15 of The Best Gaming Affiliate Programs To Promote Right Now

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is booming. What many don’t realize is that it has transformed into its own distinct, expanding, and thriving ecosystem. Rather than just selling games and consoles, they’ve moved into a host of varied and specialized areas of trade.

Companies understand that gamers are looking to heighten the entire gaming experience, thus giving birth to various products specially designed for gamers. This includes high-powered equipment, comfortable furniture, energy drinks, and even apparel. Certainly, this world is only just starting its domination.

With the rise in popularity of the industry, the number of Gaming Affiliate Programs has increased exponentially with it. We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 affiliate programs for gaming, so you can earn right alongside the companies you love. Read to the end for some tips on how to put your best foot forward with these programs.

Top 15 Gaming Affiliate Programs

1. Nerd or Die


Nerd or Die is the streamer’s best friend. They supply gamers worldwide with custom designs for their gaming streams. These include overlays, alerts, and even some tutorials if you want to do it yourself.

Their affiliate program is organized and clear-cut. There are four tiers in their system, and affiliates level up based on some conditions. Everyone starts at Entry Level. After ten referrals, they move up into Experienced. Upon reaching a certain revenue target, they move into Professional. The fourth and last tier is by invite only, called the Gold level. Each tier comes with different referral rates and benefits.

Why Should You Promote Nerd or Die?

Streaming is the new thing and a sure-fire way to stand out is by looking, for lack of a better term, legit. Nerd or Die helps your audience with this with their imaginative and affordable designs.

Affiliates earn per sale, with those in the first tier given a 10% commission, the second with 15%, the third with 20%, and the highest tier with a 30% commission rate.

2. Zygor Guides


Zygor Guides is the preferred in-game guide for World of Warcraft players. They’re a TOS-friendly system created to help maximize character and gameplay opportunities. Additional help is always welcome in WoW, making this perfect for gamers.

Their affiliate program is also one of the best. You’ll receive an unmatched 50% commission for every sale referred. Best of all? Earning with them doesn’t stop there. You’ll also receive a regular cut from your referral’s own subscription. With this, you can earn up to $42.99 monthly just by leading a subscriber their way!

Why Should You Promote Zygor Guides?

Zygor Guides, undoubtedly, has one of the most competitive gaming affiliate programs. The commission is big and their cookie duration is just as great. What’s there to lose?

Affiliates receive a 50% commission per sale, with monthly earnings based on the number of subscriptions they referred.

3. Logitech


Logitech is the name behind some of the industry’s best tools, specifically their long-lasting and cutting edge gaming keyboards— comfortable, durable, and user-friendly. Their gaming keyboards sell itself and their other products are, by no means, lightweights.

Your affiliate commissions will be generous, with their $125 average price, and they’ll also supply you with seasonal promotions updates and text links.

Why Should You Promote Logitech?

Logitech gives its affiliates a fighting chance to earn. You’ll be supplied with all you’ll need and connected to the Logitech family of brands. As a bonus, you’re even allowed to purchase with your own reflink, an anomaly in the affiliate marketing world.

Affiliate earnings are based on brands. If their referrals buy from Logitech, their commission is 4%, if, from Logitech G, Astro, and Blue, they receive a 5% cut. If the purchase is with Ultimate Ears, they receive a 10% share.

4. Fanatical


Fanatical is the gamer’s choice for official and unique keys to their favorite digital games. Formerly known as Bundle Stars, players around the world rave over Fanatical’s awesome service and aggressive offers.

Fanatical affiliates are grouped in two, based on your platform. For each group, there is a different sign-up and payment method, as well as a different dashboard to track your earnings.

Why Should You Promote Fanatical?

Affiliates earn a great percentage without having to do much since Fanatical’s offers are irresistible to gamers. As long as you’re able to play to this desire well, the commissions will come.

Affiliates with websites or blogs can earn a commission of up to 12%, according to their CJ Affiliate page. Streamers can earn up to 5%, according to the Fanatical website.

5. Chairs4Gaming


Chairs4Gaming, as the name states, is a gaming chair reseller with comfortable and specialized industry chairs. They only sell products of the highest quality, with service that sets them apart. Their shipping is free and only takes 24 hours, with a two-year warranty. Their chairs can be sorted by brand, weight, and even height, to get the best chair for the most comfortable and uninterrupted gaming.

As an esports affiliate, you’ll even be able to give your audience a custom discount on all Chairs4Gaming products. Their commission rate is also high in comparison to other gaming affiliate programs of the same nature.

Why Should You Promote Chairs4Gaming?

The Chairs4Gaming Affiliate Program is attractive for both you and your audience. From the get-go, you’ll get to offer a great deal on specialized gaming chairs.

That discount not only looks great, it also legitimizes your brand and your partnership with them. It’s not hard to sign up to be their partner and this is a choice that can only lead to a great source of passive income.

