The 10 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs – Take Your Commissions To The Bank

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 27, 2022 | Monetization

Credit cards are handy to own, especially in a world so financially driven by credit scores! These cards let their users make purchases based on the premise and promise of future repayment, with the addition of some interest.

Regular and reliable repayment means that financial institutions will consider you more worthy of loans and financing options when the time comes to make big, life-changing purchases!

That’s part of why credit card affiliate programs work so well. They cater to such a big audience just by concept alone, as so many people are interested in using them. The wealth of different program types means that there are kinds for all sorts of audiences, including those who need help rebuilding credit scores from bad to good.

Of course, it also helps that credit card affiliate programs are often very lucrative. The commission is often higher than you would get from other kinds of programs. If you’re interested, check out this list of some of the best affiliate programs for credit cards – and read till the end to get some promotional ideas!

Credit Card Affiliate Programs

1. American Express Payment Gateway


The American Express Payment Gateway offers a comprehensive feature assortment that adds security and safety to payment types all around the world. It offers Accertify fraud screening, a tokenization system, alternatives for payments, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certifications.

The gateway focuses on trying to fit all client needs, mixing fraud packages and payment packages that can work for a wide variety of different businesses. Clients who use the payment gateway can seek out 24/7 customer support in the event of an issue.

The supporting material that you may need in order to seamlessly integrate your platform with the program’s tools. API documents, sample code, and technical assistance are all made available to you, your leads, and your clients.

In addition, the added security of pairing up with a well-established brand can help you get more referrals that will have a satisfactory experience. Plus, with almost 120 countries in the world and 30 acquiring banks able to use Amex Payment Gateway, you have the opportunity for international revenue.

Why American Express Payment Gateway?

This affiliate program lets you earn a maximum of $100 commission whenever a lead of your signs up for the company’s program. Affiliates are not in their attempts alone, either, as American Express supplies their affiliates with technical aid, material for marketing, and more.


bank-affiliates is a website that specializes in helping financial institutions, businesses, and other similar companies manage and run their affiliate marketing programs, typically for financial services. One of their specialties is credit, and they have a decent amount of experience in the financial sector that helps them to meet client needs in regards to unique issues in the market.

There is a wide range of clients that caters to. Advertisers benefit from traffic delivery with a focus on performance and conversions over just plain clicks and traffic. On the other hand, publishers benefit from the monetization of traffic via audience-curated offers that are relevant, without causing repetitive affiliate ads that don’t line up with content.

A legal team at focuses on keeping track of current and ever-changing marketing regulations. This helps the site keep its features in line with regulations when it comes to promotion and similar sectors. The company also claims to keep well in-touch with partners, allowing for a constructive feedback loop. provides its affiliates with bonus programs, contests, and connections to their management team, the latter of which helps to recommend suitable offers for your unique audience, thus improving conversion chance. A call-based lead system provides the salespeople who are working to convert your leads with a method to avoid lead abandonment, boosting conversions, and even commissions in the long run.

Why offers a very unique credit card affiliate program style that allows affiliates to earn commissions from called individuals. This can provide benefits to you, as most people who want to sign up for a financial service of any kind prefer to speak to a person in the know first.

3. Bankrate Credit Cards


The Bankrate Credit Card Network is geared towards bloggers, owners of websites, and people in similar positions who want to generate more traffic to their sites while earning more in revenue. Essentially, it is a platform designed specifically to provide its members with credit card affiliate programs, and it’s one of the biggest players in the industry worldwide.

Bankrate Credit Cards also works with numerous advertisers, aiming to help push the right marketing messages to the right people. The company has worked with top advertisers in their specified sector for more than 15 years, and therefore they do have a fair amount of expertise that allows them to understand the needs, regulations, and terms of the advertisers they work with.

Bankrate Credit Cards has lots of experience working with affiliates, and it’s one of the world’s largest credit card affiliate program companies. Payout structures work in different ways, allowing their affiliates to earn up to 40% on sales.

Sales are calculated through different methods, such as cost per action, cost per mile, cost per click, or cost per lead. Affiliates receive access to multiple large credit card companies, such as Discover, Chase, Citi, and many, many more. An affiliate management team also helps affiliates, and there are plenty of co-branding credit card tools as well as in-site tools (like banners, rate charts, text links, and search engines) to use.

