises to 60€ per sale. It then rises to 75€ per sale once you eclipse 20 sales. There are also bonuses attached to the program. If you drive 4000€ in total sales, you receive a 200€ bonus, which is 5% of the sales-driven. When you drive 7000€ in total sales, you receive a 400€ bonus.

Products You Could Promote

There is only one product to promote, which of course, is the English classes. It is worth highlighting that classes run all day long, so that the users would know that they can fit the lessons around their current schedule.

3. English Harmony Affiliate program

English Harmony provides quite a unique system of learning. Where most English learning programs are based on both written and spoken English. There is not much emphasis placed on the fluency in which you speak.

This is a massive blindside that many learners come across on their journey. They may have an impressive vocabulary, yet struggle with using their diction in day to day conversation.

As a result, you will have students who know what to say but do not know how to say it fluently. English Harmony helps students build language patterns in their naturally occurring speech patterns.

Why Should You Promote

There is a $50 bonus awarded to each affiliate just for signing up. The program was developed by someone who took the same journey that you will be marketing to prospective students. It is clear proof that the product works.

Products You could Promote

The EH System de Luxe Edition is the ideal course to promote. It provides the user with lifetime access.

4. eTeacher Affiliate Program

eTeacher Group has been in operation since 2000. Since then they have become one of the leading online schools for students across the globe. Their classes are teacher-led, which provides the interactive aspect of things that is often missing when learning online.

The classes are delivered in 10 languages. There are a variety of courses that the students can sign up to. Today, the platform has over 300 teachers from 24 countries.

As a leader in the eLearning space, eTeacher Group has been at the forefront of developing new methods and technology to enhance the learning experience.

Why Should You Promote

Affiliates receive increased incentives based on their performance. The base level is $3 per lead when your conversion rate is between 1.5% – 4%. As your conversion rate rises, so does the rate per lead. At 9%+ conversion rate, the rate per lead is $18.

Affiliates have the option to be paid per sale or per lead. The compensation per sale starts at $100 per sale and rises to $200 per sale when the monthly sales rise above 26 per month.

Products You Could Promote

Highway to English is a great product to promote. It is easy to follow and features some great material.

5. Premier TEFL Affiliate Program

Premier TEFL markets their affiliate program as one that has the potential to add $1500 per month to a marketer’s bottom line. Although this is not a claim that we can confirm to be factual. There is little reason to doubt that it is indeed possible.

With a commission of $30 per sale, you would only need to convert 50 visitors into sales. That is not much for a site with a decent amount of traffic.

Their platform is one that brings together professionals from all walks of life to share their expertise in the English language. One of the key factors that will aid in conversion is that they also list opportunities that come as a result of getting the qualifications that they offer. These include internships and job opportunities. Their site is packed with reviews from delighted students, which will help our cause when promoting their courses.

Why Should You Promote

TELF provides an opportunity for people to travel the world and be paid to do so as they teach English. This is a course that is unsurprisingly in high demand. If we take them at their word, $1500 per month would be a welcome addition. There is no reason why one couldn’t make more.

Products You Could Promote

Most people are not as patient as they ought to be when taking a course. They want to finish and take a flight to exotic places as soon as possible. That is what makes the Accredited Fast Track TEFL course perfect to promote.

6. English Tutor Online Affiliate Program

English Tutor Online provides courses to businesses and individuals that want to improve their spoken or written skills. Their programs are conveniently divided into very specific categories that make it easier to market to specific demographics.

For instance, they are one of the few programs of their kind that have courses designed specifically for children. They also have one that is designed for the corporate world.

This, of course, makes it easier for customers to buy into their courses. People want to know that what they are purchasing is designed to meet their personal needs.

Commission rates start at a base of 10% and rise all the way up to 60%. Unfortunately, they do not make it clear what needs to be done for the commission rates to increase. There is a 2-5% residual on those that renew subscriptions.

Why Should You Promote

They offer well-branded programs that are specifically designed for certain demographics. You will also benefit from the fact that they progressively create marketing material that you can use in your promotion efforts.

