The Top 9 Gaming Affiliate Programs In This Evergreen Industry

There are over 2.5 billion gamers in the world (Wepc). Projections indicate that this number is set to increase due to the rapid digitization taking place across the globe. Gamers are shifting from physical game drives as seen from the indication that in 2017 alone, 80% of the entire video game industry 36 billion U.S dollars revenue came from software sales(Entertainment Software Association, NPD Group, 2017).

Gaming has gone mainstream, and affiliates have a lot to gain from this $US113 billion industry. It’s a lucrative niche to venture into, and we have prepared some of the best gaming affiliate programs to promote.

Affiliate Programs

  • Razer Affiliate Program
  • Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program
  • Zygor Guides Affiliate Program
  • Alienware Affiliate Program
  • Gamefly Affiliate Program
  • Chairs4gaming Affiliate Program
  • Into the AM Affiliate Program
  • Bose Affiliate Program
  • Loot Crate Affiliate Program

1. Razer Affiliate Program


Razer is a leading lifestyle brand for gamers. Its trademark logo is highly recognized in the gaming community. It designs and builds some of the best gamer-focused hardware, software, and services. They even produce an energy drink for gamers, called Respawn.

Their products are top-ratedregardless of their hefty price tags since people still buy them. For instance, the cost of an average gaming laptop starts from $1,500. What sets them apart from the competition is their cutting-edge peripherals that give gamers using them an “unfair advantage.”

You can earn between 1% and 20% commission depending on what you sell.

Why You Should Promote

Razer is a massive brand in the gaming world, and gamers want their products. They have a variety of products, and you can choose what to promote. Razer provides affiliates promos and offers to help generate conversions.

Products You Could Promote

Razer offers just about anything a gamer needs, and you can promote their gaming laptops, mice, mats, keyboard, headphones, gaming consoles, and Respawn products, among others.

2. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program


Did it ever occur to you that character boosting was a massive thing in the gaming world? Well, it is, and several boosting service companies and affiliates are reaping big from this. Leprestore is one of those companies boosting games like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, and WoW.

For these games, you have two choices, which are to either spend many hours leveling up your character or finding someone to do it for you. Leprestore helps with the latter, and you pay them to “boost” your character.

Leprestore is one of the few affiliate programs in this subcategory.

The caveat here is that you need to understand these games before promoting the services as gamers can spot a generic promoter a mile away. Commissions go up to 9% per sale, but gamers here are happy to pay over and over again if they like a service.

Why You Should Promote

The requirements for promoting in this sub-niche can be an advantage to those who have what it takes, most notably, an established game blog. Leprestore is very good at what they do, making this an excellent program to promote. The average commission per sale is $9, but the probability of repeated sales is huge.

Products You Could Promote

Game boosters appeal to gamers, but you need to communicate them right. If you have a game blog, you can use the content to promote character boosters for Wow, Destiny 2, and Apex.

3. Zygor Guides Affiliate Program


Zygor guides provide in-game guides for World of Warcraft and WoW classic. They are add-ons that let gamers level up quickly in games while still enjoying the thrill of progressing through the storyline. The in-game guides offer you direction and instructions on what you should do at different points as opposed to figuring that out on your own. They work for all races and classes, without breaking the game’s ToS.

Zygor has six guides that you can promote, and if someone buys all of them, you earn a direct $150. However, you will still make a 50% commission a single guide sale. The guides are sold as a monthly subscription.

Why You Should Promote

Affiliates can earn recurring commissions since it is a monthly subscription. If one buys a guide and keeps on renewing their subscription, you earn some money. Zygor guides offer a free trial, which makes it appealing to many gamers.

Products You Could Promote

Beginners playing World of Warcraft and WoW find it challenging to progress through the game. This is what makes Zygor games an excellent service to promote. The guides will allow them to enjoy the game and still make steady progress.

4. Alienware Affiliate Program


Alienware builds and sells the kind of gaming P.C.s that every gamer dreams of. They are among the first companies to invest in portable gaming with their exquisite laptops.

Their products are extremely powerful. In 2006, Alienware was acquired by Dell, and the affiliate program is under the larger Dell program.

These powerful rigs don’t come cheap as the lower level models start at $899. The mid-tier one’s average $3,000 and go up to the region of $8,500. 6% of $899 is $53.94, and that is what you get by promoting the entry-level P.C.s. They give a first-time sales bonus of up to $125.

Why You Should Promote

The commission range for promoting Alienware merchandise might look normal, but if you assess them with respect to the price of their P.C.s, you could end up making a lot of money. Commissions for selling a single P.C. can go up to $510 for the high-end P.C.s, which is not bad. Alienware is a reputable brand in the gaming world, and people are always buying their P.C.s, something that offers you an excellent opportunity to reap significant rewards.

Products You Could Promote

Gamers understand that the key to having a great experience is investing in a powerful machine. This is why top-tier brands like Alienware are sought after, even if they cost a lot of money. Alienware offers the right equipment for any gamer out there.