Affiliates can also directly integrate reports and content related to credit cards into their own websites through the use of data feeds, with RSS, XML, and API feeds all supported. These feeds are customizable, too.

Why Bankrate Credit Cards?

More than 300 products are available from Bankrate Credit Cards., each with their own payout styles. Plus, there are more than 4,800 different institutions in America alone partnered with Bankrate Credit Cards.

4. Capital Bank (OpenSky)


OpenSky is a visa credit card for Capital Bank that is designed to be a secure way for users to work on building up good credit. Users who sign up for the card get to choose their credit limit, pay a refundable deposit to set that limit and work on keeping up a good credit score in the process.

The card has an annual fee of $35 and doesn’t have a lot of rewards with it, as its main function is to provide assistance to individuals with bad credit history.

OpenSky also provides a chance for people in your audience who are aspiring business owners to open shops online within the OpenSky site. This helps boost exposure and provides many new, small businesses with the push they need. Plenty of tools are available for this purpose, with intuitive designs suitable for tablets, desktops, mobiles, and most other devices.

Why Capital Bank (OpenSky)?

OpenSky offers affiliate programs with transparent terms and plenty of access to materials that you can use for marketing, such as banners, guides for promotion, and text links. It’s also quite relevant to a wide range of audiences, as there are many people who are struggling with their credit scores out there. As a Secured Visa card, no credit history approval is required.

5. Commission Soup


Commission Soup is primarily a cost per action affiliate network. First formed back in the year 2000, the company concentrated on financial services from the beginning, and it has since grown significantly, with more than a million brand new customers arriving to make use of their services annually.

This success is due in large part to highly positive reviews of the company, but dependability, performance- and results-oriented ideas, and proprietary technology all help to propel the company further. A marketing team helps advertisers by ensuring ad placement is done optimally, performance is tracked, and compliance is kept.

The Commission Soup team is further made up of professionals in business development, digital marketing, technology, and of course, financial services. Advertisers who make use of their product pay for specified actions in order for more measurable results.

When you sign up as an affiliate with Commission Soup, you’ll be able to access the company’s marketing team, and you’ll also be given a helpful representative for your account. This rep will help you understand the most preferable marketing strategies for you. You can also make use of the company’s proprietary technology, which provides advantages for affiliates in compliance monitoring, performance tracking, and ad placement.

Why Commission Soup?

Commission Soup uses a performance-based platform style and offers numerous affiliate programs, with different credit card offers, each with its own commission values and information. A responsive support team helps you to determine the best offers for your specific audience, and multiple well-known credit card affiliate programs are available, including those for Credit One Bank and First Premier.


credit-card is a site dedicated to finances, covering a wide range of services within the market. Naturally, credit cards are among their main offerings, but they also provide services regarding credit improvement, loans, and even personal finance.

There’s little that doesn’t offer in terms of credit card affiliate programs. More than 60 cards are available with numerous potentially lucrative programs, including big cards like Barclay, Chase, Mastercard, and Discover.

However, individual credit card promotion is not allowed on This means that all affiliate links direct straight to itself. While this sounds like a downside, it actually puts more power in the hands of your audience, allowing them to shop around on the site to look for what works best for them.


Though doesn’t provide detailed information about the exact payout amounts, commissions are known to be fairly large. Each offer converts easily into one that could work for you and your own website and audience.


credit-card-broker is another financial service website that offers more than 25 different financial product varieties. It focuses on credit cards, offering options to people from all walks of life with all credit amounts.

The site also works with advertisers who want to promote or market credit cards and other financial products, such as loans, credit reports, and even trading accounts. They provide offline hard copy distribution, custom solutions for development, event and tabling promotions, and network management. On top of that, they provide clients with services including co-branded cards and brand recognition aid.

Commissions get pretty high with this website since they allow for many, many affiliate types, including ones for loans and merchant accounts. However, if you’re focusing on credit cards only, they offer an attractive card broker program.

It is worth noting that is specifically designed for people with marketing experiences, those with quality traffic to their sites, and white hat marketers. This means that the approval process for becoming an affiliate with the site can be quite difficult, and newbies generally don’t get accepted at all.


