Boost Blog Engagement Through Email Marketing: 8 Actionable Tips

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: June 13, 2024 | Marketing
Blog Engagement Through Email Marketing

Struggling to get your amazing blog content seen by readers? Email marketing can be your secret weapon. It’s a direct line to your readers, where you can build a community, share exclusive content, and get them clicking back for more.

But, how do you create newsletters that engages your audience from opening to clicking through your call to action (CTA)? Here are some tips that follow email marketing best practices:

1. Build your email list organically

Email Notification In Phone

The foundation of successful email marketing is a strong and engaged email list. You definitely don’t want to resort to buying one and risk your sender reputation. Instead, build it through:

2. Don’t skip on creative subject lines

You can spend all day creating the most beautiful email, but if nobody opens it, what’s the point? That’s why you need subject lines that are impactful and attention grabbing. When creating one, think about:

3. Design emails that are easy to engage with

You want your emails visually appealing and easy to navigate — it’s as simple as that. Here are some design elements to consider:

4. Create value with your content

Create value with your content

The heart of your email marketing success lies in the content you provide. Here’s what most subscribers are looking for:

5. Include a clear CTA

Include a clear CTA

Help your readers understand what you’d like them to do next by telling them exactly what action you want them to take. Your CTAs should:

7. Find your emailing rhythm:


There’s a fine balance between staying connected and being perceived as a spammer. You’ll have to find a sending frequency that is acceptable for your audience. Here’s what you can do:

8. Analyze and optimize:

Final Thoughts

The world of blogging is a competitive landscape, so you need all the help you may get. With email marketing you can rise above the noise and start creating a strong connection with your audience.

By implementing the tips outlined above and adhering to email marketing best practices, you’ll be well on your way to creating compelling newsletters that not only get opened but also drive readers back to your blog, boosting engagement and propelling your website’s success.