5. Gamefly Affiliate Program


Gamefly is a service that lets gamers, play, rent, and buy games for less than the average market price. The service has over 8,000 games to choose from on their website or mobile application.There is an option to get a $15 commission for everyone who signs up for a free trial through your affiliate link.

You can earn 10% on used games and 5% on new ones. When your rental memberships increase, you receive bonuses.

Why You Should Promote

Gamefly affiliate program is open to people in all countries across the world, and as long as you can promote their products, that’s it. Gamefly has an extensive collection of all types of games, and you cannot miss out on a suitable one to promote, depending on your target niche.

Products You Could Promote

A gamer’s dream is to get access to an assortment of games for less. Gamefly offers this service, making it a “hot” service in the gaming world.

6. Chairs4gaming Affiliate Program


No list of gaming affiliate links can be complete without specialized chairs. Gamers are so specific with their equipment and ensure that everything they use adds up to the experience.

Chairs4Gaming is a reseller for top gaming chairs. They sell chairs from various reputable brands such as Ewin, Anda Seat, AKRacing, Techni Sport, and Cougar Gaming. Shipping to the United States and Canada is free, and they have 0% financing, things that make their products easy to promote.

Affiliate commissions are 10% for seats ranging from $200 to $800. The earning structure of this program is divided into levels. After making the first sale, you receive a custom affiliate link and a discount code to offer your audience. This is in addition to the mentioned commission.

If you make three sales, you are promoted to level 2, where you get a free gaming footrest of your choice. Getting five sales takes you to level 3, where you get a $150 credit score coupled with a PayPal bonus of $100.

Why You Should Promote

Chairs4gaming offers a wide variety of benefits to affiliate marketers. In addition to the custom affiliate link, you receive tiered bonuses for the sales you make in addition to the 10% commission.Free shipping in the U.S. and Canada, 0% financing and discount codes on your affiliate links make it easier to promote the chairs.

Products You Could Promote

Chairs4gaming has a plethora of chairs on offer, allowing you to promote to different types of gamers. One best-seller chair you can promote is the DXRacer REO that costs $350, giving you a commission of $35.

7. Into the AM Affiliate Program


This brand resonates with gamers who found themselves playing all night into the morning. They produce clothes for gamers and have unique designs that are hard to come by. It is easy to imagine that Into the AM is just any other apparel company, but this is not true.

Their offerings are unique and specifically made to intrigue the gaming audience. The designers craft every piece of clothing uniquely and use eco-friendly materials. You will find just about any licensed game T-shirt you want in their collection, such as God of War, Call of Duty, and Mortal Kombat. They also provide hoodies, leggings, joggers, tank tops, shoes, phone cases, and more.

A t-shirt goes for about $32, and the commission rates are 10%.

Why You Should Promote

While the money earned through the gaming apparel program might not be much, it is a great way to supplement your primary programs.

Products You Could Promote

Into the AM provides licensed apparel that gamers like to buy. They are relatively cheap, making it easy for most gamers to afford them.

8. Bose Affiliate Program


Bose is one of the best players in the sound industry. It produces high-quality headphones and speakers.

Gamers need a comfortable headphone that cancels out all the ambient noise, allowing them to immerse in their gaming world and enjoy the experience fully. Bose offers “everything that true believers in the power of sound” want, and it is hard to argue with that.

Commissions for this affiliate program range from 2 to 3%, which is a bit low, but reasonable for the consumer electronics niche. The average cost of Bose headphones is $300, and affiliates can still earn decent amounts from multiple sales.

Their affiliate program is offered through C.J. affiliate.

Why You Should Promote

Bose is a top brand in the audio industry, and every gamer looking for excellent headphones will look at what they have to offer. The commission rates might be low, but looking at the cost of these headphones, there is an excellent opportunity to earn.

Products You Could Promote

Bose has an extensive collection of headphones, home theaters, and other audio equipment. By signing up for their affiliate program, you can produce merchandise that appeals to more than the gaming enthusiasts.

9. Loot Crate Affiliate Program


Loot crate is one of the most fun products to promote to gamers as it is similar to giving them a surprise Christmas Box every month. It is the top subscription box for gamers and geeks. The deliveries contain surprise items such as gears, collectibles, apparel, art, and other tech products.

The loot boxes appeal to many gamers who like the element of surprise and the possibility of walking away with an assortment of custom accessories at a low price.

Affiliates earn a commission of $5 for every signup, and it is a shame that there is no provision for earning recurrent commissions.

Why You Should Promote

Loot crate offers affiliates the opportunity to make money out of easy sales. Gamers are into loot boxes in their games, and the prospect of having them delivered to their physical location spices up the whole experience.

Products You Could Promote

Loot Crate has a wide variety of crates to choose from, including the Marvel Gear plus Goods and Rick and Morty crate that are very popular and would attract many fans.


The gaming world is huge, and there is a lot of money floating around. From the listed affiliate programs, it is evident that you are not confined to promoting games only. There are other opportunities to promote game guides, accessories, apparel, and booster services.

Gaming enthusiasts are all over the world are searching for these products to improve their gaming experience. Once you can get to them and promote the products they need, you could easily reap huge rewards.