The Best Animoto Alternatives – Video Editing Review

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Around a decade ago, video editing software was only really intended for use by professional video creators and the odd Youtuber. These days, video editing software is way more accessible and easier to use. Video editing is now anyone’s game and most businesses are expected to create a video as part of their marketing efforts.

Whether you’re looking to market your services, to showcase your products, or simply to create a fun little movie for yourself, video editing software is key… and yet there are hundreds of options. If iMovie just isn’t cutting it for you anymore but you’re stuck on where to go next, in this article, we’re going to give you some ideas. We discuss software that is best suited for all ranges of video editing experience.

Animoto is a leading cloud-based video editing software. Though you can pay to upgrade, you can also use a large number of features for free. In fact, the free package allows you to create and download an unlimited number of videos. The only issue is that they all have Anomito branding on them, which can detract from a professional image. Anomito’s paid packages are $33 a month and $49 a month for a team.

Price isn’t everything when it comes to video editing software; there are a number of important qualities of good video editing software. These are:

Animoto Overview


Animoto is a drag and drop video builder suited for both beginners and more advanced users. On their site, they proudly state that “no video editing experience is needed” (Animoto) and this can’t be argued with. Their video templates are extensive, ranging from videos that spark engagement to product intros and event recaps. No matter what type of video you need creating, you’re sure to find an easily customizable outline here.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. With Animoto, customizing videos is really easy with a range of music, animations, and stock footage to accompany your footage. You can fit everything to your brand, incorporating exact colors and fonts as well as your logo. Animoto even has an app for easy editing when you need to get a brand video out and you’re on the go!

We will go into more detail throughout the article but, for now, here is a quick summary of the best Animoto alternatives. If you’re pushed to time, skip to the end of the article for a quick summary which can indicate which option might be right for you.

  1. Biteable
  2. WeVideo
  3. InVideo
  4. Magisto
  5. Mango Animate
  6. Videoscribe
  7. Wondershare Filmora
  8. VEGAS Movie Studio
  9. Camtasia

With that said, let’s get started!

The Best Animoto Alternatives

1. Biteable


At first glance, it might seem that Biteable and Animoto are very similar pieces of software.

Both offer access to stock footage and a large variety of templates for you to base your video off. This can be great if you lack the imagination, quality cameras, or actors to create your own footage! Particularly when combined with the stock music integration that is offered, a simple video captured from an iPhone can be transformed into something great. Both Biteable and Animoto allow you to then easily download these videos or share them to social media.

Where the two pieces of software differ is in how easy to use they are. Many users report finding Animoto more complicated to use at first. Whilst Animoto includes way more animation and scene transition effects, allowing you to create videos that are more technically complex, Biteable certainly keeps things simple with its interface and editing options.

On the other hand, if you prefer a drag and drop builder, be sure to check out Biteable! In fact, since both pieces of software offer free trials, why not test out which interface you prefer?

2. WeVideo


One step up from Animoto in terms of complexity and design functionality is WeVideo. Suited for both professional video editors and experienced amateurs, WeVideo includes a huge range of features that Animoto does not- from a green screen to 4K video capacity. If you’re not sure what 4K resolution is, imagine HD video… but 4 times better quality! Being able to produce videos of this quality really enables your brand to stand out online.

While WeVideo, like Anomito, includes easy download and social media sharing options, the cloud-based storage available in WeVideo means that you never have to worry about your computer’s storage space.

WeVideo also offers a free package, but this differs from Anomito’s as it does not incorporate a watermark and instead skips out most of the video editing features. Its paid packages range from $4.99 a month to $29.00 a month. Though many of its features are included only in the most expensive package, this package is still cheaper than Anomito’s paid packages. However, WeVideo’s interface is less accessible so beginners may still prefer to invest in Anomito.

3. InVideo


If you are part of a media company or larger business and you’re looking for video editing software with even more capacity than WeVideo and Anomito, you should definitely take a look at InVideo.

With extensive branding options and a copyright-free library of over 10 million photos, video, and audio clips (compared to Animoto’s 1 million), InVideo is perfect if you already have a clear idea of how you want your video to look. It also has great formatting options for Instagram, Facebook, and other sites. However, since it doesn’t include the range of templates that Animoto does, InVideo isn’t best suited to beginners or people who are pushed for time.

InVideo is also less expensive than Animoto with its main package costing $29 a month.

4. Magisto


With over 60,000 users, Magisto is a key competitor of Animoto’s that should be taken into consideration (Magisto).