Products You Could Promote

The free 20 minutes taster classes are the perfect way to get customers onto the platform. In most cases, those who take these tasters are seriously considering making a purchase.

7. English Fluency Now Affiliate Program

English Fluency Now has a fairly impressive following on social media. Their Facebook page has close to 80 thousand followers. This provides you with the social proof that most buyers seek before committing to a purchase.

They also run a podcast that provides visitors with a free way to experience the tutor before signing up. This podcast has been downloaded by over 2 million keen listeners from across the globe.

The founder, Lisa is a TESOL and EFL certified English teacher. She brings over two decades of varied experience as well. Her website has been running since 2013.

Why Should You Promote

The personal story attached to the website is a massive draw. This separates English Fluency Now from other brands. The low overheads are probably why Lisa is generous enough to offer a 50% commission.

Products You Could Promote

The English Fluency Now Volume 1 is a great product to promote. It delivers a tremendous amount of value for money for $89. You could also promote the Podcast Episode Guides which can be bought at $1 each. They provide a low entry point for visitors to try the product before spending more money.

8. Live-English Affiliate Program

Live English has been providing interactive English lessons since 2007. Most of the lessons are conducted through Skype and Zoom, with the option of using a telephone. Their services are divided into Spoken English Course, Professional & Business English Course, Preparing a job interview in English and English Exam Preparation.

These are products that are tailored to meet highly sought after needs. The job interview and exam preparation courses would likely be some of the highest converting due to the urgency that is attached to them.

For 110€ you can have access to 10 private lessons that last half an hour each. This price point only covers General Conversation English. You would have 3 months to redeem your time.

That is the Basic Package. For 260€ you would get 20 private lessons of half an hour each. In this instance, you can choose your teachers, and have 12 months to redeem your lessons.

At this price point, you get the option to tailor the lessons to your needs. That is the Pro-Formula. Their Premium package is 350€. It adds monthly live training and access to an exclusive Facebook group to what the Pro-Formula offers.

Why Should You Promote

The lifetime commission that is attached to this program is a massive reason why you should promote it. Each time that the student renews their subscription, you are paid.

Products You Could Promote

The specific preparation programs would be ideal to promote. We would recommend promoting the job interview program. It would likely have the most demand.

9. Lingualia Affiliate Program

Lingualia is home to over half a million language students. The convenience of their platform is enhanced by the applications that they have for both Android and iPhone devices. They are one of the leading platforms when it comes to the use of Artificial Intelligence as a way of creating the best possible learning experience for the students.

This is done by ensuring that the lessons are adapted to the level and progression that the student is making at any given time. As part of the signing up process, they also enquire as to why you are looking to learn the language. This is used to ensure that the lessons support your goal.

At the moment, they only offer English and Spanish lessons. This, of course, does not matter in our case. We are after an English program.

Why Should You Promote

Recurring commission is a major reason why you should promote this program. As long as the students that you refer keep renewing their memberships, you will be paid a commission. The commission rate is 50%.

Products You Could Promote

There are only two languages available on the platform. You would obviously promote English while highlighting the use of A.I. on the platform.

10. Really Learn English Affiliate Program

Really Learn English runs a fantastic program with great content. Their website, however, looks like something that is still a decade or two behind. It is difficult to say what the implications would be for potential students. I would imagine that if they were to shop around, they would likely end up signing up elsewhere.

Having said that, their products are exceptional. They provide a wide range of books for learners at all levels. Whether you are looking to sharpen your tenses, improve your grammar or work on your comprehension.

There is something for everyone. You will be pleased to know that the store page of the website is fairly well built. Most of the products are to be used offlines, which offsets the website’s design inadequacies.

Why Should You Promote

They have a great catalog of ESL eBooks and other material including workbooks that would benefit both teachers and students. The wide range of products creates an opportunity for large basket sizes at checkout.

Products You Could Promote

The English Short Stories workbook provides an active way for learners to practice their language. This is a perfect product to promote.


The Learn English Online is one of those markets that will remain evergreen. Generation after generation will seek to learn the language. That is why signing up to and promoting these programs is a great opportunity to create a passive income stream.