Affiliates receive a 10% commission of the revenue per sale of any Chairs4Gaming product, and it is not limited only to the sale of their chairs.

6. Streamplay Graphics & Sounds


Another player in the streaming industry, Streamplay Graphics & Sounds is exactly as the name suggests. They have a wide selection of professionally curated visuals and sounds, all made for streaming purposes. It’s as easy as finding what you like on their site and customizing it during the purchase process.

Affiliates are given a great chance at earning thanks to the generous window of time available for their audience to browse, select, and cash out on any of the masterful products available.

Why Should You Promote Streamplay Graphics & Sounds?

The Streamplay Graphics & Sounds affiliate program has a lot of wiggle room in the manner you promote them, and a sizable commission too. It’s highly marketable to a growing niche-within-a-niche and their products and services don’t disappoint, which is all the better for you.

Affiliates receive a 30% commission per sale of their referrals.

7. Loot Crate


Loot Crate is a gamer’s dream come true, all tucked nice and neatly in a box. They’re a hit with gamers and other niche fandoms, known for filling their monthly offerings with collectibles, apparel, and other goodies! Rather than being exclusive to the gaming community, it appeals to the general “nerd” in everyone. This means that they have special boxes for gamers, bookworms, anime enthusiasts, and for comic book aficionados as well.

They truly do sell themselves, and becoming an affiliate would be an amazing opportunity. The beautiful thing about the gaming world is that it is all-inclusive, and gamers can have other passions too. With Loot Crate, you won’t just be appealing to your gaming audience, you’ll also be talking to their non-gaming interests.

Why Should You Promote Loot Crate?

Loot Crate is an attractive offer in and of itself, and their generous affiliate program deal takes the cake. It’s an exciting company to promote, and it gets the audience eager as well. Moreover, it can open doors for you to create more monthly content based on Loot Crate’s monthly offers.

Affiliates will get a $10 cut for every sale they refer.

8. GameFly


If one needs a game, they need not look farther than GameFly. GameFly is one of the largest platforms where you can buy and rent video games online. They boast an assortment of titles for the PS4, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and for the Wii consoles, to name just a few. They are trusted by gamers all over and have even opened a place for the sale and resale of new and old console games alike.

Their offerings are all, obviously, enticing for the gamer community, and, considering the price of an average game, their subscription rates are reasonably priced. For affiliates, you will be supplied links, banners, and other materials to help you turn your referrals into sales.

Why Should You Promote GameFly?

GameFly can help you earn an amazing income thanks to their competitive offers. This is perfect for you, especially if your audience is composed of those who are interested in exploring more games.

Affiliates receive commissions based on every sale they referred. For every subscription, they receive around $15 to $25. When your referrals purchase a used console game, you’ll get a 10% cut, while you earn a 5% cut off of the new console games bought.

9. GeekBuying


GeekBuying is one of the leading E-Commerce platforms for electronic gadgets and gizmos. They sell the latest technology with unbeatable prices, and they ship globally too! This is, undoubtedly, one place where gamers go-to for great deals and great service.

The moment you sign up as a GeekBuying affiliate, you receive a $5 bonus incentive and will be able to withdraw it once you’ve earned a $100 in commission. It might sound tough but, with all the amazing offers for affiliates, it’ll take no time at all to reach this target.

Why Should You Promote GeekBuying?

GeekBuying is an easy sell because, rather than promoting a certain product to your audience, you promote a marketplace filled with what they could already be looking for. It even has a month-long cookie duration, giving your referrals enough time to pick and purchase the tech they desire.

Affiliates receive a $5 sign-up bonus, and start their commissions at 5% per sale, and can receive up to 20% fees if they do well.

10. ASTRO Gaming


The gaming lifestyle is incomplete without state of the art gaming accessories and ASTRO Gaming delivers. Known best for their high-quality noise-canceling headsets, ASTRO is also a big player in MixAmps, controllers, and gear for dedicated gamers. Their products are some of the best on the market, designed to look great, and perform even better.

Becoming their affiliate will translate to your audience as an offer to experience the gaming world to the fullest. With their great reviews and amazing product features and tech, ASTRO Gaming will only elevate your image as a gamer.

Why Should You Promote ASTRO Gaming?

ASTRO Gaming is a great chance to add a reputable company to your brand. Thanks to their high-quality products, people really gravitate to it.

Affiliates receive a 5% commission for each sale of any ASTRO Gaming product worldwide.

11. Kinguin


Kinguin is where gamers go for the best deals. This is the ultimate online trading platform for exciting games at fair prices. Gamers around the world love it and rely on it for all their gaming fun.

There are two kinds of affiliates — Kinguin Mafia Affiliates and Kinguin Mafia Pro Affiliates. The former is for anyone no matter their online status, while the latter is for influencers with big followings. The latter has a more rigorous sign-up process but will come with greater rewards and commission rates. Either way, with the big number of gamers looking to buy from them, there isn’t much to lose in this deal.