This is a reputable and trustworthy site. Selective application processes allow you to know for certain that the site is only choosing those it believes in, which can be a good thing when you’re applying as an affiliate.

8. Experian Connect


Experian is a website that provides credit score management, credit reports, credit monitoring, and even identity theft protection all in one. It claims to use data as a way to build and create new opportunities for their clients with good management.

Experian specializes in analyzing gathered data in innovative processing methods that help provide better financial control to those who need them. The company itself has countless years of experience – or, more specifically, 125 of them! Experian exists in 37 different nations and continues to grow. So far, 20 million credit reports have been produced by the country, and over 3.1 million clients have been served.

As one of the world’s top credit services providers, Experian is fairly reputable. It fixes up its affiliates with materials and marketing tools that allow for a higher chance of commission earning. The convenience of its many services further increases the chances of your audience being interested in what it offers.

Why Experian Connect?

Experian provides affiliates with a seamless integration process that attaches Experian Connect to your site while providing you with collateral options that suit your goals and needs. All referred orders allow you to earn a commission. The process is easy to understand and get into as well.

9. Indigo Platinum MasterCard


Indigo Platinum MasterCard is a credit card program designed specifically for those who have low credit scores. Customers fill out pre-qualification forms that don’t actually affect the score they have. Cards are then provided to eligible customers, and the associated account can be viewed from almost any device.

It’s easy to see that Indigo Platinum MasterCard doesn’t offer the same level of benefits that some other credit card affiliate programs, but there’s still a decent amount to be found here.

Why Indigo Platinum MasterCard?

The program starts by evaluating your website’s personal sources of traffic, and it actually requires that you use only certain traffic sources that have been approved in advance. Promotional material is also provided to you to use in your efforts.

10. Petal Affiliate Program


Petal is a company that claims to be the future of credit. Built by individuals with expertise in financial fields, it partners with multiple bigger institutions with the goal of making credit accessible to all.

Petal Visa Card is designed for building credit scores up. Its cards come with an instant 1% cashback and an eventual 1.5% cashback offer, and its limits vary, ranging across the wide spectrum of $500 to $10,000. Some merchants even link back to metal to give you 10% cashback.

The Petal Visa Card is encrypted, allowing it to be secure and safe for use, and freezing the account can be done at any time. There are also no fees whatsoever when customers sign up – there’s no deposit, no late payment fee, no mandatory annual payment, and plenty of cashback options.

Petal also offers an application for smartphones that allows customers to make simple payments, understand how they are taxed, and set budgets for themselves. Credit scores can also be tracked through the app.

The affiliate process is simple. You use special links to direct traffic to Petal, and these links provide Petal with information regarding referrals and sales due to your promotion. In the meantime, you have access to tools that help you build good links, report on performance, and view Petal’s products easily.

Affiliate payments are made on a monthly basis, based on your referrals and sales. These commissions are paid with Impact Radius.

Why Petal Affiliate Program?

For affiliates, the unique offers set up by Petal Visa Card allow for customer attraction at a quick and easy rate, and no good credit score or security deposit is needed. This can be attractive to your audience, especially if they may have difficulty with credit or are seeking their first card.

Products You Could Promote

So, now that you’ve read through the best credit card affiliate programs, what next? Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to specifically be working in a financial niche in order to become an affiliate for most credit card programs.

But if that’s the case, then how can you pick good programs for your audience? It’s simple – consider the difference cards, their benefits, and who they are designed for. If there’s an overlap in your audience and that card’s audience, you can use it!

As an example, if you run a business, you can promote credit cards with benefits for businesses and business owners. Absolutely any kind of business that you run will do the trick, whether you work in the actual field of business or not. You could run a clothing store, or design service, or a tutoring service – it doesn’t matter! If it’s a business, there will be other businesses interested in what works for you.

You can also consider specialized types of cards. For example, if you produce content for students, promote a student credit card. If you write a travel blog, find credit cards focused on travel or travel miles. There are so many credit cards out there that there is virtually one for every niche.

To promote a credit card as an affiliate, you can list it among ones you recommend, create monetized content, use social media, or even just add sidebar banners for the cards in question.

Don’t forget that you can promote more than one card, especially if you have a wider audience! Feel free to extensively exhaust all your options to reach every corner of your audience. Just make sure that the cards you choose to promote are at least relevant to your audience needs.