Magisto’s easy three-step process- upload your video footage, choose your theme then choose your music- make video editing incredibly simple. Though you can’t create the advanced videos that you can in Anomito, if you’re just looking to make quick edits, Magisto is great. Just bear in mind that you can’t edit actual clips, you can only crop them, add fonts, and so on.

Yet it doesn’t stop here… Magisto includes not only video editing software but extensive analytics tools too. Once you’ve uploaded your videos to social media, you can check on engagement through this. What’s more, uniquely, you can even upload your videos straight to Magisto and share them from here. This allows you to integrate your videos into funnels more easily which can boost engagement.

Magisto’s packages cost from $4.99 a month to $34.99 a month and, since the highest package is the one with the most analytics tools, whether you choose to invest in Magisto or Animoto will likely come down to whether you require higher quality editing tools or analytics tools.

5. Mango Animate


If you want to focus less on shooting or editing real-life content and more on creating an animated video, Mango Animate could be a great option for you. Animated videos are an amazing way to tell your brand’s story because there are no limits as to what you can create!

With easy animation templates and over 100 video effects and transitions, Mango Animate is suitable for both beginners and seasoned animators. It also allows you to hand draw animations which is great if you want to create your own distinct style or simply to experiment. Its drag and drop builder does make editing fairly intuitive.

It’s important to note that Mango Animate does have less variety of stock footage available so if you’re looking at creating non-animated videos, you’ll be better off going with Animoto. The only other thing to bear in mind is that, whilst Animoto allows for really easy downloads, Mango Animate is better suited to sharing to social media.

Mango Animate’s pricing is not directly comparable to Anomito’s because users pay a one-time fee. What is clear, though, is that $67 for a lifetime subscription is great value! Larger businesses can pay $299 for the permanent package, but this isn’t necessary in most cases as it simply allows for more users.

6. VideoScribe


If you want to take your animations one step further with a whiteboard animated video, definitely take a look at VideoScribe. Whiteboard videos are a really quick way to communicate your ideas and, with their templates and useful tools, you definitely don’t have to be an artist to make videos that look great. Bear in mind that though, unlike with Animoto, you can’t upload your own media since all VideoScribe videos are drawn.

VideoScribe costs just $14 a month if you agree to a yearly plan. It also comes with a free trial so why not check it out and see if you like this style of video creation?

7. Wondershare Filmora


Though not cloud-based, Wondershare Filmora is a great video editing option. Once downloaded onto your computer for a yearly price of $39.99, you’ll be able to create and download high-quality videos with easy access to share on social media.

Wondershare Filmora is a more advanced piece of software than Animoto, with a wider variety of effects and animations and fewer templates to work from. If you’re looking to create more advanced videos, with techniques including color matching and motion tracking, it is definitely worth checking out. The key to a highly professional-looking video is in the small details and this software allows you to really focus on them.

It does take more time to get used to than Animoto, but if you have a little more time to invest in learning keyboard shortcuts and you want to create some really amazing videos, definitely check it out!

8. VEGAS Movie Studios


With a name like that, VEGAS Movie Studios might sound like a really advanced piece of software but the truth is it’s actually very easy to use! You can now make movie quality videos very simply with video stabilization, 4K support, and multicam angles which allow you to switch between cameras. VEGAS Movie Studios can be learned very quickly due to their simple interface and their site has a lot of training which definitely helps too.

Whilst it doesn’t have templates built into it, there are many VEGAS Move Studios templates available for download on the internet. Simply take one of these if you are looking to advance your video production. You can then easily download or share your video on social media.

You can order VEGAS Movie Studios for $49.99 a month.

9. Camtasia


If you are looking to create a lot of tutorials or online courses and you’d like the screen capture function to be incorporated into your video editing software, definitely take a look at Camtasia.

Camtasia has a whole host of amazing features-from closed caption incorporation to make your videos more accessible to features such as quizzes to make your videos more interactive. It’s fairly easy to learn and, like Animoto, it also comes with its own mobile app which makes editing and screen recording from your phone super easy.

All of this does come with a slightly higher price tag though. For a one time fee of $249.99, you’ll get a single Camtasia license.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! In a world of overwhelming choice, we hope that this article has helped you narrow down which editing software is right for you and lead you to the best Animoto alternatives…

Do you want to start exploring animated or whiteboard-style videos with Mango Animate and VideoScribe?

Are you just looking for a basic piece of software and a lot of easy templates, like Biteable offers?

Do you think you’re ready to step up your video editing with a piece of advanced software like Wondershare Filmora?

Or, after exploring the options, is it Anomito with its careful blend of advanced features and beginner-friendly interface?

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