Why Should You Promote Kinguin?

Everyone wants more games but not everyone has the money for it. This is why Kinguin is so successful. Becoming an affiliate, even without the Mafia Pro status, will still earn you a lot of money, as long as you use your promotions wisely.

Kinguin Mafia Affiliates earn depending on the tier. First-tier will earn 5%, the second tier will get 0.75%, while the third tier receives 0.25% commission of the total price. For Kinguin Mafia Pro Affiliates, they get to earn a 10% cut of each sale they refer.

12. Player One Coffee


Gamers always love a hit of caffeine for intense binges, this is undeniable. While gamers usually lean towards energy drinks, it’s been brought to light that they are not better for staying awake and concentrated. Gamers are starting to realize this and the community is shifting from energy drinks to other caffeine sources. This is where Player One Coffee enters.

They’ve reformulated the world’s standard cup of joe into a delicious and safe drink great for efficiency and concentration, quickly gaining favor with the gaming public.

They are welcome to all kinds of affiliates and you’ll be receiving $1 per sale, each time they buy. Knowing how coffee lovers always scramble to get their caffeine fix, the deal is great.

Why Should You Promote Player One Coffee?

Player One Coffee is a new name in the gaming beverage market but is gaining a lot of traction. Their affiliate deal is great, and if you work at it, you’ll be able to earn a serious passive income with them.

Affiliates earn $1 per sale, for every sale of a customer they referred initially.

13. Origin PC


There is no doubt in any gamer’s mind that Origin PCs are some of the industry’s best. It’s not enough to just have a good game, you need a powerful system to handle it too. That’s why Origin has optimized its tech for gaming. It’s a gamer’s worst nightmare for their own laptop or PC to cost them their progress. With Origin PC, this tragedy is avoided.

Becoming an Origin PC affiliate is open for anyone but it does not mean that all affiliates receive the same commission. When you apply, your platform is examined and they’ll get back to you with their commission offer, along with your affiliate program terms. Upon accepting, you will be linked to one of the biggest names in the gaming industry.

Why Should You Promote ORIGIN PC?

Origin PC products are extremely competitive and highly coveted by gamers around the globe. Becoming their affiliate will open the doors for you to earn a lot even with just the first sale.

Additionally, it lends credibility to you as a gamer in the platform, whether you’re a streamer, an esports competitor, or a gaming blogger.

Affiliates receive their own commission percentage quote after the Origin PC team examines their application.

14. Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle is the best way to fill up a game catalog for the best deals. Their Humble Choice subscription plans and Humble Store prices save consumers big bucks on new games and books, perfect for the thrifty spender within everyone.

As a Humble Partner, you’ll receive unique text links and smart marketing tips to promote the Humble family. They also give you the opportunity to make a social impact by attaching your favorite charities to your reflinks and letting your referrals know exactly who and what they’re supporting with their purchases.

Why Should You Promote Humble Bundle?

Humble Partners are given everything they could need for promotion and are open to all kinds of gaming influencers, whether streaming, blogging, competing, reviewing, or any other possible gaming niches.

Affiliates, or Humble Partners, receive a 5% cut from every sale made in the Humble Store, and $10 for every Humble Choice Basic or Premium subscriber they refer.

15. J!NX


What affiliate list would be complete without one for apparel? The gamer community is known for their pride in their favorite game. Jinx gets this and has become the official merchandise source for your favorite games.

This will be a great opportunity to promote some low-cost products that are still very much connected to gaming. Marketing them would be as easy as wearing their merch while streaming, or other creative visual applications.

Why Should You Promote J!NX?

Jinx is the easiest way to show support to your favorite games. Official game merchandise is always attractive on any platform and promotions like these are always received well and are easy to incorporate in your content.

Affiliates receive a 7% commission per sale for every referral.

Products You Could Promote

Now that you’ve seen the top 15 gaming affiliate programs on the internet, you’re probably wondering what to do next. That’s simple cause we’ve got some bonus pointers for you!

Before anything else, examine your own platform. Down the line, you’ve built yourself a brand. Your brand is, basically, yourself. Clearly define what you do, what you play, and what your audience expects from you.

Start by asking yourself what would suit you best? If you do extended binge gaming, focus on that. Some things needed for 15-hour binges are comfortable furniture, powerful equipment, and energy boosters.

If that’s the case, examine the Chairs4Gaming, ORIGIN PC, and Player One Coffee Affiliate Programs. Choose one or choose all, it’s no problem as long as the contracts allow it and your audience would be receptive to it. This is the kind of thought process we encourage you to go through.

The answer to what to choose is within your platform and your audience. Once you’ve realized that, half the job is done. One important thing you need to remember is that you don’t need to change your brand to fit an affiliate program— the affiliate program will match you.

Now go explore these brands and join the program that suits you!