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Niche Site Case Study 1 – Update Dec-14

by Lewis Ogden | Last Updated: May 19, 2020 | Blogging
Niche site case study 1 dec 14

This is the sixth monthly update for the Niche Site Case Study, where I will show you how I take a niche and attempt to rank a website that earns a passive income. With the ultimate goal of flipping this site for a 16-20x multiple.

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What Happened In December?

Well, it certainly took me long enough to get this post out!

The majority of this month has been taken up with the relaunch of the PBNCourse and implementing a lot of changes/improvements that were planned at the back end of 2014.

Now onto the niche site…


With November being the site’s record earning month to date I was keen to see how it performed in December with the Christmas period and those boxing day sales!

I have frequently heard from e-commerce guys how December can be several multiples above what an average month looks like, so coming into December I made a few tweaks here and there to ensure the site was ready to handle any increase in traffic.

This involved optimizing for speed and also moving around some content to push the best selling items closer to the top of the page. I just used the items that had sold in my Amazon Associates dashboard for this.

Like most months, December was pretty passive in comparison of the amount of time spent working on the site. In total, I logged less than 3 hours in total.

This is the most attractive thing about smaller niche websites, they take very little time once they start earning.

Let’s take a look at how December went.

SERP Movement

SERP Rankings Nov-14As has been the general theme over these past few months, there has been very little if any SERP movement. This is primarily down to the lack of SEO I have performed on the site.

The main keywords move up and down 1-2 positions across the month, whilst the smaller longer tail keywords are still finding their feet as I add more content to the site.


Let’s take a look at the November vs December comparison to see what’s changed.


Clicky Basics Nov-14


The site saw a small increase of traffic in December when compared to the previous month.

It seems that the attention span of Christmas shoppers is somewhat shorter given the length of time those additional visitors spent on the site dropped by 4%.

As you may realize, this is not necessarily a bad thing with niche affiliate sites. Your main aim is to have a visitor click on your links and purchase a product – if they do that you’ve done your job, regardless of how long they spend on site.


With November bringing in over £500 ($794) for the month, December was going to be really interesting.

What you see below is merely the result of the festive period, and it had very little to with my skills as a niche site builder. The only thing I did right was to take action and build this site (oh and choose great keywords!).

The rest will come over time if the work is put in upfront. There is a lot of delayed gratification when it comes to niche sites, you must do all of the hard work before being paid a penny.

Eventually, you will have a month like December which will make you glad you decided to take action and build the site.

So a very nice month for the site, bringing in £1,080.92 ($1,646.79). This is more than double the November earnings and what is even more interesting is the type of products purchased were so vast that the majority had nothing to do with the niche whatsoever.

This is why I like to build Amazon Associate sites. They convert well and it doesn’t matter what product is purchased, you still earn a commission.

If you just send them traffic…Amazon will do the rest.

Total Earnings To Date

Struggling To Find A Good Niche/Keyword?

It’s no secret that keyword research takes a long time, first to perfect and then to perform regularly. This is something I have had to learn over time and I have come to the stage where I have more ideas than I can handle.

So I have decided to give some of them away for free!

I have done all of the hard work for you and pulled together a cheat sheet of awesome keywords that have great potential for a niche site.

All you need to do is click below to grab my “done for you” keyword research cheat sheet.


Key Takeaway Points

  1. December rocks for affiliate links clicks – and Amazon kills it with conversions!
  2. Reinvest your niche site earnings until you build momentum. Taking money out too early can kill the growth of your site.
  3. There are still plenty of niches/keywords out there that are ripe for the taking.

Your Turn…

How are your niche sites going? Did you see a nice increase in sales in December?