Case Studies

Recent Case Studies

I like to conduct and share regular case studies on the blog so that you can learn what works and more importantly what doesn’t in the affiliate marketing and SEO space. 

Below you will find all of my current and previous case studies you can use to help guide you on building your affiliate website empire.

Older Case Studies

NOTE: Below are some of the older case studies I conducted and some date back to 2013. Whilst these are older and some of the tactics and recommendations are no longer applicable, there are still some important lessons to be learnt.  Whilst following these case studies, please keep this in mind.


Summary: This site was built over a period of several months and was targeting a UK keyword with 22,000 exact match searches per month. It is a competitive niche with lots of buyers and products, however this site focused on just a single product in that market.

The site was eventually sold, netting over $10,000 profit.

Case Study Entries in Chronological Order:


​Summary: I started this site in July-15 and ran the case study for a full 12-months, concluding with a site I still own and operate to this day.

This site also made over $10,000 during the 12-month case study, where in it’s final month it hit a high of $2,632 in income for the month of Jun-16.

Case Study Entries in Chronological Order:

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